26 BLACK ON WHITE HOMICIDES—TWO TODDLERS, ONE “BURNED IN GROIN,” TWO COPS. December 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America
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HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY! Here’s the “content of their character” as revealed in our December Black-on-White tally. It seems to suggest that it’s not only dangerous for white women, but also for their children, to associate with black men. Also road rage incidents (but one resulting in a white-on-black killing!). And it looks like at least one African immigrant killing, although the Regime Media represses immigrant crime even more fanatically than black-on-white homicide. And just the random stuff that happens all the time around blacks, cf. John Derbyshire’s The Talk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether, as well as details of the back stories. Email me here and/or VDARE.com here if you have tips.

  • 2-year-old Keaton Morrison was found deceased in Oil City, PA.

Arrested were Trevaughn Stribling-Jackson, 24, and the boy’s mother, 22-year-old Caleigh Gladfelter.



Stribling-Jackson, 24, is charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, concealment of the whereabouts of a child, and abuse of a corpse.

The mother, Gladfelter, was charged with endangering the welfare of her son by not reporting abuse by Stribling-Jackson.

Stribling-Jackson and Gladfelter were in a “romantic” relationship, reports say.

Stribling-Jackson is accused of

burning the toddler’s groin and beating him to death before stuffing his body in a canvas air mattress bag that he hid in the basement of the home.
Man burned groin of girlfriend’s toddler before beating him to death, then stuffed him in bag and hid body under ‘makeshift’ table in basement, by Jerry Lambe, lawandcrime.com, December 23, 2023
  • 4-year-old Gor Adamyan was fatally shot in Lancaster, CA.

Byron Burkhart, 29, was arrested.

Gor Adamyan, 4, was traveling with his parents when he was shot once while sitting in the backseat of the car, prosecutors said.
Man charged with murder in California road rage incident that killed 4-year-old boy, by Meredith Deliso, abcnews.go.com, December 19, 2023

The victim’s parents were not injured. The shooting was attributed to road rage, ABC’s Deliso reported:

Burkhart was charged on Tuesday with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, one count of shooting at an occupied vehicle, and five counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, the district attorney’s office said.

Adamyan’s family were apparently part of the Armenian community.

  • Sergeant Philip Nix was off duty when he was shot and killed as he attempted to intervene in a crime he witnessed while at a Sheetz gas station in Colfax, NC.

Arrested were Jamere Justice Foster, 18, Z’quriah Le’Pearce Blackwell, 18, and John Walter Morrison, 28.

Jamere Justice Foster

Z’quriah Le’Pearce Blackwell

John Walter Morrison

Foster was charged with first degree murder. Blackwell and Morrison were charged with accessory after the fact to first degree murder [Sergeant Philip Dale Nix, Officer Down Memorial Page, December 30, 2023].

  • Deputy Sergeant Marc McIntyre was fatally shot in Griffin, GA while responding to a domestic disturbance and welfare check.

57-year-old Todd Harper was arrested.

McIntyre and another officer were fired upon from a window by a suspect with a shotgun as the officers approached the house. McIntyre was shot in the head [What we know about suspect accused of shooting, killing Spalding County deputy during domestic call, by Reeves Jackson, 11alive.com, December 31, 2023].

  • 62-year-old Gary Fredrick was fatally shot in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Mensah Olloway, 27, was wanted as an alleged suspect.

Witnesses stated they saw Olloway brandish a handgun and fire several rounds at Fredrick [Omaha man wanted for alleged role in Council Bluffs homicide booked into jail, by 6 News staff reports, wowt.com, December 18, 2023]

  • Beverly Hensley, 34, was found dead with several gunshot wounds at a Charleston, WV, apartment complex.

Dominick Curtis Gray, 38, was charged with murder.

Hensley’s 9-month-old baby was also shot, but survived [Mother killed, 9-month-old injured in Charleston shooting, by Andie Bernhardt, Sam DeCoste, wowktv.com, December 28, 2023].

As is increasingly the case, the Regime Media appears not to be interested in the relationship between the perp and victim, nor in whether the baby was theirs.

  • 30-year-old Michael Pike was pronounced dead in the parking lot of an Elkhart, IN sports pub.

22-year-old Christian Wall was arrested.

Also killed was 24-year-old Jalen Young. Young, apparently a black male with a white mother, died after being transported to a hospital.

Local media reported no backstory or motive [Man arrested after 2 killed in shooting outside of Elkhart sports bar, by WNDU.com, wndu.com, December 14, 2023].

  • 26-year-old Edith Rivas was fatally shot in a Phoenix, AZ apartment.

Arrested was Gary Parchinog, 34.

The shooting stemmed from a parking dispute. Parchinog asked Rivas to move her vehicle, which was blocking Parchinog’s vehicle. When Rivas refused, Parchinog apparently shot her.

