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The usual toll of white women involved with black Significant Others included this month a white grandmother! Further raising the possibility that interracial relationships are inherently problematic: an especially horrible case in which a white mother killed her two black sons (both by different fathers). But a black-on-white knife attack—of which you’ve needless to say never heard—has been ruled not to be a “Hate Crime” because only one victim was Jewish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether, as well as details of the back stories. Email me here and/or VDARE.com here if you have tips.

  • Uber driver Bryant Grund, 31, was fatally shot in Jacksonville, FL.

22-year-old Ju’Quan Mills is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and 23-year-old Diamond M’Kayla Harris is charged with accessory after the fact.
Report: Two arrested in gang-related shooting deaths of Uber driver, passenger on Jacksonville’s Northside, by Taylor Levesque, firstcoastnews.com, October 31, 2023

Ju’Quan Mills

Diamond M’Kayla Harris

Harris and Mills were apparently in a romantic relationship.

Also killed was Antonio Tillie Jr., 19, black, who appeared to be the target of a gang-related shooting for hire.

Reports say Grund was an innocent bystander.

A second shooter, not identified, reportedly split a $20,000 bounty with Mills.

  • Crystal Loughran, 40, was found dead in a wooded area near Fayetteville, NC. She had been fatally shot.

Charged with first-degree murder after a six-hour standoff with police was Raeqwon Mitchell Carlisle, 28. Loughran had apparently agreed to meet him for sex, arranged via text, and police found the texts in her phone.

[Man suspected in Crystal Loughran’s death makes court appearance; Her body was found in woods, Monique John, abc11.com, October 30, 2023]

  • 48-year-old Philip Mock and 19-year-old Shaliyah Collins were fatally shot on the Truman Parkway in Savannah, GA.

Derek Maurice Johnson was taken into custody.

Mani Stream Media reports offered no motive or backstory explaining the homicides (WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THEM?). But Collins’s family has posted a lengthy explanation on YouTube: She was shot and k!lled by her boyfriend’s step-father 8 minutes after being picked up from work [November 3, 2023].

Mock was white. Collins was black. Mock, according to a GoFundMe page below, died trying to—as John Derbyshire put it—“act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress.”

He noticed that there were people in the shoulder on the side of the Truman Parkway, and he made the decision to pull over to determine if they needed any help. He walked back to their car to ask them if any help was needed, and that is when he was senselessly shot and murdered.

Phillip Mock, an amazing husband and father' November 2, 2023

[Police: Suspect in Truman Parkway double murder captured more than 300 miles away, by Graham Cawthon, wjcl.com, October 30, 2023]

  • 14-year-old Madden Gouveia was fatally shot in Bristol, VT.

Arrested was another 14-year-old, Hussein Mohamed. Mohamed was charged as an adult.

Reports say Mohamed was sitting in the rear seat of a car in which the victim was riding in the front passenger seat.

Prosecutor Eva Vekos noted that at least two youths in the car “could clearly see there was a live round in the chamber,” leading to the killing, according to vtdigger.org [14-year-old charged with second degree murder pleads not guilty, by Michael Cusanelli, mynbc5.com, November 1, 2023].

  • Faybe’Ann Ragsdale, 19, was shot in the head while driving an SUV in Monroe, GA.

Kevin Yamil Rosa, 21, was charged with felony murder. Ragsdale was a female-to-male transgender… and definitely white, despite the dreadlocks.

A preliminary investigation revealed Ragsdale was shot while driving an SUV near The Home Depot parking lot, police say. The SUV then rolled through the bank parking lot and struck a sedan as it was attempting to leave the Arby’s restaurant [Driver of SUV shot in head at busy Monroe shopping center identified, man arrested,  by FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, November 1, 2023].
  • Jonathan Lewis Jr., 17, died after being beaten by a mob of about 15 young males in Las Vegas, NV.

 [Pic via TMZ]

A video recording of the incident was widely spread on social media, however, providing evidence for authorities. 9 suspects were arrested, and ordered held without bail [Judge orders Las Vegas high schoolers held on no bail in classmate’s deadly beating, by Rio Yamat, AP, November 17, 2023].

