And Let Us Now Praise Famous Sailers (As Well As Trumps)
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On Election Day, we carried my Let Us Now Praise Famous Trumps:
Donald J. Trump is infinitely better than all previous GOP nominees on’s key issue of immigration, in the sense that one is infinitely more than zero (I think that’s right—have to check the details with John Derbyshire). Nevertheless, Trump has frequently driven us crazy by forgetting to use the issue, not exploiting it enough, not remembering the details , not exploring build-outs like the deeply unpopular birthright citizenship, the need for Official English, etc. etc.

But all of that fades in the face of of his extraordinary unflinching will–in defiance of literally the entire world, including an illegal alien would-be assassin promptly dispatched down the Main Stream Media Memory Hole—and the breathtaking relentless fury of his closing campaign.

To adapt sprint coach Sam Mussabini’s line to come-from-behind winner Eric Liddell in the old movie Chariots Of Fire: It’s not the prettiest race we’ve ever seen, Mr. Trump—but certainly the bravest.

That will, that fury, and that bravery, has now been rewarded by the greatest upset in American political history.

An upset, however, that I must say has been long presaged here on It's 16—that's s-i-x-t-e-e-n—years (that's YEARS) since Steve Sailer wrote for us GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote, which flew directly in the face of Karl Rove dogma and argued that inreach to the GOP's white base was, as a matter of simple arithmetic, more important than outreach to Democrat-dependent minorities.

I was immediately interested because it extended the static analysis of immigration-driven impeding GOP doom that Ed Rubenstein and I had developed in our 1997 National Review story cover by adding the dynamic dimension—that the GOP could counter demographic drift by increasing its share of the white vote.

Absurdly, Steve's making this simple arithmetic point caused us to be arbitrarily banned from the cuckservative site Free Republic, which back then was a big deal.  Nevertheless, Steve continued exploring the issue , which we named the Sailer Strategy, posting  “Slippery Six” Mid-West States Doom Romney—Because Of Low White Share after the Romney Rout in 2012. He there outlined exactly the strategy that has brought Trump to victory.

This is why we're rich and famous.

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