Reports say Parchinog admitting to shooting Rivas.

The two apparently had a long-running series of disputes [Man shot woman to death after argument over parking, Phoenix police say, by Ben Bradley, azfamily.com, December 18, 2023].

  • Ryan Boles, 23, was fatally shot during an apparent robbery in Phenix City, AL.

Boles was fatally shot in a bank branch parking lot.

13-year-old Kumasie Ishmeal Ahmad was arrested. His name and appearance suggest he may be an African immigrant, rather than an African-American.

Another victim had been robbed leaving the bank seven minutes earlier, leading authorities to believe the ”youthful offenders” were foolishly waiting for bank patrons to rob, not thinking that police would be called to the scene after each robbery.

Another teen, age 16, had been arrested in connection with the shooting and charged with capital murder during a robbery and with robbery first degree murder.
13-year-old arrested in Columbus for murder of former CSU graduate in Phenix City, by Kelby Hutchison, ledger-enquirer.com, December 22, 2023
  • 33-year-old Donavan James Fritz II was fatally shot in Chesterfield County, VA.

Jaheim Clements was arrested in connection with the shooting.

No motive or detailed backstory was provided. Race details, of course, were completely suppressed [33-year-old man dies in shooting, Chesterfield police arrest suspect, by Tannock Blair, by Tannock Blair, wric.com, November29, 2023].

  • 36-year-old Kameran Bedsole was found fatally shot by Sheriff’s deputies in Iberia Parish, LA.

An 11-year-old girl, her 15-year-old brother, and their 40-year-old mother (Sabrina Washington, below) were arrested.

No motive or backstory was reported.

(Emmett Till was the same age as Washington’s son when he was killed in 1955 in Mississippi for sexually harassing a white woman by her relatives. A movie was made based on Till’s homicide. White House occupant Joe Biden has promised tax dollars to construct monuments to Till’s memory. But no movies or memorials are planned for Bedsole [Two more arrests made in Iberia Parish murder case; juvenile and mother of both suspects, by Seth Linscombe, kify.com, December 6, 2023].)

Delaware State Police arrested 38-year-old Jeremiah Handy after Dorman was found dead in a road.

Apparently a Mercedes-Benz SUV driven by perp Handy struck a Honda four-wheeler, causing Dorman and another man who were in the vehicle to be thrown from it. The other man survived.

Reports say police were responding to gunfire, suggesting the victims were riding their Honda in an urban jungle [*Update—Suspect Arrested* Detectives Conducting Death Investigation in Frankford, delaware.gov, December 1, 2023].

  • 31-year-old Collin Potter was fatally shot during an apparent robbery attempt at a West Ashley, SC apartment complex.

Arrested and charged with murder were Antonio Fludd Jr., 18, and a 16-year-old boy

[2 teens charged with murder following deadly shooting outside West Ashley apartments: CPD, by Bailey Wright, abcnews4.com, December 5, 2023].

  • Curtis Birchall, 70, died as the result of a vehicular crash involving a police chase in Cleveland, OH.

Jaylen Jackson, 23, was charged with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.

Police say Jackson stole a delivery van from an Amazon driver after which police gave chase. The pursuit ended in a crash and the death of Dr. Birchall [Video: 70-year-old doctor dead after Cleveland Heights police chase with stolen van ends in wrong-way crash, by Brian Koster, Maddi Hebebrand and Avery Williams, cleveland19.com, December 6, 2023].

  • 37-year-old Anthony Souvanlasy was fatally shot in the head while reportedly pushing a bicycle in S. Charleston, WV.

Tavian Jeuhan Jones, 24, was arrested by U.S. Marshals on a first degree murder warrant in Green County, TN.

The shooting occurred at about 5 a.m. No motive was reported. Souvanlasy is a name common in Thailand. Anthony Souvanlasy, a US Marine veteran, seems to be mostly white [Suspect arrested in Tennessee in connection with South Charleston homicide, Staff report, wvgazettemail.com, December 14, 2023].

  • Michelle Touchet was fatally shot while walking home from a friend’s house in Lafayette, LA.

Police arrested Deaontrae Sampson, 29.

He was charged with one count of second degree murder, one count illegal use of dangerous weapons and one count felon in possession of a firearm.

The victim was shot multiple times and died at the scene.

No motive was cited, but random black-on-white homicides often involve robbery attempts by persons with low intelligence, low impulse control, low empathy, and low executive function [Suspect arrested in connection with Saturday night Lafayette homicide, klfy.com, Dec 12, 2023].

  • Ethan J. David, 18, was fatally shot in Greenwood, IN.

Arrested was Quincy D. Stringer Jr., 17.

A 15-year-old female juvenile may be charged later.

News reports say the incident was a setup in which Stringer and his female companion intended to rob David in a drug deal.

