Corbett Interview With Peter Brimelow
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Our Editor Peter Brimelow is interviewed here on a Waterbury, Connecticut station by local attorney F. David Corbett [Email him] about VDARE.COM. Instead of putting up a transcript, we're going to make you watch it.

What makes this interview different is Dave Corbett, unlike most of the interviewers out there in the MSM, has actually read what's on the site, and is familiar with its writers, like Brenda Walker and Joe Guzzardi.

He actually quotes Brenda Walker's  Dead Culture Walking: Muslim Colonization Of Europe Should Frighten America:

"Now the triumphs of Tours and Vienna are being trampled by immigrants, entering mostly legally. It's a wonder the Muslims bother with terrorism at all when demography is working so well for them."

Brimelow and Corbett, discuss, among other things,'s trademark hyperlinking, which is my job. Louis L'Amour said of his Western novels that "When I write about a spring, that spring is there, and the water is good to drink." When we quote something here, the quote is accurate, and you can click through a link to verify it yourself.

In this respect, we do better than some much better funded organizations

If you're interested in the site, you'll find this fascinating. If you are one of George Soros' stenographers at Media Matters, the famous anti-free-speech activists, please email us a copy of your transcript. It saves time, and our contributors' money.



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