Abolishing The West: Immigrants Reject Assimilation
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How much longer will the white majority nations of Europe, North America and Australia keep pretending they're "assimilating" non-white Third World peoples into the warm and toasty melting pot imagined by multicultural mythology?

Probably not very much longer at all, as a matter of fact. If Sept. 11 wasn't enough to disabuse some people of their delusions about immigration, the immigrants themselves will do so.

The New York Times reports that in Great Britain, where both Tory and Labor governments have long pushed multiculturalism, welcomed mass immigration from the remnants of the British empire and outlawed virtually any act, word or thought that even looks like "racism," the immigrants themselves are fed up with trying to become British. [Britain's Nonwhites Feel Un-British, Report Says, NYT April 4, 2002]

"The only times I call myself British are when I go to get a passport and when someone asks me where my accent comes from,"

snorts a native-born Englishwoman, Jenni I'Anson, who happens to be of Jamaican parentage.

"Otherwise I would never class myself as British. There is no sense of belonging here. I would only say that I am African-Caribbean."

Her nephew is a bit more explicit about what he is.

"British to me means white, and I don't get treated like a white person, so I don't think of myself as British."

The Times report dredges up several quotations like these from several Britons (no insult intended) who are either immigrants themselves or descended from non-white immigrants. Last summer's race riots in northern England perhaps hinted to many that the multiculturalist propaganda was all hogwash, but even without riots, terrorism and blatant anti-white and anti-Western sentiments, the evidence is pretty clear that Britain's Third World population is not behaving the way universalist ideology insists it should.

In response to the northern riots, the Home Office has been suggesting that maybe the "minorities speed the process of integration by adopting British 'norms of acceptability,'" and proposing that newcomers take an oath of allegiance, study British history and culture and embrace "our laws, our values, our institutions." The suggestions promptly received the British (excuse me, the African-Caribbean) equivalent of a Bronx cheer.

If there's any place in England where "assimilation" would seem to be able to work, it's Sheffield, the country's fourth largest city, and it's on Sheffield that the Times report focuses. The city

"would seem to be a place where that project would enjoy more success than elsewhere in Britain. Race relations have been less combative here than in cities like London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bradford and Leeds with histories of rioting. The local government has been more attentive and the police more communicative."

But assimilation, integration, call it what you please, is not what the immigrants (excuse me again, the British) want. "Of course it's the wrong thing to be asking of us," declares one Pakistani immigrant who arrived as a child and is now 46.

"What a lot of so-called English want us to want is leafy Oxfordshire. But what we want is a job, a decent place to live, safety, a chance to educate our children. We want to preserve our separate identities. And remember, we must still also maintain the economic link with our original homes. Forty years later, I am still sending money back."

What this gentleman is saying is that neither he nor other non-Western immigrants have the least intention of even trying to adopt the manners and values of the country to which they invited themselves, and that they feel insulted if the "so-called English" suggest they should.

What they expect is that the British people and the civilization they created should provide them with whatever they please—the wealth, security, freedom, education and comfort that is the creation of the white West—but that they do nothing whatsoever to sustain the civilization.

Of course, there is a school of thought that maintains that non-Western peoples are simply not capable of sustaining—or assimilating to—the civilization of the West, that "East is East and West is West," as Kipling put it, and never the twain shall meet. The responses of non-Western immigrants into Britain say nothing to contradict that view.

How long a country like Britain, which now has a population only 7.1 percent non-white but is projected to have a non-white majority by the end of the 21st century, can expect to maintain the fruits of the civilization that even the immigrants demand as their right is not clear.

But whether the immigrants cannot, will not or simply do not assimilate to the civilization of the country in which they chose to live, the fate of extinction that faces British civilization is no different from that which faces all other Western nations that continue to harbor the mythology of mass immigration.


April 08, 2002

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