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Last month: 26 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES: September 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America

October 2023 saw the usual toll of white women killed by black Significant Others—but also, unusually, a black woman killed by a white Significant Other (in this case connected to the hopelessly cucked British Royal family!) Could interracial relationships be inherently problematic?

Drug deals continue to be a major killing ground. It also continues to be dangerous to be a white law enforcement officer, cf. Derek Chauvin. Plus we have Road Rage, a disgruntled employee—and, perhaps most significantly, random black killings of whites for no apparent reason at all.

Two of the accused perps were the same age as celebrated Emmett Till, murdered by white men after sexually harassing a white women in 1955.

Two of the victims were white Social Justice Warriors, one homosexual. We suspect interracial homosexual killings are a significant factor in our monthly tally, but needless to say the Main Stream Media will not report it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether, as well as details of the back stories. Email me here and/or VDARE.com here if you have tips.

  • Dennis Parker, 41, was fatally shot in an apartment complex parking area in Tacoma, WA.

Arrested was Christopher Jadwick Lynch, 31:

Prosecutors wrote that detectives obtained video surveillance and saw Lynch allegedly walking out of his girlfriend’s apartment and past her car. He allegedly told detectives he was trying to go to her car. He began to approach the man on a sidewalk south of the apartment complex. The man was either standing or kneeling. When Lynch was five to eight feet away from the man, he allegedly drew his gun. Lynch, who was facing the man, allegedly takes a step or two backwards and the man falls to the ground, prosecutors wrote.
Bellevue man charged with ‘unprovoked’ fatal shooting of Tacoma apartment tenant, by Puneet Bsanti, thenewstribune.com, October 25, 2023
  • Austin Michael Seiman, 19, was fatally shot in Fort Wayne, IN.

Dimitrius Walker, 20, and Nasir Owens, 18, were arrested and face preliminary charges of murder and arson.

Dimitrius Walker

Nasir Owens

Reports say Seiman died from multiple gunshot wounds. His remains were dumped in the Maumee River, where he was found by a kayaker.

Reports say police found a bloody shirt, a $20 bill, and a torched car in a Fort Wayne alley that eventually led them to the suspects.

A report from wane.com cited court documents:

A witness told police he had seen the driver of a car walk up to the victim and they had an argument that turned physical, court documents said. That’s when a passenger also got out of the car and the two began punching and assaulting the victim before three or four gunshots rang out, the witness told police.

The two men left in the car and came back to the alley about 20 minutes later, the witness said in court documents, and it appeared they put a black bag over the third man’s body, took it in the car and left again.

Hours after the shooting, FWPD responded to reports of a car fire in an alley. The car was missing its license plate, but officers were still able to trace the ownership back to the mother of Walker…

Sieman was apparently trying to buy drugs. See also: FWPD: 2 face preliminary murder, arson charges after man found dead in Maumee River, by Clayton McMahan, wane.com, October 4, 2023.

  • Jessica Romich, 47, was fatally shot in Gates, NY.

47-year-old Malik Black was arrested.

Romich was Black’s former employer.

13wham.com reports that ”Black has been on parole for the past three years, after serving a 27-year minimum sentence for a deadly shooting back in 1993” [Gates homicide suspect reportedly changed his name during prison sentence for 1993 murder conviction, by Andrew MacBeath, October 11, 2023]. (His previous victim was black.)

Black was released under parole in October of 2020, after which Romich, apparently, provided him with employment.

  • Julie Anne Taylor Wegmiller, 39, was fatally shot in Union Township, PA.

Arrested was Yohance Mercer-Huffman, 28.

Wegmiller’s [white] husband was also shot and hospitalized in critical condition.

The motive for the shooting was not disclosed.

Union Township is adjacent to Pittsburgh’s south side. The city is known for violent crime. So is Mercer-Huffman, who was arrested for an earlier non-fatal shooting in 2016 [Suspect arrested in Lawrence County shooting that killed woman, injured her husband, by Taylor Hall, WPXI.com, October 22, 2023],

  • 45-year-old Bernard Gribbin was fatally shot while working as a city bus driver in Philadelphia, PA.

”21-year-old Zhontay Capers has been charged with Murder, Violations of the Fire Arms Act, and other related charges,” phl17.com reported [SEPTA Bus Driver Fatally Shot Aboard Bus In Germantown; Suspect Charged, by Jessica Yakubovsky and Alyssa Cristelli, October 27, 2023].


