Biden Press Conference Revealed Why He Must Be Impeached For Immigration Malfeasance
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President Biden held a rare press conference last week. Of course, the fawning White House press corps tossed mostly softball questions, but Biden did finally address his treasonous immigration policy. He offered no apologies and no changes. Instead, he lied about the border crisis he created and said Amnesty was the only solution. The sheer madness of Democratic policy was on display for all the world to see.

As far as the Historic American Nation goes, one of the most frightening aspects of the presser was that Biden is clearly more worried about Ukraine’s borders than ours. The word “border” came up nine times, but only three times did the word refer to our own [Remarks by President Biden in Press Conference,, January 19, 2022]. The White House and the Leftist Regime Media care more about Russians invading Ukraine than millions of “migrants” invading the United States.

Biden defended his horrible immigration policy twice. A reporter asked about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s warning that Republicans will run in this year’s midterm elections on Biden’s failures, including border security. Biden replied that his “report card” on the border will look pretty good, and that Amnesty would have solved the problem:

I’ve laid out a proposal on immigration that if we passed it, we’d be in a totally different place right now. But we’re not there because we don’t have a single Republican vote. My buddy John McCain is gone.

He even claimed that five Republican senators agree with his agenda, but told him they fear they’ll lose their primaries if they support his policy. He refused to name them.

The second question from a Univision reporter wasn’t about immigration, but Biden wandered off point anyway to mock accusations that his policies are to blame for the “migrant” invasion:

People don’t sit around in Guatemala and say, “I got a great idea: Let’s sell everything we have, give the money to a—to a coyote, take us across a terribly dangerous trip up through Central America and up through Mexico, and drop us—sneak us across the border, drop us in the desert. Won’t that be fun?”

People leave because they have real problems. And one of the things that I’ve done, when I was a Vice President, and got support with—although I don’t have much Republican support anymore—is provide billions of dollars to be able to say to those countries, “Why are people leaving? And how are you going to reform your own system?”  And that’s what we’ve worked on a long time. It still needs a lot more work. And we’re focusing on that.

Then came the obligatory attack on President Trump for ruining relations with Latin America, presumably by demanding those countries enforce basic immigration laws against migrant caravans and take back bogus asylum seekers.

And the real solution to the mass migration, we are to believe, is dumping more money into Latin America’s kleptocracies.

Lies abounded. The biggest, again, was that his Amnesty bill would have resolved illegal immigration for good. In fact, had it passed, the problem would be far worse. Biden’s bill offered every illegal alien “a pathway to citizenship.” And unlike past Amnesties that offered increased border security as a concession to squishy Republicans, Biden’s bill didn’t even do that. It simply legalized all the illegals. At least George W. Bush and Barack Obama pretended to offer border security in return for Amnesty.

As for the Republicans whom Biden claims support Amnesty, they can’t because they won’t commit political suicide. Biden is known for concocting stories, and the point in this one was to portray his opponents as cowards. Yet it contained a grain of truth. Time was, Republicans did support Amnesty. Nearly one-third of the GOP Senate caucus voted for it in 2013. Many of those senators are still in office. But they know the party has shifted right on immigration.   Formerly pro-Amnesty Republicans remember how and why Trump won the GOP primary in 2016.

Biden’s real whopper, though: his explanation about the motives for the border invasion. Republicans, he claimed, say Central Americans are just coming here for fun, or jobs, or whatever. And he said “real problems” in their countries push them to the U.S. border.

Truth is, Biden draws them here. The illegals themselves are happy to tell reporters that. Todd Bensman, of the Center for Immigration Studies, visited the border recently and found plenty of them willing to say why they came. They believe the president opened the border and will allow them to stay. And this is a reasonable assumption given Biden’s solution to the border crisis: Amnesty, then citizenship [Many of Joe Biden’s Migrants Die on Trek to U.S. Border, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, January 19, 2022].

It’s disappointing, but unsurprising, that no reporter asked a tough question about immigration. It’s not as if they lack grist for the mill. Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan recently said that more than three million people tried to illegally enter the country last year. At least 600,000 succeeded [Former CBP Chief: Biden Invites More than 3,000,000 Border Crossers to U.S., by John Binder, Breitbart, January 20, 2022].

And if illegals cross the border without a hitch, they can rest assured they won’t be deported. The Biden Regime announced last year that it would no longer deport illegals unless they are convicted of a “serious crime.” Essentially, an illegal would have to murder someone to be deported. Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas repeated that promise in a speech before the U.S. Conference of Mayors last week:

On September 30…I issued new immigration enforcement guidelines. And in those guidelines, I articulated what I felt was a very important principle: that we will not dedicate our limited enforcement resources to apprehend individuals who have been here in this country for many years, who have been contributing members of our communities.

Unlawful presence in the United States will alone not be a basis for an immigration enforcement action but rather, we will allocate our efforts, we will allocate our resources on those individuals who present a current public safety threat, a threat to national security, or a threat to our border security, and that is a very important principle.

[Secretary Mayorkas Delivers Remarks at the U.S. Conference of Mayors,, January 20, 2022. Emphasis added.]

If America had a serious press corps, it would have asked the president if he considers it an achievement to allow millions of foreign lawbreakers to walk freely in our country. The Biden Regime is trying to hand heavy prison terms to American citizens who walked around the U.S. Capitol without permission, but it’s OK to jump the border illegally. Maybe this is immigrant privilege.

And as former POTUS 45 adviser Stephen Miller tweeted, “A Cabinet Secretary openly pledges to violate federal law. Impeach.”

A real reporter would also have asked the president what he plans to do to keep out another three million or more illegals for 2022. Unofficial data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that border agents “encountered” almost 180,000 “migrants” in December, just the third month of fiscal 2022 [Migrant encounters increased again at the southern border in December: court docs, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, January 19, 2022]. If that pace keeps up, by September 30, the end of the fiscal year, agents will have handled 2.1 million. Yet Biden does nothing. readers know why, of course. Democrats are Electing A New people to replace the Historic American Nation. But the average American still doesn’t realize that.

And, of course, a real reporter would have asked the president to state on the record why he refuses to enforce basic immigration law, which is treason, and as Miller says, impeachable. Or maybe Biden might have explained why that isn’t treason or impeachable.

The news conference showed just how delusional Biden is if he truly believes the invasion at the border is not a crisis, that his own policies aren’t the reason for it, and even worse, that Amnesty is the solution.

But Biden’s delusions aside, his refusing to enforce the law is not “incompetence,” as some say. It’s deliberate malfeasance. That means he’s unfit to lead the nation because he’s guilty of treason.

When the Republicans take back Congress, they must impeach him.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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