Four have been charged as adults and can be seen in the Daily Mail tweet below:

Reports say Lewis witnessed a friend being robbed, beaten, and stuffed in a trash bin by two of his attackers. When Lewis came to his friend’s aid, he was attacked by the mob. Video shows him being stomped on the pavement.

Lewis was hospitalized in critical condition and died a few days after the attack.

The victim’s dad, Jonathan Lewis Sr., confirmed his son’s death.

“Jonathan stood up for one of his smaller friends,” he said.

“A couple (of people) attacked him, and they weren’t able to hurt him enough, and they all attacked him at once,” he said.

Writing on his son’s gofundme page, the elder Lewis said:

Our son is a kind, loving, gentle young man who has the heart of a champion and the brightest loving energy that attracts people to him with love!

He’s an aspiring artist, devoted big brother, and a fierce protector of loved ones!

We are so grateful for all the love and community support that has poured in for our son and hope that the world will focus on all that love and compassion as a beacon of hope for human relations and place recognition upon how much stronger the love and the spirit of community is than the dark moments of violence.

While some applaud the father’s conciliatory tone, we notice there was no call for revenge, no cries of ”no justice, no peace,” no rioting, burning, and looting.

When I was student at an urban school in the late sixties and early seventies, such attacks were common. Our school was patrolled by full-time police officers who were assigned to the school. They, too, were sometimes attacked.

Point being: Urban savagery is nothing new.

However, there were no video devices such as cell phones in the 60s and 70s. The attacks were witnessed, but not recorded. Today, nearly everyone carries a cell phone and, with the advent of the internet, these attacks have become public knowledge.

Still, the problem is largely ignored—for now [Teen beaten near high school has died from injuries, father says, by Jeff Burbank, Las Vegas Review-Journal, November 10, 2023].

  • 21-year-old Nicholas Tubbs was fatally shot in a Walmart parking lot in Elyria, Ohio.

19-year-old Roosevelt Benton was arrested.

No motive or backstory for the shooting was reported by the Corporate Media [Elyria Police: Man shot in Walmart parking lot dead, suspect arrested, by Alec Sapolin, cleveland19.com, November 3, 2023].

  • American ice hockey pro Adam Johnson, 29, died after having his throat slashed ”by a skate blade” during a game in the U.K.

Arrested on suspicion of manslaughter was Canadian Matt Petgrave, 31, who is on the Sheffield Steelers roster.

In the second period of the [Nottingham] Panthers’ game against the Sheffield Steelers, Petgrave’s skate came up after a collision and cut Johnson in the neck [Adam Johnson death: Matt Petgrave released on bail after being charged with manslaughter of ex-Penguins player, by Austin Nivison, cbssports.com, November 15, 2023].

This passive presentation of the media seems to suggest that the skate, not the person wearing it, was responsible for Johnson’s fatal injury. But skates don’t play hockey. The people wearing them play hockey. Likewise, skates don’t kill people.

Petgrave was released on bail and returned to the ice for a game against the Coventry Blaze. An estimated 8,000 fans were video recorded giving Petgrave a standing ovation; a disturbing act that many have attributed to white guilt.

  • Courtney Wickman, 33, was fatally shot while leaving a restaurant in crime-ridden Kansas City, MO.

The suspect, 21-year-old Katera Mayfield, committed suicide.

Reports say Mayfield was ejected from an event nearby due to disorderly conduct. Wickman was struck by a bullet when Mayfield fired at security guards as she drove away [Woman dies days after Midtown Kansas City shooting, by Andrew Lynch, fox4kc.com, October 26, 2023].

  • 33-year-old Freddy Rodriguez died while defending his home and family in Twin Falls, ID.

In custody is Mi’Quavis Taylor.

According to kmvt.com

Rodriguez heard a disturbance outside his home early Thursday morning.

He was shot and killed while confronting the suspect. The suspect then fled the scene.

Update: Person in custody connected to Capri Drive murder,  by Gina Jameson and Brittany Cooper, November 16, 2023]

Taylor was earlier implicated in a non-fatal shooting at a Target store that reportedly involved a ”large group.”

According to Rodriguez’ GoFundMe page, ”Freddy leaves behind a beautiful wife and three amazing children.”

  • Daniel Terry Williams died in Alabama after being beaten, tortured, and raped in prison.