Gribbin was shot six times. Investigators had not established a motive for the killing.

6abc.com reported that bus drivers are asking to be shielded by bulletproof glass.

  • 44-year-old Charlena Burnett was fatally shot in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ.

Her boyfriend, Kevin Dorsey, 51, admitted to killing her.

Dorsey was also charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon without a permit to carry and possession of a weapon by a certain person.

Burnett was found inside a house where the couple lived. She had suffered ”multiple gunshot wounds.”

Public records show Dorsey as black [Man Shot, Killed Girlfriend In Their Atlantic Co. Home: Prosecutor, by Veronica Flesher, Patch Staff, patch.com, October 27, 2023].

  • Roberto Almaguer Garza, 29, was fatally shot in Houston, TX.

Garza, the owner of a taco truck, was found shot multiple times near the vehicle. He was working to save for a new home for his wife and three small children.

Arrested was Jimmie Wayne Daniels, 21.

Daniels was arrested earlier ”for unlawfully carrying a weapon, but released on a $2,500 bond despite his criminal record.”

Garza’s wife said:

I want to ask that judge, thanks to their decision my husband is no longer here. For taking things lightly, I want that judge to explain to my kids why daddy will no longer come home. Daddy didn’t abandon us.

Widow of taco truck owner has message for judge who released husband’s accused killer on bond, by Anayeli Ruiz (KHOU) and Michelle Homer, khou.com, October 29, 2023


  • Noted Democrat Ted Lawson, 63, was fatally shot in Lansing, MI when he refused a boy’s demand for a dollar.

Theodore “Ted” Lawson was the Ingham County Democratic Party secretary.

Lamar Patrick Kemp, 15, was charged with open murder; a life offense meaning he could get life imprisonment.

This a picture several media organizations have used, possibly from the accused’s family:

This is a more recent picture released by the police:

And this is a picture posted by Kemp himself on social media:

Kemp is the same age as St. Emmett Till.

During today’s arraignment, the prosecution released new details, saying Kemp is seen on a video making a beeline to Lawson, asking for money and Lawson’s denial …The teen has a history of violent activity dating back to age 11.
15-year-old arraigned on murder charge in death of Democratic official, by Kyle Melinn MIRS News Service, lansingcitypulse.com, October 11, 2023
  • 37-year-old Joshua Rash was fatally shot in Sacramento, CA.

Rash, who was homeless, was found deceased under a bridge where transients are known to shelter.

60-year-old Richard Bradford was arrested [Man arrested in connection to south Sacramento homicide, by Staff (ABC10), abc10.com, October 10, 2023].


”It remains unclear what led to the man’s death and how it happened,” cbsnews.com reported.

 30-year-old Jacklyn Marie Reed was fatally shot at a Hendersonville, NC McDonald’s restaurant.

Sam Antwan Ivey, 35, was charged with second-degree murder.

Reports say Reed was arguing with another woman (of unknown race) when Ivey, an employee, intervened.

Ivey apparently shot Reed when she touched him.

The suspect fled and was arrested outside a school:

Chief Myhand said the police department had been dealing with Reed for a couple of days before Monday’s shooting. He described her as having ”erratic behavior,” and said his office received multiple phone calls about her all weekend. An earlier press release from the police department had described Reed as a woman who had ”caused a disturbance at the restaurant.”
2nd-degree murder charge in McDonald’s shooting, suspect and victim identified, by Kari Barrows and Taylor Thompson, wpde.com, October 9, 2023
  • 48-year-old Jason McKinnon strangled on a street corner in Cincinnati, OH.


Arrested was Lavontez Davis, 24.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers said Tuesday that McKinnon was walking home from an FC Cincinnati game with his wife when the assault took place.

”A female DoorDash driver looked like she was about to pull out the wrong way on a one-way street and the victim made a comment to her, and an argument ensued,” Powers said.

Surveillance video showed the argument breaking out, and that’s when video shows the driver’s boyfriend, later identified as Davis, walked up to McKinnon and started to fight.

”He punched him in the face and took him to the ground in a chokehold,” Powers said. Powers said McKinnon got up briefly, but then another attack ensued, and he was put in a chokehold again.

Witnesses in the video could be heard saying ”stop” multiple times. The video then showed Davis and his girlfriend pull away in the car.

