JOHN DERBYSHIRE: Germany Seething As Government Fines Truthtellers, Hides Muslim Violence
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So after my last two foreign affairs items, I can hear you muttering. ”For goodness’ sake, Derb, Iceland, Hungary, … what’s this thing you have for small, inconsequential countries? How about somewhere important?”

OK, how about Germany? Most populous country in Europe, with the continent’s biggest economy—third largest in the world by Gross Domestic Product. Important enough for you?

And psychologically important way out of proportion to its size. Germany’s the Hitler country, a great big dark blot on the Western world’s 20th-century copybook.

A hundred million dimwits and midwits who couldn’t tell you who first flew solo across the Atlantic, or which country Chiang Kai-shek ruled, or which U.S. President resigned over Watergate, will tell you correctly, with confidence, the name of Adolf Hitler’s dog. Let your foot slip a millimeter or two off the straight and narrow path of Political Correctness—perhaps by murmuring that men and women may perhaps, after all, differ biologically—you are sure to be called a Nazi.

So yes, I have news from Germany. First, here’s a YouTube music video.

For those of you not as clued in to popular culture as your genial host here, that was from L’amour Toujours, a dance hit of the early 2000s, and very multicultural: French title but English lyrics, sung by an Italian, Gigi D’Agostino.

L’amour Toujours should have faded away gracefully twenty years ago, as most pop music does. The tune, however, has recently found a second life. Listen:

Sorry about the sound quality there; the audio clip I was seeking is hard to find, for reasons that will become apparent very shortly.

That latter clip was a host of young Germans appropriating the tune of L’amour Toujours to sing ”Ausländer raus, Ausländer raus, Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus.” Translation: ”Foreigners out! Foreigners out! Germany for Germans! Foreigners out!” It’s not just a one-off: those words, to that tune, have been heard a lot in Germany these past few months.

The authorities in Germany are not happy about this. They are so unhappy they have banned the tune of L’amour Toujours from this year’s Oktoberfest [Munich’s Oktoberfest to ban hit song adopted by German far right, DPA, May 27, 2024].

From the noun ”authority” we of course derive the adjective ”authoritarian.” Do the Germans still know how to be authoritarian? They certainly do.

Meet Marie-Thérèse Kaiser.

Three years ago this lady—who, by the way … or actually not so much by the way, is a member of Germany’s National-Conservative AfD Party—posted on social media that Muslim immigrants figured disproportionally in convictions for gang rape. In support of that statement Frau Kaiser quoted official government statistics [Germany: Nearly Two Gang Rapes per Day in 2021; Half the Suspects Foreigners, by Robert Semonsen, The European Conservative, June 2, 2022].

For that Frau Kaiser was convicted and fined last year for inciting hatred. She appealed, but last month the conviction was upheld [Fined over facts?, by Freddie Attenborough,, May 9, 2024].

The case has received wide attention. No less a person than Elon Musk has passed comment on it:

The German authorities are in fact unscrupulous in protecting their Muslim immigrants and concealing their criminality. I just learned the other day from a February article on Quillette the following sneaky thing they do.

There are of course anti-Semitic hate crimes in Germany—attacks on synagogues, vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, and so on. Who commits them? The authorities very much want you to believe that it is German nationalists like the AfD. Quote from the Quillette piece:

Under a controversial and much-criticized policy implemented in 2001, the BKA [Bundeskriminalamt—the German equivalent of the FBI] by default classifies all unsolved antisemitic incidents as being perpetrated by ”extreme-right” actors. Most antisemitic incidents are never solved (only 42 percent of politically motivated crimes, including antisemitic hate crimes, were solved in 2022). This means that, for the majority of antisemitic crimes classified as right-wing, the authorities have no evidence at all to back up this conclusion.

Narratives, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Government data about German antisemitism, widely cited in the English-language press, is wrong.

By Andrew Hammel, February 13, 2024

So if some jihadi nut lobs a bomb through the window of a synagogue but that crime ends up in the 58 percent ”unsolved” category, it goes down in the statistics as having been committed by right-wing Germans.

Thank goodness our own scrupulously lawful FBI would never stoop to such deceptions!


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