Libertarians and Immigration Archive
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Last Updated January 24, 2004

James Fulford writes: Libertarians (I am one) mostly hate the idea of immigration restriction, because it has to be enforced by the government. But as presently constituted, immigration is "just another government program". When I hear New Hampshiremen complaining about socialist immigrants from Massachusetts and Nevadans complaining about the similar "Californication" of their state, I can't help wondering how libertarians expect immigrants from real police states to vote.

We'll be expanding this archive. Suggestions welcome!

Free Trade Does Not Imply Immigration— John C. Calhoun, by Marcus Epstein

"Natural Order, The State, And The Immigration Problem."  by Hans Herman Hoppe

What Would Enoch Say? by Peter Brimelow

Special Immigration Issue of The Journal Of Libertarian Studies Summer 1998

Democracy vs. Freedom (And The Nation-State)? by Jared Taylor

Libertarians and Immigration, by James Fulford

Another Nobel Economics Laureate Drops, by Peter Brimelow

(Peter got a lot of e-mail on this. Perhaps the expression "libertarian loonies" was a  bit intemperate. So was the passing mention of low-IQ libertarian loonies, in a Norm Matloff piece. However, "intemperate"is a VDARE method.)

Letter from a Libertarian - Randall Parker

VDARE - Q & A Session with Milton Friedman

VDARE - Livid Libertarians, Welfare and Immigration (contd.) by Peter Brimelow

Samuelson's Slip-Up on Inequality, By Steve Sailer

The Mises Review on Alien Nation

Immigration:  A Paleo-Libertarian View by Hans-Herman Hoppe

Wretched Reviews in Libertarian Magazines

John J. Miller in Reason

Alien Nation Review: The Freeman, September 1995

Glenn Garvin attacks Brimelow in Reason

Brimelow responds

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