Prosecutor releases video of OTR incident that led to suspect’s arrest in man’s death, by Emily Sanderson, wlwt.com, October 24, 2023


  • Isaac Aney, 18, fatally shot in Everett, WA.

Arrested was Mohammed “Mo” Jaiteh, 18. (Presumably an immigrant or child of recent immigrants rather than an American Descendant of Slaves—Jaiteh is a name more seen in Senegal and Gambia than America.)

Witnesses reported a man on foot shot a driver in the 1200 block of East Casino Road… The car had several bullet holes, including one on the hood, two on the windshield and multiple on the passenger side door, according to police.
Bail set at $1M for suspect in fatal Casino Road shooting, by Jonathan Tall, heraldnet.com, October 16, 2023

Jaiteh was identified by three passengers in the car as the shooter.

Social media pictures below:

Source: Does Murder Suspect Have Self Defense Claim? J425, October 26, 2023. This is a Substack that claims Jaiteh may have been justified, using local sources.

The claim is that Jaiteh was justified in firing wildly at this car containing guys he knew who may have been in a rival gang, because the car made a highly suspicious U-turn.

  • 58-year-old Kevin Berry was fatally shot in Davenport, FL.

Daniele Hamilton (a male), also 58, was charged with second-degree murder.

Berry was found lying in the middle of an Interstate off-ramp, the victim of a road-rage incident.

Reports say the victim was en route to his job as a truck driver.

Witness reports and video led investigators to Hamilton’s home where they found spent shell casing in the trash along with a .28 caliber revolver [Florida man charged with murder after shooting victim during road rage incident, who later died, by Stephen Sorace, Greg Wehner, foxnews.com, October 18, 2023].

  • Carolyn Kelso Hann, 49, was killed in Sikeston, MO.

37-year-old Fabayan Larry was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in relation to the use of a firearm during the alleged crime.

Reports say the victim was found lifeless in her home after a missing persons report had been filed.

She was the owner of a style salon.

The cause of death and backstory were not reported [Sikeston man arrested for murder of Sikeston woman, no attribution, standard-democrat.com, October 2, 2023].

  • George Nei Derment Jr., 57, was fatally shot in Lafayette, IN.

Wallace Irvin Smith III faces charges of murder, pointing a firearm and unlawful use of a firearm.

Reports say Smith emerged from a BMW and surrendered when police arrived at the scene.

Derment was found in the driver’s seat of a Nissan next to the BMW.

Officers recovered a semi-automatic 9mm handgun with an empty magazine in it from the floorboard of the BMW. Several bullet holes were in the front driver’s side door panel of the Nissan, and some of the shots apparently went through and struck Derment… Derment had no weapons on him, and none were found in his car.

Wallace Irvin Smith charged with murder of Lafayette man, by Madison Kopp, wlfi.com, September 27, 2023


Wallace has an extensive criminal history—see STATE OF INDIANA v. WALLACE IRVIN SMITH III (2017).

A motive for the shooting was not disclosed by the media. Drugs? Road rage?

  • 64-year-old Thomas Hairrell was found suffering from gunshot wounds just inside the front door of a duplex in Sheffield, AL.

The shooting occurred at about 4 a.m.

Arrested was Dedrick Deshann Pride, 40.

No backstory was offered [Sheffield homicide suspect in custody, by Kate Norum and Aria Pons, waff.com, September 26, 2023].

  • Jackie Billini, 57, was fatally shot in New York, NY.

Also killed were her friend Levaughn Harvin, 42 (who was black), and her pitbull, Zeus.

Arrested was Lenue Moore

Moore reportedly lived illegally with his mother in the apartment building where Billini lived.

A second source told The Post the pitbull triggered the twisted bloodshed. ”Supposedly, the perp lives in the same building. An ongoing dispute involving the dog.”

Months earlier Billini was attacked by man wielding a hammer after she answered his knock at the door.

That attacker was identified as Moore. Billini suffered a broken arm.

On another occasion, Moore was accused of stabbing Zeus [Unhinged neighbor Lenue Moore is wanted by NYPD in shooting death of Manhattan woman, 57, who was shot dead along with friend while walking her dog—as cops say he was ’lying in wait,’ by Mackenzie Tatananni, dailymail.com, October 3, 2023].

  • Florist Hassan Mahmoud Salame, 26, was fatally shot in Detroit, MI.

