De Mint Stays Bought: Open Borders Bigot To Be Top Heritage Economist
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Heritages DeMint: I need the money

Heritage's DeMint: I need the money

It looked very bad in late 2012 when Senator Jim De Mint deserted the Congressional battlefield for the lucrative Heritage Foundation Presidency, not least because one of the safest seats where possible Conservative leaders could develop was promptly filled (with his approval) with, at best, ballast.

And it looked even worse last May when he allowed the Jason Richwine lynching as discussed by John Derbyshire “Burn The Witch!” Heritage Foundation Scuttles Away From Jason Richwine -And The Cold Hard Facts and analyzed by Peter Brimelow in “This Isn’t A Free Country”: The Heritage Foundation And The Fate Of Jason Richwine. This cowardice allowed the MSM to Memory Hole the devastating Rector/Richwine study on the huge cost of Amnesty, commissioned long before De Mint arrived and to which the Treason Lobby has no cogent answer.

The full extent of the De Mint betrayal became starkly apparent this week with the horrible news that Open Borders fanatic Stephen Moore is to be Chief Economist at Heritage. Commissar Jennifer Rubin crowed at The Washington Post

Moore is pro-growth, pro-immigration — a cheery conservative warrior. If allowed free rein — and I can’t believe he would have taken the job unless he was assured of intellectual freedom — he has the ability to restore Heritage Foundation’s luster

aka eliminate any outside-the-Beltway Patriotic influence: Heritage performs triage January21 2014

Heritage’s own blog suggests certified Immigration Crazy Rubin is correct: in WSJ’s Stephen Moore to Join Heritage as Chief Economist by Rob Bluey The Foundry January 21, 2014 we read

Last year in a Wall Street Journal column, Moore took issue with Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint’s characterization of the late Milton Friedman’s view of immigration. Moore said he discussed the issue with DeMint recently.

“Jim DeMint and I may not agree on everything about immigration, but what Jim wants me and others to do is develop a pro-growth immigration policy for the country. I don’t want Heritage to be viewed as anti-immigration. We all know immigration is vitally important to our economy. Our goal will be to develop an immigration policy that’s in the best interest of America, our economy, and allows the United States to get the best and brightest people to come here.”

Translated from the jargon:the Cheap Labor Lobby’s dream. That DeMint accepted this in total contradiction of his apparent personal views says a lot about the man.

Stephen Moore has never been anything other than an Open Borders bigot since he arrived on the policy scene working for the then public face of this racket, Julian Simon. Peter Brimelow observed him grubbing for payoffs for this stance after a 1996 Hoover Institution conference on immigration. It has brought him a lush MSM career and it is certainly not going to stop now. This is probably the end of Heritage’s occasionally useful work on immigration.

What has happened is clear. There has been a Large Donor Riot. The 2014 Amnesty/Immigration Surge battle has seen no new arguments and the only relevant new fact is that America, for whatever reason, is generating only a fraction of the jobs needed to absorb current immigration. What is new is the unprecedented volume of money being offered to Treason Lobby recruits as even some of the Establishment Immigration Restraint outfits have finally found the courage to say. hopes Mrs. DeMint is enjoying spending some of it.

I am told that quite a high proportion of Heritage’s income comes from small donors, who very likely have patriotic rather Cheap Labor Lobby motivations. They should reconsider their stance.



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