Officials at Staton Correctional Facility in Alabama have explaining to do.

The father of a 22-year-old was told his son, an inmate at the facility, died from a drug overdose. Medical professionals, however, said Daniel Terry Williams had been beaten, tortured, and raped.

The incident occurred just days before Williams was to be released. He had served a one-year term for Theft of Property II. He was looking forward to moving forward with his life and reuniting with his two small children, both under two years old.

A description of the attackers was not released. But see Who Rapes In Prison?, by the late Sam Francis.

[Heartbreaking account of prisoner’s final days after ’rape and assault’ in jail, by Graeme Murray and Vassia Barba, mirror.co.uk, November 14, 2023]

  • Charlena Burnett, 44, was fatally shot by her boyfriend in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

Kevin Dorsey, 51, allegedly shot Burnett in the home they shared.

Dorsey has a long criminal history that included 12 convictions from 1992 to 2009, Judge Patricia Wild noted. He then had several prison sentences, including seven years, 10 years and two concurrent four-year sentences.
EHT man with long criminal history held in girlfriend’s killing, by Lynda Cohen, breakingac.com, November 4, 2023
  • Teri Bigoski Mares, 64, was fatally shot in Anderson, CA.

Arrested was Crystal Ann Odom, 30.

Reports said Odom was related to Mares. The two once resided at the same home. A later report said Mares was Odom’s grandmother [’Getting back at grandma:’ Anderson woman accused of shooting and killing her grandmother, by Damon Arthur, Redding Record Searchlight, November 3, 2023].

The suspect told police she killed Mares and assaulted another person [Anderson woman arrested for murder following homicide investigation at El Rio Estates, by Ashley Harting, Adam McAllister, Jason Turk, krcrtv.com, October 28, 2023].

  • Jonnie Angel Klein, the mother of a 15-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter, was gunned down at a Worth, IL ATM.

Arrested were Tamara Johnson, 22, and a friend, 23-year-old Jason Johnson.

Tamara Johnson

Jason Johnson

Reports say the suspects spray painted their car shortly after the crime in an apparent effort to confuse authorities. Prosecutors, however, cite the action as evidence that the couple were aware of their guilt:

Surveillance footage showed an individual, identified as Tamara Johnson, exit the front passenger side of the Lexus wearing all black with a zipped-up hooded jacket and a black mask, the prosecutor said. She approached Klein’s gray Honda Civic on the driver’s side. A struggle ensued for several seconds evidenced by the Civic shaking, before it sped off. Tamara returned to the Lexus, with a handgun visible in her right hand, and the dark mask visible, according to the charges.

At one point during the struggle, the prosecutor said Jason Johnson, who was staying with family in Harvey, was seen exiting the Lexus, with his face captured on camera, the prosecutor said. Jason Johnson was also clad in an all black zipped-up hoodie with a logo over his chest and was wearing reddish colored gloves.

The gravely injured Klein was able to get on 111th Street before the car slowed down and stopped. A witness saw the stopped car and pulled over to check on the driver, finding Klein unresponsive. The witness called 911 and Worth police responded within 78 seconds.

Klein was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where she was pronounced dead [Pair Accused In Slaying Of 31-Year-Old Mom At ATM Ordered Detained, by Lorraine Swanson, patch.com, November 9, 2023].


  • Scott Marvin Bernich, 46, was fatally shot at a liquor store in Great Mills, MD.

Arrested were Leroy Christopher Neal, 48, and Britny Lee Blankenship, 33.

Neal is black. Blankenship is white.

Bernich died after being flown to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD. As is increasingly common, the motive for the shooting was not disclosed [Two Arrested In Connection With Saturday Shooting That Left One Dead In Great Mills, by St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, thebaynet.com, November 6, 2023].

  • 35-year-old James Reha was one of five people shot—and one of two people killed—at a Tacoma, WA nightspot.

Charged with aggravated murder and first-degree murder was Alante Peterson.

Monic Lashaye Swan, who appears to be biracial, was also killed. The other three victims were hospitalized.

Local media presented the tragedy with a dismissive tone, calling it an ”argument” over a ”hairline.” Peterson was portrayed as a hero protecting a group of women from a man who seemed to be flirting with them.

