ABOUT 40 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, GIVE OR TAKE A FEW HISPANICS: Black History Month aka February 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America
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Last month: ABOUT 35 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES (GIVE OR TAKE A FEW ASIANS): January 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America

February aka Black History Month saw, as usual, black-on-white wife murders and girlfriend murders, home invasions, and workplace murders caused by “disgruntlement.” Some of these things could perhaps have been avoided by the victims running away, others were almost impossible to avoid. However, to the extent that they were avoidable, they reaffirm the wisdom of John Derbyshire’s ”The Talk, Non-Black Version.”

The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether. Email me here or VDARE.com here if you have tips.

  • 23-year-old Alexandria Borys was fatally shot in a grocery parking lot in Irmo, SC.

Arrested was Christina Harrison, 23.

Reports say Borys was gunned down in front of her small children—a 2-year-old and an infant, apparently after an argument with Harrison. As we’ve noted before, what are called the Derbyshire Rules, as expanded by the late Lawrence Auster, discourage this sort of argument—“mildly remonstrating” with blacks frequently produces a lethal response.

She was shot in the back.

Her family will remember Valentine’s Day and Black History Month as the time their wife and mother was brutally killed.

The incident occurred at Kroger. The company has been called out by members of the U.S. Senate for its extremist woke policies. See video below.

[Young mom killed in front of kids after parking lot dispute on Valentine’s Day, by Patrick Reilly, NY Post,  February 18, 2023]

[South Carolina wife, mother shot to death in front of young children in Kroger parking lot, by Elizabeth Pritchett, Fox News, February 19, 2023]

An unidentified homeless man who appears to be white was shot execution-style in broad daylight in St. Louis, MO.

Deshawn Thomas, 23, was arrested in connection with the murder but has yet to be charged, police said.

The incident was captured on video.

Such may have been what Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams was referring to when he advised white people to ”Stay the hell away from black people.”

I wonder if the video will be incorporated into Critical Race Theory curriculum. Will it become an example of white privilege? How will black-crime apologists spin this execution to blame white people? I wonder: How the woke media would respond if a white man were video recorded executing a black man in broad daylight?

[St. Louis Horror! Homeless Man Executed on City Street in Broad Daylight (Video), by Kristinn Taylor, thegatewaypundit.com, February 28, 2023]

  • 27-year-old Dakota J. Bachand was fatally shot in Portland, OR.

Arrested was Trevian Luster, 19.

Public records profiled Luster as black.

[Police identify man shot, killed in SE Portland on Tuesday, by KATU Staff, katu.com, February 24, 2023]

  • 54-year-old Daniel White was fatally shot at his pawn shop in Lewisville, TX.

Arrested was JaTevon Marquise Johnson, 18.

Reports say Johnson is believed to be one of three suspects who attempted to rob the Lewisville Pawn Shop on Valentine’s Day.


[Arrest made in Lewisville pawn shop owner’s murder, by FOX 4 Staff, fox4news.com, February 26, 2023]

  • 60-year-old Joyce Moore was fatally shot as she answered a knock on the door at her Fort Wayne, IN apartment.

Arrested was Eric Underwood-McCarrol, 25.

[Court documents identify Bunt Drive shooting victim; Friend remembers woman who ‘never bothered anyone,’ by Jeff Wiehe, Clayton McMahan, wane.com, February 23, 2023]

  • 14-year-old Elijah Delbert Allen Sergent was killed in a drive-by shooting in Belton, SC.

No suspect has been named.

Belton’s population is 15.53 percent black and 80.48 percent white.


[14-year-old killed in drive-by shooting in Anderson Co., by Nikolette Miller, wjbf.com, February 23, 2023]

Arrested was 31-year-old Jamal Adams.

Overby was killed while sitting in his pickup truck.

”The affidavit says video reveals the shooter to be 31-year-old Jamal Adams, who is seen leaning into the vehicle and firing nine shots,” according to newschannel9.com.

The affidavit says Overby expressed concerns that Adams would retaliate over a pending case in which Adams was charged with aggravated assault for stabbing him.

