Biden Can Run From The Border Invasion… But He Can’t Hide
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The Biden Regime is finally touting border-crossing numbers. Typically, it would release them in a Friday night dump, often late in the month, to avoid public scrutiny. Now it celebrates February’s lower numbers to argue that its new policies are working [Sharp drop in illegal border crossings continued in February, U.S. says, by Rebecca Santana, Associated Press, March 15, 2023]. But the numbers are cooked by offering more legal pathways for would-be illegals. Simultaneously, and tellingly, the Regime is taking steps to make sure more illegals actually stay here. This little game might provide a fig leaf for the leftist Regime Media, but it shouldn’t fool Americans. The fakery demonstrates why it is imperative to impeach Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In January and February, border agents encountered roughly 155,000 illegals each month. These numbers are much higher than when Trump was president, but they do represent a decline from Biden’s average. Prior to January, America witnessed 10 straight months of 200,000-plus encounters. December set a record with more than 250,000.

And those are just the ones that were caught. Hundreds of thousands of more slipped past agents to disappear.

But compared to 250,000, a 38 percent decrease to 155,000 looks like a significant improvement, which is why the Regime was so eager to share the numbers.

Biden officials attribute the decline to the president’s policies, particularly his parole program. In January, the president began offering “parole”—supposedly a temporary legal status—to 30,000 “migrants” per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Considering how many “migrants” on temporary status never seem to leave, “parole” will likely turn into permanent legal residence.

The program does have a stick to go along with its carrot. Illegals from those four countries caught at the border are immediately deported, asylum claims regardless.

While the Regime points to “parole” as a success, it’s really just legalizing the invasion of 360,000 would-be illegals annually. That’s even worse than catching them at the border.

Continuing with that sleight of hand, Biden has proposed what he would have us believe are more serious security measures. Alleged “asylum seekers”—leftist code for illegal aliens—will be deported if they are caught entering the country outside ports of entry. The Regime has also floated the return of family detention, although this is unlikely given the Treason Lobby’s howls of indignation. But even if Biden actually wanted those policies to slow the invasion, they simply aren’t enough.

As Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies has observed, the Regime is reducing numbers precisely by funneling more would-be illegals to ports of entry. If a “migrant” is rejected at a port of entry, he is deemed an “inadmissible alien” and not counted as an illegal entry. Border agents encountered more than 26,000 inadmissible aliens in February, the fifth-highest total on record, which was exceeded by the previous four months. In fact, February set an all-time record for inadmissible aliens at all ports of entry: 82,000. More would-be “migrants” are headed to ports of entry due to Biden’s enticements of legal entry. Those who would otherwise cross illegally can now try their luck “legally.” Obviously, that isn’t dissuading them from coming to the U.S. Biden is just offering them more hope of making it here [February Border Numbers Give Away Administration’s Game, by Andrew R. Arthur, Center for Immigration Studies, March 20, 2023].

The Regime is, in fact, openly telling “migrants” how easy it is to schedule appointments at ports of entry through the CBP One Mobile app. This new app offers “migrants” even greater ease in getting into America:

“The new border enforcement measures kept February’s overall encounter numbers nearly even with January,” said CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller. “We are also encouraged by the new functionality in the CBP One mobile application, [Apple/Android] which has provided migrants the ability to safely and easily schedule an appointment at a Port of Entry to request a humanitarian exception to the Title 42 public health order. The app cuts out the smugglers and decreases migrant exploitation. CBP continues to make improvements to the app to address feedback we have received from stakeholders.”

[CBP Releases February 2023 Monthly Operational Update, March 15, 2023]

That’s basically an ad for illegals to “legally” enter the country. In other words, Biden’s smoke and mirrors can’t hide the truth: The Great Replacement invasion continues.

More proof of that is found in numbers on interior enforcement: The Regime is planning a massive drop in ICE deportations for this year and 2024. In fiscal 2020, ICE deported 103,762 criminals. Those deportations plummeted to 39,149 in 2021 and 38,447 in 2022, or about 63 percent [ICE Annual Report,, December 30, 2022]. ICE’s new target for criminal alien deportations in 2023 and 2024 is 29,393. (Of course, this is the direct opposite of Donald J. Trump’s recent proposal of “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”)

Even Barack Obama deported more illegals than Biden, some 200,000 in 2012 [Biden’s planned ICE deportations of criminal immigrants down 85% compared to Obama, by Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, March 15, 2023].

Additionally, the Regime is reducing the number of illegals detained. The current average daily population is 34,000. Biden’s ICE pledged to reduce that number to 25,000 for fiscal 2024. In other words, more illegals will be permitted to roam free and colonize the heartland [Biden admin scaling back detention of illegal immigrants, even amid migrant surge, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, March 22, 2023].

And Biden still hasn’t rescinded his pledge to deport only illegals convicted of very serious crimes, despite the tough posturing. Illegals know they can stay as long as they want as long as they don’t murder someone or rape a college co-ed.

On top of all this, bowing to Treason Lobby pressure, Biden plans to end Title 42 public-health expulsions in May. Border crossings will soar. The expectation that Biden would end it in December partly explains that month’s 250,000 border encounter surge [Biden push to end Title 42 border policy won’t end the legal fights, by Suzanne Monyak, Roll Call, March 2, 2023].

The president has apparently decided that he must appear to be doing something about the border crisis to have a chance in 2024. Polls show the public hates Biden’s Open Border policies [New Polling Underscores Biden’s Immigration Vulnerabilities, by Andrew Arthur, Center for Immigration Studies, February 27, 2023]. He must reverse the perception of inviting the entire world.

But he doesn’t actually want to impede the flow of illegals who are demographically replacing the Historic American Nation. So he has created phony enforcement mechanisms that in turn build the facade of lower numbers. Even this alienates progressive Democrats, who don’t want even a whiff of border control, but he may calculate that will bolster his centrist credentials.

But even if Biden’s ploy has fooled some people now, it won’t fool them forever. Once Title 42 is gone, the numbers will rocket back to record highs and possibly exceed what we’ve seen so far. There will be no hiding the invasion then.

Republicans have no choice but to send a loud and clear message. They must impeach Biden for refusing to faithfully execute the laws of the United States as his oath requires.

If Democrats can impeach Donald Trump over a phone call, Republicans can certainly impeach Biden over enabling an invasion and Replacing the Historic American Nation.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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