According to court documents, witnesses told police a man was trying to insert himself into conversations with a group of women he didn’t know when Peterson intervened and allegedly told the man, “You can just leave the girls alone.”
Argument over hairline leads to deadly Tacoma bar shooting, court documents say, by Joel Moreno and Mo Haider, KOMO, November 7, 2023

However, court documents reveal that witnesses said that ”Peterson, who goes by the street name ’Dangerous,’ began turning in a circle while firing the gun and started randomly shooting at people” [Gangster whose street name is ’Dangerous’ murdered two people in shootout at Tacoma bar called The Alleycat after argument erupted over drinker’s HAIRLINE, cops say, by Ishita Srivastava, dailymail.com, November 8, 2023].

Reha was white. Swan appears to have been bi-racial.

  • Tiffany Dawn ”Tiff” Miller, 34, was fatally shot in Sunset, LA.

The shooter, Joshua Alfred, then killed himself. Reports say Alfred was Miller’s former boyfriend.

Iberville Parish detectives said a note was left by Alfred concerning his former girlfriend which confirmed this was a case of murder/suicide.
Victims identified in weekend fatal St. Landry Parish shootings, by Shea Duplechain, klfy.com, November 8, 2023

Since Alfred died rather than being arrested, there’s no mugshot, but his obituary at a local black funeral home shows he’s black.

  • Jillian Ludwig, 18, was fatally shot while walking in a Nashville, TN park. She was struck in the head and died the following day.

Arrested was Shaquille Taylor, 29.

Taylor was reportedly shooting from a housing project across from the park, targeting a car.

Taylor was said to have the mental capacity of a five-year-old. Former coworkers challenged that assessment, claiming ”Shaquille Taylor Had ‘Short Temper, Bad Attitude’ but Did Not Function ‘Like a Five-Year-Old’” [by Tom Pappert, Tennessee Star, November 14, 2023].

The suspect’s alleged diminished mental capacity allowed him to commit violent crimes and avoid both incarceration and hospitalization.

Wpin.org explains:

In April, Shaquille Taylor was found incompetent to stand trial, but was shortly after released. Doctors at that time determined that he did not meet the state’s criteria for involuntary commitment to a mental health facility.

Wsmv.com reports that Taylor’s extensive criminal history dates back to 2010.

”Taylor’s background also includes charges for vehicle theft, robbery, handgun possession and multiple aggravated assault charges,” the report said. ”One affidavit WSMV4 Investigates obtained said he shoved a man to the ground on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge downtown back in 2015 before stealing money from him.”

”Taylor’s most recent aggravated assault charge was in May of this year, but the District Attorney’s Office did not prosecute. The DA’s Office told WSMV4 that he was found incompetent to stand trial.”

Newschannel5.com spelled out the specifics:

Taylor’s criminal history

  • 2011: Police seized a .40 caliber handgun from Taylor during an incident when he was a juvenile.
  • 2015: Taylor was charged with robbery and given probation
  • 2016: Taylor violated that probation when he was charged with aggravated burglary and was sentenced to a year in jail.
  • 2021: Taylor was arrested after he and another man fired a gun into a car on Dickerson Pike in East Nashville. He was charged with aggravated assault.
  • May 2023: He was released from custody after three court-appointed psychologists deemed him incompetent to stand trial, but also found he didn’t pose an imminent threat to himself or others.
  • 2023: Taylor was charged with auto theft and released on bail, but an arrest warrant was issued for him last Friday when he failed to show up in court.

Jillian Ludwig had recently moved to Nashville from Wall, NJ. She was enrolled in Nashville’s Belmont University, a private Christian institution. She was known for her passion for music and physical health [Tennessee man arrested after college coed shot and killed by stray bullet, by Law Officer, lawofficer.com, November 9, 2023].

  • 42-year-old Peter Polasek was fatally shot in Pittsburg, CA.

James Maurice Ector, 41, was named as a suspect.

The victim was found dead in a home and the suspect, who is on the run, was described as armed and dangerous. No other backstory was provided by the Regime Media, although victim and suspect reportedly “knew each other” [Update: Suspect named in deadly shooting at Pittsburg home, by Tim Fang, cbsnews.com, November 9, 2023].