[Affidavit: Man charged in Chattanooga homicide shooting had violent history with victim, by WTVC, newschannel9.com, February 6, 2023]

  • Heather Davenport Small, 44, died after being shot four times in an apparent murder-suicide In Greenville, NC.

Also killed was her husband, above left, 62-year-old William Oscar Small, a former Greenville, NC police officer.

Small was described as ”A former police officer with a history of domestic violence arrests,” by people.com.

[Ex-Cop with History of Domestic Violence Arrests Found Dead Alongside Ex-Officer Wife in Murder-Suicide, by Nicole Acosta, people.com, February 22, 2023]

  • Oswego, IL police were told that 25-year-old Annissa Ellen-Williams died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while driving.

Alexia D. Telles, 26, was arrested after police said she allegedly battered two police officers while at the police station.

The Bible verse tattooed on Telles’ head, Ps. 27:2, is “When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.”

It appears that Telles may have been a passenger in the vehicle with the victim and managed to take control, driving to the point where police were called.  Police are apparently still investigating the “self-inflicted” claim.

[Oswego police told woman shot herself while driving vehicle; death investigation underway, by Shaw Local News Network, shawlocal.com, February 20, 2023]

  • 24-year-old Dylan Lyons was fatally shot in Pine Hills, FL.

Also fatally shot was a 9-year-old black girl, T’yonna Major.

Arrested was Keith Melvin Moses, 19.

Reports say Lyons was working as a TV news reporter when he and a coworker were shot. While Lyons died, his coworker survived.

Moses then apparently entered a home where he shot a woman and the girl.

Reports say Moses earlier shot Nathacha Augustin, 38.

”The suspect has a lengthy criminal history, including gun charges, aggravated battery and assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and grand theft charges, [Orange County Sheriff John] Mina said,” according to nbcnews.com.

It appears that the Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police movements, coupled with coddling black criminals, are taking their toll on black Americans, with whites being caught in the crossfire. Corporations that fund such movements should be held accountable for deadly stochastic outcomes.

  • Russell D. Heller, 51, was fatally shot in Somerset, NJ.

Gary T. Curtis, 58, was identified by police as the shooter.

Curtis was previously employed at PSE&G. Heller had been his supervisor.

It appears Heller was shot in retribution for disciplining Curtis. Blacks react very badly to workplace discipline and firing—see “You Swine Happy Now?” MSM, Complicit In Disgruntled Minority Massacres, Desperately Suppressing VA Shooter’s Race. The victim was a Republican councilman for Milford Borough in Hunterdon County.

[Prosecutor Reveals Motive in Killing of Employee Outside PSEG in Somerset, by Audrey Blumberg, tapinto.net, February 10, 2023]

36-year-old Peris Fallins was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. 

Reports say the victim was shot multiple times.

[Man accused in Charleston woman’s shooting death arrested, by Mamie Buoy, Jeff Morris, WCHS Charleston/Huntington, February 21, 2023]

  • Kirk Perine, 59, was fatally shot in Lima, OH.

Michael L. Oliphant, 21, was arrested.

[Lima man arrested in Wednesday shooting death, Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, February 8, 2023]

  • 44-year-old Antonio Castrero was fatally shot in Cleveland, OH.

Mycah Lamont Smith, 23, was arrested.

Reports say the shooting ended an argument between the two men.

Castrero appears to be Hispanic or Latino, and was from Puerto Rico.

[Man arrested in deadly shooting on Cleveland’s West Side, by Avery Williams, cleveland19.com, February 6, 2023]

  • James Miley, 47, was fatally shot in an apartment in Canton, MS.

31-year-old La’Christopher Johnson was later arrested for murder.

Reports say the victim, driving with ”several gunshot wounds to the left side of his body” crashed his vehicle through the apartment complex gate before dying.

[Man arrested after shooting victim crashes through Canton apartments’ gate, by WLBT.com Staff, wlbt.com, February 15, 2023]

  • 49-year-old Dan Foster died after being beaten by a baseball bat at a Phoenix, AZ Intel workplace.