Arrested were Lindsay Thurmond, 27, and Quenton Goston, 29.

Lindsay Thurmond

Quenton Goston

Both were charged with felony murder and first-degree murder.

It is alleged that Thurmond and Goston robbed Salame and killed him as the victim was leaving a restaurant with his fiancée and her sister.

Salame appears to be of Middle-Eastern ancestry, aka a group anthropologists used to describe as “dark white” [2 men charged in homicide of Dearborn florist, by Brandon Carr, clickondetroit.com, September 22, 2023].

  • 25-year-old Christopher Price was fatally shot in Oklahoma City, OK.

Charged with first-degree murder was 42-year-old Juanterra Cortez Givens.


[Suspect in fatal shooting of bystander at hotel in Oklahoma City now in police custody, by DeAngelo Marquise Vaxter, okcfox.com, September 25, 2023]

Reports say the shot was fired during a second-floor ”altercation” at a two-star motel  and that Price was a bystander [Friday morning shooting in Oklahoma City leaves one dead, by DeAngelo Marquise Vaxter, okcfox.com, September 22, 2023].

  • 62-year-old Dr. James ”Jimmy” Ciccarelli was killed in his Waterbury, CT home.


24-year-old David Rogers was charged with murder, first-degree strangulation and sixth-degree larceny.

He had been out of jail for only a few months, serving two years of a ten-year sentence when he was released and placed on probation [Alleged Waterbury murder suspect made deal for 2-year prison sentence, by Sam Smink, wfsb.com October 10, 2023]. He had earlier pleaded guilty to several crimes, including robbery, assault on a public safety officer, and strangulation. No motive was given [Waterbury man charged with murder, by Vanessa Blasi, wtnh.com, October 6, 2023].

  • Robert “Bobby” Garten, 34, was killed in Hartford, CT.

Charged with first-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, disobeying the direction of an officer, DUI, reckless driving, and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle was 18-year-old high school student Richard Barrington Jr.

Garten, 34, was responding to a call when Barrington fled a traffic stop, ran a red light and hit the police cruiser, according to police.

Officer Brian Kearney was in the car with Garten and hospitalized [Suspect faces manslaughter charge in death of Hartford police detective, by Jenn Brink, Tim Harfmann, wtnh.com, September 21, 2023].

  • Thomas George Bostany, 29, found fatally shot in his car in Birmingham, AL.

Samuel Wiggins IV, 26, was charged with capital murder.

The victim was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

The media offered no backstory to the alleged murder [26-year-old man charged in shooting death of Thomas Bostany, by Jeff Wyatt, abc3340.com, October 3, 2023].

  • Angela Marina Risi, 30, fatally shot in Durham, NC.

Stephon Richard Dubose, 30, was charged with first-degree murder.

Risi was shot in her home. Though she and her alleged killer were described as ”friends,” little backstory was provided about the apparent murder. Another woman, race unspecified, was also shot [Father of slain Duke student says daughter was friends with alleged killer, WRAL.com, October 2, 2023].

Neighbor Daniela Rangel was quoted as saying, “I think it’s incredibly sad how desensitized I’ve personally become to things like this … I see police cars everywhere and I don’t see a decrease in these types of incidents,” Rangle added. [Woman killed in Worth Street shooting in Durham identified, by Kathryn Hubbard, Joseph Holloway, Ben Bokun, cbs17.com, October 2, 2023].       

  • Journalist Josh Kruger, 39, was fatally shot in his Philadelphia, PA townhouse.

”Robert Edmond Davis, 19, was identified as the suspect,” according to people.com.

Kruger was noted as a social-justice warrior who saw himself as a defender of marginalized communities and homosexual rights.

Reports say Kruger and Davis knew each other and there was no sign of forced entry [Philadelphia Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Suspect in Murder of Josh Kruger, by Bailey Richards, People.com, October 7, 2023].

According to the Black Wall Street Times, the 19-year old’s family says “Kruger had been sexually exploiting and blackmailing Davis since he was 15.”

Teen accused of killing journalist Josh Kruger claims sexual abuse

When asked if the sexual abuse claims against Kruger were being included in the police investigation, “I know that’s something they are looking at, yes,” a Philly Police spokesperson told

by Deon Osborne, October 12, 2023

  • 82-year-old William Chartrand was fatally stabbed at 99 Cents Only Store in Hanford, CA.