  • Days after her school issued a no-contact order between Serenity Hawley and her ex-boyfriend, the 17-year-old girl was found fatally shot in a car in Blacksburg, VA.

Also found dead in the car was her former beau, Croney Monk—an apparent murder-suicide.

Hawley died two days before her 18th birthday [’Gorgeous, Smart, and Well Loved’ Va. Girl, 17, Is Killed by Ex in Murder-Suicide Weeks After No-Contact Order, by Liam Quinn, people.com, November 10, 2023].

  • 43-year-old Joe Henderson was fatally shot in Mobile, AL.

Arrested was Jamal Arthur Hicks, 22.

Reports say Henderson was pistol-whipped before being shot twice. The incident occurred at a gas station and was described as road rage [Arrest made in Dauphin Island Parkway homicide, by Keith Lane, WMPI, November 24, 2023].

  • Johnathan Ray Parker, 31, was shot and killed at a home in Meridian MS.

“Based upon the investigation, a suspect was developed, a black male, Terrell Adam Melillo, 25 years of age,” [Sheriff Billy] Sollie said. “Deputies began a search of Lauderdale County for the individual.”

A ”27-year-old white female, whose identity has not been released, was taken to a local hospital for treatment,” the report added [Deputy injured in shoot out with homicide suspect, by Thomas Howard, meridianstar.com, November 24, 2023].

A gunfight ensued after a sheriff’s deputy spotted a vehicle belonging to Melillo and tried to make a traffic stop. After a brief chase, the suspect reportedly crashed then opened fire on the officer who was struck in the lower abdomen.

  • 10-year-old Kendrick McDonald was fatally shot in Omaha, NE.

Arrested on charges of criminal homicide was his ”father,” 47-year-old Will McDonald.

Due to a prior felony conviction, reports say the elder McDonald should not have been in possession of a firearm.

News reports noted that the shooting coincided with a car alarm suggesting the shooter may have confused the little boy with a car thief.

The victim appears white. The shooter appears black. News reports did not say if the victim was the shooter’s natural son, was adopted, or otherwise sired by another male [10-Year-Old Nebraska Boy Shot and Killed on Thanksgiving, Father Arrested, by Bailey Richards, people.com, November 24, 2023].

  • 30-year-old Ashley Sinor was fatally shot in Apple Valley, CA.

Arrested was her boyfriend, Michael Deandre Harris.

Police found Sinor inside a parked vehicle, ”dead from multiple gunshot wounds,” reports say. No motive or backstory was provided [Deputies Arrest Suspect Responsible for the Early Morning Murder of a Hesperia Woman, nixle.us, November 21, 2023].

  • Kevin Rigdon, 38, was fatally shot in Rochester, NY.

Arrested was Jamel Robinson, 44.

Reports say Robinson shot the victim multiple times after following him out a bus station door. He then shot another man, who is hospitalized. He reportedly knew the victims.

Robinson is prohibited from possessing a gun in New York state due to seven misdemeanor convictions and two felony convictions, including attempted criminal sex act. Police said Robinson is a registered sex offender and was on lifetime parole but was discharged in August 2022.
Registered sex offender arrested for shooting that killed man, injured another near RTS Transit Center, by WHAM, 13wham.com, November 22, 2023
  • 26-year-old Mikaleb Fitzgerald-White was fatally shot in Tulsa, OK.

Arrested was Deandre Marsalis.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of 33-year-old Kelvin Boelen.

Reports say the victim and a female companion were approached by two males in a strip mall. The males attempted to rob the victim at gunpoint. He was fatally shot during the encounter [Suspects charged in fatal shooting near 31st and Memorial, by KJRH Digital, kjrh.com, November 22, 2023].

  • Social Justice Warrior Michael Latt, 33, was fatally shot during a home invasion in Los Angeles, CA.

”Jameelah Elena Michl, 36, was arrested at the residence and booked on suspicion of murder, according to the department. She is being held on a $3 million bond” [Social Justice Advocate Shot to Death During Home Invasion in L.A.: ’We Celebrate His Legacy,’by Liam Quinn, people.com, November 30, 2023].