Arrested was 50-year-old Derrick Simmons.

One other person was injured in the attack.

[Arizona man fatally beats coworker with baseball bat at Intel cafeteria: police, by Carly Ortiz-Lytle, Fox News, February 19, 2023]

  • 41-year-old Brian Dykes was fatally shot at a Dunkin’ Donuts in DeKalb County (Atlanta), GA.

Arrested and charged with murder was Lamarion Orr, 17.

Reports say Orr saw a gun in Dykes’ waistband, snatched it, and dashed out of the restaurant. When Dykes chased the teen into the parking lot, a struggle ensued in which Dykes was killed.

“You can’t even get coffee. You can’t even get a sub sandwich,” a witness said according to a report. “You can’t go to the mall.”

Some say such observations are the logic behind Jim Crow laws that prohibited people in groups who, in the aggregate, commit violent crimes at disproportionately high rates. Others blame segregation laws on white racism.

The scenario is similar to an earlier incident in Georgia in which Ahmaud Arbery attempted to snatch a gun from Travis McMichael, 36. The difference is that the black male died during the ensuing struggle. McMichael, his father, Gregory McMichael, 66, and their neighbor William Bryan, 52, were arrested, convicted, and sentenced.

Some mainstream news agencies reported that Arbery’s death was due to white racism. None have attributed Orr’s death to black racism.

[17-year-old steals gun from man at Dunkin’, shoots him to death in parking lot, police say, by Tyisha Fernandes, WSB-TV, February 18, 2023]

  • Brian Fraser and Alexandria Verner, both 20 years old, were fatally shot at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.

The suspect, 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae, was found with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, which killed him hours after the shootings.

Fraser was a sophomore studying business. Verner was a junior studying biology.

One other person was killed. Arielle Anderson was 19 and planned to be a doctor, according to Detroit Free Press.

McRae has a criminal past. The woke cult typically smears the best and brightest as privileged while criminals are venerated as saints.

Three were injured including John Hao, who is reported paralyzed from his waist down.

[Hundreds gather to celebrate lives of 2 Michigan State University shooting victims, by Melissa Frick, mlive.com, February 18, 2023]

  • Stephanie Johnson, 35, was fatally shot during a home invasion in Lancaster, SC.

21-year-old Kristopher Orlando Thomas was arrested and a 15-year-old juvenile was detained.

Police say the two ”entered the home with the intention of robbing the family inside. Police said Thomas was armed with a handgun, and the juvenile was armed with an aluminum baseball bat.”

A male in the home was beaten by the intruders, reports say.

[Arrest made after woman killed, teen hurt during home invasion, by Meilin Tompkins, wcnc.com, Jan. 17, 2023]

  • Barry Monoochee Lew, 62, was fatally shot at a motel in Augusta, GA.

Arrested were Richard Moore and Demorea Wallace, 22.

[1 suspect arrested, 1 sought in fatal shooting at Augusta hotel, by Staff, wrdw.com, February 14, 2023]

  • 25-year-old Rebecca Stockton was fatally shot in Murfreesboro, TN.

Arrested was 41-year-old Shaleem Hamilton.

Reports say the victim was killed in an apartment, possibly after an argument.

Hamilton was later arrested in Kentucky. The two were apparently involved romantically.

[Boyfriend arrested for shooting girlfriend to death in Murfreesboro, by Kat Gerasimenko, fox17.com, February 16, 2023]

  • Michael Urioste, 24, was fatally shot in Albuquerque, NM.

Arrested was 58-year-old Eric Ford.

Reports say Urioste was protecting a Circle-K female convenience store clerk from Ford who was ”causing a scene.”

Investigators believe Ford hit the clerk with a closed fist, a report said. They also believe Ford’s wife got involved by striking Urioste with a cane.

After shooting the victim in the abdomen, the couple drove away, the report said.

[APD arrests suspect for killing Good Samaritan who defended store clerk, City of Albuquerque, February 13, 2023]

  • 18-year-old Saraiah Acosta was fatally stabbed in Oak Grove, CA.