Greenwood is a suburban city adjacent to Indianapolis’ south side. The population of about 84,000 was 91.1% white and 1.7% black according to the 2010 census.

When I lived in Greenwood in the late 1970s, the south half of Indianapolis was almost entirely white. Since then the dark skies of ethnic ambiguity have clouded the population with unprecedented violent crime.

Urban savagery is now creeping into Greenwood.

  • Thus in 2022, Jason ”Jaybird” Todd Grider was shot dead in a Greenwood apartment parking lot. The offenders were described as young black males. No arrests were made and the case is collecting dust in an unsolved murder file while the killers roam free among us.
  • Temario Stokes Jr., 16, was fatally shot at a school bus stop in Whiteland just south of Greenwood that same year. Tyrique Sevin Radford El was arrested. Both were black even though Whiteland has an overwhelmingly white population and a recorded black population of zero, according to datausa.io [Greenwood teen charged in alleged drug deal-turned-murder, dailyjournal.net, by Noah Crenshaw, December 14, 2023].
  • Louise Jean Wilson, 17, was fatally shot while driving in Houston, TX.

”The suspect, described as a black male in his mid-20s, has yet to be located by police.”
Texas teen dies after being shot in heart in road rage incident as she drove to watch sunrise: ‘She wanted to help people, by Richard Pollina, nypost.com, December 16, 2023

Wilson was driving in predawn hours enroute to see the sunrise in Galveston with her boyfriend and another male passenger.

She was described as a hero for managing to maneuver her vehicle to safety before succumbing to her injuries.

News venues describe the incident as road rage. None acknowledge that the vehicle may have been targeted simply because the passengers were white.

From the New York Post report:

Police said Wilson unintentionally swerved in front of the suspect’s four-door sedan to avoid getting into an accident when the gunman opened fire in response at around 1 a.m. on Interstate 45 in Houston.

“The vehicle that they had cut off accelerated and overtook her on her driver’s side,” Det. Caleb Bowling said during the press conference.

Considering the proliferation of security cameras and dash cams in Houston, we would expect detectives could easily identify the vehicle driven by the suspect.

So far, they have not.

”Wilson was from Whitney, Texas, a small town 40 miles northwest of Waco. She was home-schooled,” according to abc7chicago.com.
17-year-old girl from small town shot to death in Houston, TX road rage incident: police, by Jessica Willey, December 12, 2023]

She may well have been naive regarding the extreme dangers that white people encounter in urban jungles.

  • Catholic Priest Stephen Gutgsell, 65, was fatally stabbed in his Calhoun, NE church rectory.

Kierre L. Williams, 43, was taken into custody at the scene.

He was later arrested on suspicion of homicide and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

Gutgsell was assaulted during the home invasion at the St. John the Baptist Church.

The priest managed to call 911. When police arrived, they ”found Gutgsell bleeding from stab wounds on his face and body, lying in the rectory kitchen with the suspect, Kierre L. Williams, on top of him,” according to cbsnews.com [Priest dies after being stabbed in Fort Calhoun church rectory, by Kevin Cole, Omaha.com, December 10, 2023].

  • Brothers Octavio Quintano, 28, and Osmine Quintano, 35, were fatally shot Northeast Washington, D.C.

Octavio Quintano

Osmine Quintano

24-year-old Ronzoni Jackson Jr. was charged with two counts of first degree murder.

The brothers were shot just after midnight near The Pollo Company restaurant, where they had worked for years.

Jackson reportedly walked up to an SUV and shot the brothers as they stood outside the vehicle with their cousin.

Apparently, Jackson and others had assaulted the cousin earlier, taking a jacket and possibly other items.

The brothers appear to be white-Hispanic [Suspect charged in shooting that left 2 brothers dead in Northeast DC, police say, by FOX 5 DC Digital Team, fox5dc.com, December 18, 2023].

  • 53-year-old Donnie Smith was beaten to death outside a Columbus, OH Kroger store.

18-year-old Dionta Davon Hughes, 19-year-old Jamarion Fredrae Evans-Bennett, and a 17-year-old boy were charged with murder.

Dionta Davon Hughes

Fredrae Evans-Bennett

Smith was beaten and stomped and later died in a hospital. The attack was captured by security cameras.

Security personnel had previously asked the attackers to leave the facility after they ”engaged in an altercation” with patrons inside the store, according to dailymail.co.uk.

The three waited outside for their victim, then attacked him. Reports say they laughed as they stomped, kicked, and punched Smith until being stopped by an armed witness.

Kroger’s vociferous support of the Black Lives Matter movement does not seem to have helped this employee. In 2020 the company ”announced a $5 million philanthropic fund that would be directed toward organizations that support the advancement of the black community and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives,” according to whsv.com [Kroger creates $5 million fund to support racial equality and justice, June 9, 2020].