Public records describe the alleged perpetrator as a black female. News reports described her as homeless and living in her car. She apparently had an obsession with black (Jamaican-American) female director A. V. Rockwell, and targeted Latt because he was a friend of hers [‘My Glock is loaded’: Woman allegedly killed Hollywood consultant because he was friends with movie director she was stalking, by David Harris, Law and Crime, December 3, 2023].

Latt worked for Netflix and was the son of producers David Latt and Michelle Satter. His brother is an agent for Creative Arts Agency.

“The moment I realized that I could use my skill set for social good, I decided to dedicate the rest of my career to helping others, empowering storytellers of color, and fighting injustice wherever it stands,” he told Forbes.

  • 36-year-old Josue Riscart Chirino was fatally shot in a Nashville, TN recording studio.

Arrested was Kenneth DeWayne Beach, 39.

”Chirino and Beach were reportedly long-time acquaintances,” nashville.gov reported. ”During an interview, Beach admitted to his involvement in the murder.”

No additional information was provided by the media [Man surrenders after deadly North Nashville shooting, by Brittney Baird and Colleen Guerry, wkrn.com, November 16, 2023].

  • 40-year-old Anthony Evans was fatally shot at a Siketon, MO home.

Dazarrion Easton, 19, was arrested and entered a “not guilty” plea.

”According to court documents, Evans was shot in the back of the head while sitting in a recliner in the living room,” kfvs12.com reported.

”Witnesses told investigators that Easton came to the house to buy $800 worth of marijuana from Evans and that Easton shot Evans once in the back of the head after he took a bag of pot from Evans’ lap.”

Easton then fled the scene [Court documents: Man shot, killed in Sikeston in connection with marijuana sale, by Marsha Heller, kfvs12.com, November 13, 2023].

  • Annie Weinstein Richardson was one of four white women stabbed at Louisiana Tech in Ruston. Richardson died after the attack.

Jacoby Johnson, 23, was apprehended and initially charged with four counts of attempted second-degree murder. A charge of second-degree murder has been added.

Witnesses said Richardson’s throat was slashed as she left an exercise class. The other three victims survived.

As none of the others involved were Jewish and there apparently was no indication of motivation at the scene, it is not being regarded as an anti-Jewish hate crime … Louisiana Tech Police Chief said the attacks seemed to be random ”victims of opportunity” rather than racially motivated.
Artist Annie Richardson dies after stabbing attack at Louisiana Tech, sjlmag.com, November 15, 2023

So that’s OK then.

  • 17-year-old Hailey Stephens was fatally shot at a house party in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Jesiah Street, 18, was one of three teens arrested. The other two were minors, ages 16 and 17.

Another girl, 17, was shot but survived.

Reports say Hailey Stephens was struck by a stray bullet that was fired when other partygoers argued [Arrests made after shooting kills teen at apparent Casa Grande house party: PD, by Linda Williams, Lauren Clark, Jessica Johnson, Kenneth Wong and Brent Corrado, Fox 10 Phoenix, November 26, 2023].

  • 32-year-old research doctor Alexander Bulakhov was fatally shot in front of his wife and toddler in Memphis, TN.

Arrested were Marious Ward, the alleged shooter, and Brandy Rucker, accused of being the getaway driver.

Marious Ward

Brandy Rucker

Bulakhov and his wife were walking with their toddler when approached by a male with a handgun. The male demanded property and the doctor handed over his wallet. However, when the robber pointed his gun at the doctor’s wife demanding more property, Bulakhov attempted to defend her and was shot.

Ward confessed to being the gunman responsible for the murder, reports say.

Bulakhov worked for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital [St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital researcher gunned down while trying to ‘defend his wife’ and toddler during armed robbery: Police, by Jerry Lambe, November 15, 2023].

Writing for VDARE.com, columnist Paul Kersey commented ”My friend’s daughter is alive because of heroic doctors at St. Jude. Alexander Bulakhov, a white research doctor at St. Jude, is dead because he dared defend his family from two black criminals.”

  • Wesley James Francis, 34, was fatally shot at a Circle K gas station in downtown Charleston, SC.

Tyler Deshayne Heyward, 26, was arrested.

The motive and backstory were not reported [Suspect arrested in connection with fatal shooting at downtown gas station: CPD, by Matthew Sockol, abcnews4.com, November 12, 2023].