Arrested was her boyfriend, 22-year-old Devian Lewis.

Lewis was hospitalized after being shot by police when he was captured.

[Video Shows Police Shooting Suspect Who Allegedly Stabbed to Death His Teen Girlfriend, by B911, breaking911.com, February 14, 2023]

  • 49-year-old Daniel Engeldrum died after being beaten in Bridgeport, CT.

Arrested was 32-year-old Elijah Humphrey.

Reports say he believed Engeldrum was making homosexual advances when he approached him for a handout.

Why would journalists believe a violent offender? Could it be that, in reality, Humphrey was attacked because he was white?

[Police: Bridgeport man killed homeless person because he thought he was gay, by Daniel Tepfer, ctpost.com, Jan 18, 2023]

  • 27-year-old Brock Welch was fatally shot in Little Rock, AR.

Arrested was Emil McCoy, 19.

Reports say the victim had been shot multiple times.

According to his obituary, ”At a young age, Brock gave his life to Jesus and joined First Baptist Church of Sherwood. His study of the Bible influenced his life, and his lengthy prayers before family meals were legendary.”

[Welch family issues statement on arrest of McCoy, by THV11 Digital, thv11.com, February 9, 2023]

  • 73-year-old Ukrainian immigrant, Albert Titov, was fatally stabbed while fishing in Galveston, TX.

Arrested was Armando Batista, 39.

Titov and his family recently moved to the area from Ukraine, police said.

Presumably they thought it was safe.

[Sugar Land man arrested in murder of 73-year-old who was stabbed while fishing in Galveston, no attribution, abc13.com, Jan. 27, 2023]

  • Dylan Wayne George, 31, and Breanna Don Dapron, 20, were found deceased in Eugene, OR.

Arrested were Vaughn Pierre Derry Jr., 24, and Dejuan Debrail Stevens, 24.

Vaughn Pierre Derry Jr.,

No picture of Stevens is available, but Stevens was involved in a previous incident in Eugene: Eugene Police: Gun violence prevented between groups of armed and masked subjects downtown, 16 KMTR,  October 10th 2022.

The victims were found at a residence. George apparently died at the scene and Dapron later ”passed away with her family by her side, ” according to her obituary. A gofundme page for Dapron can be found here.

[Suspects in deadly Eugene shooting arrested; friend speaks out, by Robert Desaulniers and Grace Smith, kezi.com, Jan 24, 2023]

  • 16-year-old Susana Morales was found dead in Gwinnett County, GA.

Arrested was 22-year-old Doraville, GA police officer, Miles Bryant.

Reports say the victim’s naked body was found dumped in a ditch.

She was reported missing in July, 2022. Bryant’s arrest was reported in February, 2023.

Morales is apparently Hispanic or Latino.

[Doraville Police officer arrested in connection to 16-year-old’s death, by Jessica Moore and Dawn White, 11alive.com, February 13, 2023]

  • Joshua Wick, 19, was found dead in Jefferson, GA.

Twenty-four-year-old Willie Tremaine Evans is charged with murder.

Reports didn’t say how Wick was murdered, but believe he was tossed from a vehicle.

The suspect was recently acquitted of murdering 51-year-old David Lee Burnette (who was black) [Man released from Florida pen faces murder charge in Athens, by Wayne Ford, AthensOnline, May 6, 2020].

In October, 2022,18-year-old Kemare Bryan and 19-year-old Chandler Zion Richardson were arrested after the murder of Elijah DeWitt, a 17-year-old Jefferson High School football player.

Apparently, Jefferson is not a safe space for white teenagers.

[Man acquitted of murder trial in Athens now faces murder charge in Jefferson, Wayne Ford, Athens Banner-Herald, February 3, 2023]

  • Michael ”Mike” Robert Comp, 40, was fatally shot in Topeka, KS.

47-year-old Wesley Tyrone Rayton Sr. was charged with murder.

Comp was reportedly shot in the back of the head while driving a tow truck.