23-year-old Ryan Washington Jr. was arrested.

Reports say Chartrand, a 23-year Navy veteran, was shopping for a birthday card when stabbed. The assault was apparently random.

The media provided no motive for the stabbing, leaving readers to speculate the alleged killer may have been driven by stochastic hatred for older white males, often referred to as ”creakers” (rather than “crackers”) in urban jungle lingo [California Navy Veteran Fatally Stabbed in ‘Evil’ Attack While Shopping for Birthday Cards: Report, by Mark Moore, newsbreak.com, October 5, 2023]

  • Jacob Adair, 28, and Rodney Estep, 38, were pronounced dead after suffering fatal gunshot wounds in Belfry, KY.

Jacob Adair

Rodney Estep

Joshua Orlando Pack Jr., 25, Devon A. Overstreet, 26, and Jolon Marcell McCree, 22, were each charged with Murder (Attempt) and two counts of Murder (Complicity).


The victims were shot at a Belfry home. One survivor, Chasity Adair, 28, suffered gunshot wounds and was transported to a hospital for treatment.

No backstory was provided [Victims, suspects in Belfry murder named, by Ralph Davis, mountain-topmedia.com, October 9, 2023].

  • 42-year-old Robert Clark was fatally stabbed at Smith State Prison in Glennville, GA, where he worked as a guard.

Arrested was inmate Layton Lester, who was being escorted by his victim at the time of the stabbing.

Another inmate, Marko Willingham, below, was also stabbed when he came to Clark’s aid, but survived [Tifton man jailed for murder accused of killing prison guard, by Matthew Crumley, southgatv.com, October 4, 2023].

Lester was serving time for the 2007 murder of his great aunt, Lorrine Bozeman. Reports say Lester robbed and shot her. She was 66 years old at the time and Lester was only 15—the same age as the apotheosized Emmett Till (see above). Two other teens and one 22-year-old were also charged in the case [Jury convicts murder victim’s great-nephew, by Angie Thompson, Tifton Gazette, August 17, 2009].

  • Amy Jean Uff, 53, was declared dead by emergency medical services personnel responding to reports of a shooting in Marion Station, MD.

Morris Edward Cotton III, 42, of Marion Station, MD, is charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and related charges.

Cotton was taken into custody as he was exiting the residence where Uff was found [Marion Station Man charged with murder in shooting death of 53-year-old woman, by Keith Demko, Salisbury Daily Times, October 1, 2023].

  • The TimesOfIndia reported that ”Radical Leftist activist Ryan Carson was stabbed to death on a street in New York City. Ryan Carson was with his girlfriend at a bus stop when the black attacker accosted him.”

Only in India will you see ”black attacker” in the headline.

Brian Dowling, 18, was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

The fatal stabbing took place at Lafayette Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard and was captured on video.

For whatever reason, Carson was one of a few far-Left non-black extremists who actually venture into the urban jungle at night.

He and his girlfriend were reportedly in the area after attending a wedding:

Wearing a gray suit, Carson and the young woman, dressed in a blue, sleeveless gown, get up and begin to walk down the block, in the same direction as a man in a dark sweatshirt who had just strolled past the pair at the B38 bus stop, with his hood up over his head and his hands in his pockets.

Just feet ahead of them, the stranger begins kicking scooters parked near the curb for no apparent reason, the footage—obtained by The Post on Tuesday—shows.

Suddenly, the unhinged man turns to Carson and says, “What the f–k are you looking at?”

The beloved community activist—who replied that he wasn’t looking at anything—then stepped between his girlfriend and the irate stranger, who began to advance on the couple.

“I’ll kill you!” the maniac threatens as Carson pleads with him to “Chill! Chill!” and holds up his hand.

But the attacker pursues Carson, pulling a knife, as the victim’s girlfriend, running up behind them, is heard frantically yelling, “Please, please, please!”

As he runs, Carson tumbles over the bench the couple had earlier been sitting on.

The assailant then grabs his jacket and knocks him onto the ground, savagely stabbing him multiple times in the chest as the victim’s girlfriend catches up to them.

He then walks away as Carson lies curled up on the ground, before returning and approaching the terrified woman, who raises her hand to stop him.

The sicko spits on her—while still clutching the knife—before kicking the mortally wounded Carson and storming away.

An unknown woman then appears near the corner of the frame, yelling, “Don’t hurt him!” at the crazed man and repeating what sounds like the name “Brian” or “Bryan.”