  • Trenadi Michelle Lane Bateman, 19, was fatally shot in East St. Louis, IL.


19-year-old mother shot and killed in East St. Louis, by Deion Broxton, KMOV, November 16, 2023

Wikipedia reports in East St. Louis/Demographics, based on the 2020 Census, that the city’s population is 94.95% black and 1.20% white. Apparently, Bateman was one of 222 white people who lived in the city of 17,536 Africans in America.

While the identity of the offender has not been identified, the disproportionate black population strongly suggests he or she was of African descent.

Bateman leaves behind a daughter, Avionna Michelle Bateman.

White children raised in rural areas are often unacquainted with the harsh realities of life in America’s urban jungles. They rely of grossly distorted media depictions of urban savages as well as an education system tainted with the poison of cultural Marxism bias.

  • 19-year-old Karla Brown and her unborn baby were fatally shot at Independence Center shopping mall in Independence, MO.

MarkAnthony Greer, 21, was charged with three counts of unlawful use of a weapon and three counts of armed criminal action.

Reports say two groups of people passed each other at the mall’s entrance. An argument ensued and shots were fired. Brown was reportedly struck by a stray bullet as she sat on a bench about 30 feet away [Pregnant woman shot at Independence Center taken off life support, dies, by Makenzie Koch, Malik Jackson, fox4kc.com, November 16, 2023].

  • John Ervin “Johnny” Anderson, 65, was fatally shot in Paulding, MS.

45-year-old Deondrick Duane Hardy was arrested.

News reports claimed the shooting was over a ”land dispute” [$1M bond set for suspect in Jasper Co. Monday night shooting, by WDAM Staff and Allen Brewer, wdam.com, November 7, 2023].

  • Shawn Hubbard, 39, was fatally shot in New Orleans, LA French Quarter following the Krewe of Boo! parade.

Donald Delaune, 20, was arrested on a count of second-degree murder and more than 20 other counts in multiple unrelated business burglaries, according to online jail records.

Reports say Hubbard was shot at around 9:05 p.m. the night of the parade, where crowds would have been present.

We wonder why the ”crowds” failed to intervene. Could they have been complicit?

We also wonder why Delaune had not been earlier jailed for the business burglaries. Had he been incarcerated, Hubbard would still be alive. Is the justice system complicit? Should this be considered ”systemic”? [New Orleans police arrest one in killing of man after Krewe of Boo! parade, by Kasey Bubnash, nola.com, November 29, 2023]

  • James Aaron Rieder Jr., 17, was fatally shot in Raymond, MS.

Arrested was 17-year-old Darius Jenkins, who will be tried as an adult. Police say more arrests may be forthcoming.

Rieder was found in his pickup truck. He had been shot multiple times [Brandon teen found dead with multiple gunshot wounds in Raymond, by Kaitlin Howell, wjtv.com, October 30, 2023].

  • Brianna Long, 21, was fatally shot while working at a bar in Valdosta, Georgia’s urban jungle.

No suspect has been named.

[T]he city is in the top 25 percent for crime in the US according to crimegrade.org, with the bar’s Remerton district among the most dangerous.
Brianna Long is killed by a stray bullet at Valdosta bar as friends remember Georgia high school soccer star as ’charismatic, funny, everything,’ by Dominic Yeatman, dailymail.co.uk, November 2, 2023

Reports claim Long was killed by a stray bullet; meaning she was not the intended victim.

The victim could be described as an ”all-American girl,” She was a former high school soccer star who was selected over 5,000 other entrants as a regional winner in the Positive Athlete Georgia competition. She had been a high school cheer leader and once worked as a lifeguard. She was a dental student at the time of her death, planning to be a children’s dentist

  •  39-year-old Nancy Herrick was fatally shot in Lafayette, LA.

The suspect, Clifton Washington, 34, reportedly killed himself during a standoff with a police SWAT team aided by federal marshals.

Herrick was killed at a motel. Reports say the shooting was “domestic” and that the victim had been staying at the motel for an extended time [Lafayette motel murder suspect kills self during standoff with federal marshals, SWAT team, no attribution, kadn.com, November 28, 2023].

  • Amanda C. Carter, 34, was fatally shot in Decatur, IL.