[Wesley Rayton Sr. charged with murder in death of Topeka tow truck driver Michael Comp, by Tim Hrenchir, Topeka Capital-Journal, February 7, 2023]

  • 43-year-old Jennifer Brown was killed near Philadelphia, PA.

Blair Watts, 33, was charged with first-degree and third-degree murder.

An autopsy determined Brown’s cause of death was homicide by unspecified means. She suffered three broken ribs, reports say.

”Prosecutors alleged Watts killed Brown on Jan. 3, the same day two cash transfers of $9,000 and $8,000 were made into accounts he controlled,” according to nypost.com

Reports say Brown had committed to invest in the reopening of a restaurant owned by Watts.

[Ex-biz partner of slain Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Brown charged with her murder, by David Propper, nypost.com, February 10, 2023]

  • 48-year-old Jen Angel was dragged to death during a robbery in Oakland, CA.

The suspect remains at large.

“Jen Angel was sitting in her car when she was robbed and then dragged while trying to retrieve her belongings,” foxnews.com reported.

“The victim exited [her] vehicle and attempted to retrieve [her] stolen belongings from the individual. While the victim struggled for [her] belongings, [she was] knocked to the ground and sustained injuries,” the Oakland Police Department told KRON4.*

Angel was described as a social justice activist in a gofundme post.

“If the Oakland Police Department does make an arrest in this case,” a note from friends and family said, “the family is committed to pursuing all available alternatives to traditional prosecution, such as restorative justice.”

“Angel’s family and friends noted her history as an activist opposed to ’putting public resources into policing, incarceration, or other state violence that perpetuates the cycles of violence that resulted in this tragedy,’” according to oaklandside.org.

Oakland’s population is about 22 percent black.

*The original quote used gender-neutral pronouns ’their’ and ’they.’

”You don’t spit into the wind,” Jim Croce.

”When will they ever learn?” Peter, Paul, and Mary.

[California bakery owner dead after armed robbery, by Louis Casiano, Fox News, February 10, 2023]

  • 52-year-old Gary Marx was fatally shot in Canton, OH.

Arrested after jumping from a second-story window apparently to evade capture was 22-year-old Jamarri Harper, who is charged with “murder, felonious assault, aggravated robbery, having weapons under disability, and receiving stolen property in connection with the shooting of Marx.

[Canton Murder Suspect Jumps from Window; Caught by Police, whbc.com, by Pam Cook, Feb 7, 2023]

  • Police Officer Peter E. Jerving was fatally shot while on duty in Milwaukee, WI.

”Terrell Thompson, 19, was identified as the suspect who was being chased by 37-year-old Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving from the scene of a reported robbery at about 1:15 a.m. on the city’s south side,” foxnews.com reported.

Thompson had been put on probation less than 24 hours earlier, reports say.

The deaths of a white policeman and a black criminal are the latest stochastic fatalities that some may attribute to the far left’s smear campaign against local law enforcement.

[Wisconsin robbery suspect killed after fatally shooting officer was on probation: report, by Stephen Sorace, foxnews.com, February 8, 2023]

  • Adam Spaid, 28, was fatally shot in Warren, OH. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

”Reports state Ronieque Requel, 26, was at the scene and arrested. Booking information at the jail indicates he is on hold for a parole violation on charges of felonious assault and aggravated burglary,” according to wkbn.com.

Apparently, Requel was burglarizing Spaid’s home at the time of the incident.

[Police investigate fatal shooting in Warren, by Noelle Haynes, Laurel Stone, wkbn.com, February 6, 2023]

  • 20-year-old Alexis Gonzales was fatally shot during a ”disturbance” in Corpus Christi, TX.

19-year-old Freddy Davis and 22-year-old Attrieon Sherrill, see below in court, were arrested at the scene, according to CCPD. 22-year-old Jacob Salomon was later arrested. All were charged with murder.

Reports say there were four other nonfatal shooting victims during the incident, typical of a black mass shooting.