Investigators believe that the woman and the suspect knew each other prior to the slaying, police sources said Tuesday.

“I’m so sorry!” the same woman exclaims as she approaches Carson, still lying on the sidewalk, as his worried girlfriend stands at his side.

“Go watch him,” the victim’s girlfriend directs the woman while pointing at the attacker.

Disturbing video shows moment beloved activist, poet is randomly stabbed to death in front of girlfriend after they attended wedding together by William Farrington and Amanda Woods, NY Post, October 3, 2023


White-On-Black Killings

FBI statistics show that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though blacks only comprise about 13 percent of the country’s population [FBI: Crime in the U.S. 2019 • Tables • Table 43]. In 2021, for example, 51.3 percent of “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter” incidents were attributed to black offenders.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor, citing data based on 2021 FBI statistics assembled by anonymous researcher Datahazard, reports a black-male offender homicide rate of 64.4 per 100,000. The equivalent figure for white-male offenders is 3.5 per 100,000 [A Harsh New Light on Race and Murder, Amren.com, March 24, 2023].

That is, the black-male offender homicide rate is 18.4 times higher than the white-male offender homicide rate.

In October, for the second month running (is this a trend?), we found several (half a dozen) white-on-black homicides:

  • Jermaine Pone, 39, was fatally shot in Rocky Mount, NC.

Arrested were David Edwards, 28, and Melody Shipman, 31. Edwards and Shipman are both felons.

David Edwards

Melody Shipman

[Two jailed in High Point for fatal shooting on Tessie Street, William F. West, rockymounttelegram.com, September 5, 2023]

  • Jenean Chapman, below left, a former personal aide to Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.

James Patrick, 48, above right, was arrested as a suspect.

The couple had been married about two months. Their relationship was described by her family as ”rocky” and ”toxic” [Who is James Patrick? Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s murdered former aide Jenean Chapman’s husband arrested for her killing, by Jenny Anna Mathew, meaww.com, September30, 2023].

  • 30-year-old Deleon Williams, fatally shot in a Dallas, TX home.

Williams was apparently one of three persons bound by 28-year-old Kayla Griffin who reportedly shot him.

One of the victims, a woman, managed to escape and scream for help. She had been shot in the head. The third person was not injured [Dallas police: 28-year-old woman arrested for tying up victims, killing 1 at Red Bird home, by Raegan Scharfetter, CBSTexas, October 4, 2023].

  • Porchia Crossley, 32, fatally shot in Auburndale, FL

21-year-old Kyle Herrington was arrested on a second-degree murder charge.

Investigators said the suspect and woman knew each other and were having a disagreement over marijuana [Suspect arrested for killing woman in Auburndale shooting: Police, by FOX 13 News Staff, fox13news.com, October 11, 2023].
  • Vanessa Lyn Brabson, 34, fatally shot in Fort Wayne, IN.

31-year-old Sedrick Williams—an obvious white criminal type—was arrested [Man arrested for murder in connection to body found near Bloomingdale Park , by Marin Murphy, October 21, 2023].

The victim’s husband, 33-year-old Sean Thomas Brabson, who was black, was also fatally shot, but by a different individual.

33-year-old James Saylor—Vanessa’s brother—was arrested after his slaying. The husband and wife were killed in separate shootings in one weekend.

A motive for the shootings was not reported. Drug gang warfare has to be a possibility [CORONER: Husband, wife killed in separate homicides, by Jazlynn Bebout, 21alivenews.com, October 23, 2023].

  • Diamonte Lewis, fatally shot in Washington, DC

”Police put out a lookout for a white male with curly hair wearing a black hoodie, pants and boots who was last seen traveling eastbound on Florida Avenue NW,” wusa9.com reported.

Lewis, the father of two toddlers, was celebrating his birthday in Washington’s nightlife bar district when the incident occurred.

The victim’s mother, Kristie Lewis Garvin was quoted:

“He loved and he loved hard,” Lewis Garvin said. “He’s a dancer; he’s a rapper.”

“Monte don’t like to see nobody in trouble; Monte don’t go looking for trouble,” she said [Young father killed while celebrating birthday on U Street, by Aimee Cho, nbcwashington.com, October 23, 2023].


Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children and four grandchildren. He publishes dailykenn.com and abatehate.com. In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.  

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