Arrested were Ezekiel D. Gray and Quentrell D. Banks.

Ezekiel D. Gray

Quentrell D. Banks

Carter was shot in the head at a home and appears to have known both Gray and Banks. Two small children were present when she was killed [Decatur police investigating fatal shooting of 34-year-old woman, no attribution, wandtv.com, November 30, 2023].

White-On-Black Killings

FBI statistics show that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though blacks only comprise about 13 percent of the country’s population [FBI: Crime in the U.S. 2019 • Tables • Table 43]. In 2021, for example, 51.3 percent of “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter” incidents were attributed to black offenders.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor, citing data based on 2021 FBI statistics assembled by anonymous researcher Datahazard, reports a black-male offender homicide rate of 64.4 per 100,000. The equivalent figure for white-male offenders is 3.5 per 100,000 [A Harsh New Light on Race and Murder, Amren.com, March 24, 2023].

That is, the black-male offender homicide rate is 18.4 times higher than the white-male offender homicide rate.

In November 2023, when some 41 black-on-white homicides were identified, we found just 6 (six) white-on-black homicides.

  • 42-year-old Anthony E. Clarke was fatally shot in Colonial Beach, VA.

Arrested was Daniel Raymond Sherwood, 65.

Police believe the two men were engaged in a drug-related argument that escalated in the shooting death of Clarke [King George man killed following verbal dispute at suspect’s home, police say, by Keith Epps, fredericksburg.com, October 23, 2023].

  • Terrance Heath Faulks, 56, was fatally shot in Decatur, AL.

Arrested was Chelsie Nicole Lampkin, 22. No details are reported.

[Decatur woman arrested, charged with manslaughter after Monday shooting, by Josiah Elmore, Logan Sparkman, whnt.com, October 30, 2023].

  • 6-year-old Maurice Baker Jr. and 9-year-old Jayden Howard were found near death at their Shepherdsville, KY home. Both died at a hospital.

Their mother, Tiffanie Lucas, was arrested.

 According to thedailybeast.com:

Col. Alex Payne, a chief deputy with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, speculated that 32-year-old Tiffanie Lucas may have turned violent due to “pure evil,” a mental health crisis, substance abuse, or a combination of the three.

She previously spent a month behind bars for a drug possession conviction, authorities said, but she didn’t have any criminal history to suggest she could be violent.

An arrest affidavit said cops arrived at Lucas’ home in Shepherdsville—a Louisville exurb—after a neighbor who “felt something was off” had entered the home and made a grisly discovery. The two boys were clearly shot and “covered in blood,” and a gun was lying on a bed nearby, the affidavit said.

Bullitt County mom accused of killing 2 young sons was once a Louisville business owner, by Valerie Chinn, wdrb.com, November 15, 2023

  • Neko Rayton, 26, was killed in Utica, NY.

Arrested was Colton Shaffer, 25.

Reports say Shaffer was arrested after neighbors complained of blood dripping from their ceiling.

Rayton’s remains were found in a bathtub. He had been shot and stabbed multiple times. Police were unsure of a motive [911 call about blood leaking from ceiling leads to discovery of murder victim in bathtub who was stabbed, shot, by David Harris, lawandcrime.com, November 13, 2023].

  • Jaquey James, 24, was fatally shot while waiting at a Glendale, AZ bus stop.

Arrested was Dominic Celaya, 26.

Reports say Celaya began randomly shooting in a fit of rage after arguing with his girlfriend in their car. Richard Hodakievic, 69, was also fatally shot [Man fatally shot 2 people at random at Arizona bus stop, police say, by AP News, kyma.com, November 22, 2023].

  • 31-year-old Jamere D. Bew was found fatally shot in a McLean, IL ditch.

Justin G. Kletz, 26, and Derek P. Siebring, 18, each were charged with six counts of first-degree murder (Class M felony), one count of aggravated kidnapping (Class X felony) and aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery involving strangulation (all Class 3 felonies).

Murder charges for 2 Bloomington men detailed in McLean County court, by Mateusz Janik, pantagraph.com, November 28, 2023


This appears to have been a complex domestic situation.

Justin G. Kletz

Derek P. Siebring

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children and four grandchildren. He publishes dailykenn.com. In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.  

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