[Multiple people shot, one killed on Persimmon St. in Corpus Christi, police say, by Alizia Ybarra, Haley Williams (KIII), Jeremy Landers, kiiitv.com, February 6, 2023]

  • 24-year-old Irene Torres was found fatally stabbed in the closet of her ex-boyfriend’s home in Bellevue, TN.

28-year-old Dwayne Herelle, Jr. was charged with criminal homicide.

Reports say that when the victim’s father went looking for his missing daughter, Herelle told him he had stabbed her and placed her in a container.

[Man arrested after ex-girlfriend found dead in his closet in Bellevue, by Anthony Glove, fox17.com, Jan. 29, 2023]

  • 18-year-old Cruz Garcia died at a hospital after being shot at an off-campus party near Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX.

Garcia appears to be Latino or Hispanic.

Another victim, James Jones, 18, died the night of the party. Jones was black.

Arrested were Joe Allen Lewis, 22, and Lynn Johnson, 19.

[2 arrested after deadly shooting at off-campus-party near Sam Houston State University, police say, no attribution, abc13.com, February 4, 2023]

  • Connor Mullins, who just turned 12, was fatally shot in Phenix City, AL.

Charged with capital murder was Tywoana Jakes, 50.

The suspect reportedly claimed Mullins was doing mischief in her yard when she shot him.

[Phenix City woman shot, killed 12-year-old boy who was ‘rummaging’ in her yard, DA says, by Carol Robinson, al.com, February 3, 2023]

  • 64-year-old Robert Cunningham was fatally shot in Washington, D.C., as he attempted to thwart a mass shooting.

Arrested and charged with First Degree Murder while Armed was 31-year-old Isaiah Trotman, who was profiled by public records as a black male.

Cunningham, a Metro transit employee, attempted to intervene and was shot and killed by the gunman. Metro CEO Randy Clarke denounced “gun violence.”

[Potomac Avenue Metro Shooting: 64-year-old ’heroic’ WMATA employee killed trying to stop shooter, by FOX 5 DC Digital Team, fox5dc.com, February 1, 2023]

  • 58-year-old Dr. Michael John Mammone was hit by a car and fatally stabbed in Dana Point, CA.

Charged with murder was Vanroy Evan Smith, 39.


A nearby door ring surveillance video captured the moment the crash occurred but Gateway Pundit  declined to post the video due to its gruesome nature.

Reports say the alleged attacker sped up his Lexus and rammed Mammone as he was riding a bicycle. He then exited his vehicle and began stabbing the victim, reports say.

Witnesses claim Smith uttered ”white privilege” during the knife attack.

Michael John Mammone was a respected local physician.

[Man Accused of Plowing His Lexus Into SoCal Biking Doctor, Then Stabbing Him to Death Charged with Murder, Held on $1 Million Bail, by Cristina Laila, thegatewaypundit.com, February 3, 2023]

  • Kayla Garcia, 33, was found fatally shot in Warrensville Heights, OH.

While no suspect was named, the community is 92.8% black followed by white (4.1%) and two or more (1.6%) [source]. It is located near Cleveland.

Garcia was apparently found in a condo hallway and taken to a hospital by her boyfriend.

[33-year-old woman dies after shooting in Warrensville Heights, by Julia Bingel, cleveland19.com, Jan. 31, 2023]

  • BONUS FROM UK! Stephen Dempsey, 60, was fatally stabbed in London—by an Eritrean immigrant.

Arrested, tried, and convicted was Eritrean-born Tedi Fanta Hagos, 27.

Reports say the suspect arrived in Britain in 2014. He has a history of criminal activity and mental illness. He was on bail at the time of the killing, having been convicted after attacking a police officer and emergency worker.

A trial culminated with Judge Michael Topolski KC handing Fanta a hospital order without limit of time.

The attack occurred in July, 2021. Fanta was convicted and sentenced February 1, 2023.

[Man who stabbed stranger to death at Oxford Circus detained indefinitely, by Emily Pennink, standard.co.uk, February 2, 2023]

FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they comprise only 13 percent of the country’s population.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

We found no white-on-black homicides reported in February 2022.

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes dailykenn.com and abatehate.com. In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

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