Democrat Puzzled By GOP Silence On Immigration Policy Moves
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Confusion reigns, predictions fly, commercials proliferate, but no one really is sure who will win the coveted Presidential elections despite ardent statements of certainty from many seasoned observers. Whoever wins may well rue his victory, given our pending problems.

Meantime, in that state which so often leads in issue formulation (not necessarily for the better), Jerry Brown, the resurrected Democrat Governor, has just signed a bill that allows illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses—which is a path to employment, voting, welfare and other taxpayer-supported benefits.

 There are certainly millions of reasons not to authorize such a measure—namely those 20 plus million American citizens out of work.

Many of them live in California:

California businesses added 12,000 nonfarm jobs in August, dropping the state's unemployment rate to 10.6 percent from 10.7 percent, The L.A. Times reported. Education and health services added the most jobs (8,900) while government jobs had the biggest loss (7,400).

Despite the small dent in the unemployment number, about 77,100 people stopped looking for work last month.

California now has the third-highest unemployment rate behind Nevada (12.1 percent) and Rhode Island (10.7 percent)

[California employers add 12,000 jobs; jobless rate falls to 10.6% By Ricardo Lopez, September 21, 2012]

But even though a Democrat governor signed this job-stealing measure right before a tight Presidential election, did California Republicans protest?  Celebrated activist Barbara Coe emailed me October 1,  2012:

 The silence seems deafening. WHERE, may I ask, does the CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY stand on this issue?

Perhaps I am "out of the loop", but I hear NO comment and NO candidate mentioned.

Does this mean the CA GOP endorses Anti-American, Pro-Illegal Alien JERRY BROWN as OUR Governor?

Frankly, that label to me as a Democrat is a bit over the top. But we know that in 1965, the year of that fateful open border immigration legislation was enacted by our Federal Government, California had 17 million residents. By 2011, the total was nearly 38 million.

I was Co-Chair and Moderator of the just-completed annual meeting of the Federation of American Immigration Reform’s National Advisory Board. I made my own modest plea for immigration reform:

Folks, we have had a 40 plus year problem of too much of a supposed good thing–runaway immigration–and inflation—we need you, all of you, both Democrat and Republican, Doctors of Real Immigration Reform to redouble efforts to get the promising initiatives our movement has achieved so far made permanent.

How about getting E verify made permanent and actionable at the state and local level for all employers?

How about insisting the Executive Branch follow the Rule of Law and not the fiat of Executive Orders?

How about ending the diversity lottery?

All won’t be easy to achieve, but remember we have only been at this issue in an organized manner since FAIR’s founding in 1979 and the immigration issue has now gotten to be front and center for better adjudication!  And that doesn’t mean by enacting Comprehensive Immigration Reform!”

The forces for more and more immigration are powerful, arrogant and apparently utterly insensitive to the plights of so many American citizens.  Silicon Valley wants high tech Asians, Cardinal Mahony wants more Hispanic Catholics, and the pols in LA see their future as coming from outside of the USA.  The sleeping liberals in SF apparently don’t care either.  So, voila! California is on the track to more and more.

Neither I nor my colleagues are anti-immigrant.  We all welcome a reasonable level of immigration. Members of my family have lived in South America for long periods, many speak Spanish and Portuguese, some have children born there. 

As nonpartisan political analyst Sean Trende has noted, thirty percent of so called Latinos consistently vote Republican. His work—which echoes that of — proves conclusively no monolithic Latino voting bloc   exists, despite the MSM’s mindless repetition to the contrary.

Immigration apparently will not be an issue in this campaign. So I suppose Governor Brown will get a free pass for this unnecessary and dangerous abrogation of our precious rule of law.

The American citizenry will be the major victim of his action and those of others—including President Obama.

But the silence from Republicans simply augments immigration’s terrifying acceleration.  From Federal level to local action to our highest courts, we find no one is enforcing the law. The USA is on its way to Third World status and increasing civil anarchy.

About the Author: Collins, a free lance writer living in Washington, DC. , is Co-Chair of the National Advisory Board of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  However,  his views are his own.

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