  • Cigar store owner Bret Bennett, 52, was fatally shot during a Columbus, OH road rage incident according to police.

Tony Brock, 37, was arrested but released after posting a $500,000 bond.

”Brock was booked into jail on Tuesday and bonded out Thursday,” according to myfox28columbus.com.

Attorneys for Brock contacted detectives while searching for the truck and admitted Brock fired the handgun that killed Bennett.
Man charged with murder in connection with Columbus I-670 deadly shooting, by WSYX staff, abc6onyourside.com, November14, 2023
  • Jeremy Greer, 41, was fatally shot in Asheville, NC.

Eric Jeron Wilson, 36, was arrested.

No backstory was provided by local media. There are no pictures of Greer, but North Carolina’s criminal records (he was involved in drugs) show him as white [Man charged with murder after fatal shooting in Buncombe County, by Kelly Doty Thu, wlos.com, November 30, 2023].

  • White-on-Black Homicides

FBI statistics show that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though blacks only make up about 13 percent of the country’s population [FBI: Crime in the U.S. 2019 • Tables • Table 43]. In 2021, for example, 51.3 percent of “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter” incidents were attributed to black offenders.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor, citing data based on 2021 FBI statistics assembled by anonymous researcher Datahazard, reports a black-male offender homicide rate of 64.4 per 100,000. The equivalent figure for white-male offenders is 3.5 per 100,000 [A Harsh New Light on Race and Murder, Amren.com, March 24, 2023].

That is, the black-male offender homicide rate is 18.4 times higher than the white-male offender homicide rate.

But of course white-on-black killings do happen.

  • Michael Holland was fatally shot in Columbus, OH.

Thomas William Lacey, 21, was arrested.

This was apparently a road rage incident. Reports say Holland backed out of his driveway and hit a parked car. Holland, who was black, allegedly walked up to Lacey and gestured that he had a gun. Lacey ”reportedly then walked back to his house, pulled a gun from his waistband, turned around and fired several shots at Holland” [Suspect in fatal shooting after fender bender issued $1 million bond, by Adam Conn, Matthew Herchik, nbc4i.com, November13, 2023].

  • Neko Rayton, 26, died in Utica, NY after being shot and stabbed multiple times.

25-year-old Colton Shaffer was arrested.

Shaffer reportedly shot Rayton twice in the head and then stabbed him in the torso, face and neck with a knife. No further details are available, but police lore is that killings involving multiple assaults of this sort are often homosexual [911 call about blood leaking from ceiling leads to discovery of murder victim in bathtub who was stabbed, shot, by David Harris, lawandcrime.com, November 13, 2023].

  • 40-year-old Prishanda Gemisha Colbert was fatally shot in Roberta, GA.

”Ryan Lee Teal has been charged with malice murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of firearm during the commission of a crime,” according to 41nbc.com.

Colbert was a store clerk apparently killed during a robbery [UPDATE: Man faces additional charges in deadly shooting of store clerk in Crawford County, by Tucker Sargent, 41nbc.com, November30, 2023].

  • 60-year-old Charles Claggett was fatally shot in Gaithersburg, MD.

44-year-old Ronald Thomas Dwyer II, of no fixed address, was reportedly arrested and charged with homicide.

Local media reported no motive or backstory [Death Investigation Leads To Murder Charge For Man Accused Of Killing In Gaithersburg: Police, by Zak Failla, dailyvoice.com, December 8, 2023].

  • Dexter Perkins, 37, was fatally shot in Wheaton, IL.

49-year-old Michael Freund was arrested.

Reports say there was an altercation between Perkins, Freund, and two other men over a pizza and bar tab [’Life of the Party’ Ill. Man Was Fatally Shot in Fight Over Pizza and Bar Tab, Says Prosecutor: ’Senseless,’, by Erin Clack, people.com, December 30, 2023].

  • Tyriq Bridgwaters, 23, was fatally shot in Bloomington, IN.

21-year-old Isaiah Ramos was preliminarily charged with murder and criminal recklessness.

Reports allege Ramos randomly shot into a crowd at a party, apparently upset over being denied entry due to a handgun in his waistband [Police arrest man connected to fatal shooting in Bloomington, by Austin Hanson, fox59.com, December 3, 2023]'

  • Raymond Charles Lastrapes, 33, was fatally shot in Lake Charles, LA.

Arrested was the victim’s 61-year-old father-in-law, James Alan Mueller.

Detectives learned that an argument between Mueller and Lastrapes escalated with Mueller retrieving a firearm from inside his residence and shooting Lastrapes, LCPD said [Lake Charles man arrested for allegedly killing his son-in-law, by Jakob Evans, kplctv.com, December 4, 2023].

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children and four grandchildren. He publishes dailykenn.com. In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.  

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