Michigan Mess Shows Elites Don't Care About Nation-State
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Forget the legalistic hieroglyphics in which Monday's Supreme Court decision upholding federally sanctioned anti-white admissions policies in American universities was wrapped. Look instead at whose interests the decision serves, and you will begin to grasp far more clearly why the Court belched forth this particular ruling.

The obvious interests the decision serves are those of the racial minorities for whose benefit much of the law, policy and budgets of the federal leviathan are explicitly designed, but probably the lobbies and legal expertise of these ethnic interests would not be sufficient by themselves to sway the Court.

What is not commonly recognized is that these are not the only forces that possess a special interest in preserving the "diversity" that affirmative action is supposed to promote. General Motors and 64 other large corporations filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of it.

As The Washington Times reported in its coverage of the decision, "Corporate heavyweights Coca-Cola Co., Microsoft Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp., and DaimlerChrysler Corp. aligned themselves with the university" and against the majority white population of the United States. [Race case ruling a 'victory' for firms, By William Glanz, June 24, 2003]

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, one of the three Republican-appointed justices who supported the 5-4 majority decision in the case, explicitly pointed to the importance of Big Business in affecting how the Court ruled.

The benefits of "diversity," she claimed, "are not theoretical but real, as major American businesses have made clear that the skills needed in today's increasingly global marketplace can only be developed through exposure to widely diverse people, cultures, ideas, and viewpoints." Grutter v. Bollinger [PDF]

What skills exactly? The skills to conceive, invent, and manufacture new technologies? To manage huge numbers of people, assets and transactions? To market the products of the transnational economy?

Obviously, all these skills are necessary to Big Business, but every one of them and almost all others are products of white, Western Man. Many in the non-white, non-Western Third World are eager to learn these skills, but their presence in our universities and industries is not needed to develop or apply them.

The claim that "diversity" is necessary for large, transnational corporations to succeed in the global marketplace is as much a mask as the legalistic abstractions in which Justice O'Connor enveloped the Court's ruling. Nevertheless, it remains true that Big Business—and Big Education and the government itself—wants the institutionalized discrimination against whites known as affirmative action perpetuated.

In 1991, similar corporations, led by the Business Roundtable, lobbied Congress for passage of the expanded affirmative action provisions in the Civil Rights bill of that year that. Yet the publicly stated reasons that Big Business and its spokesmen offer are not true and make no sense. What's the real reason?

The real reason is complicated but essentially has to do with the collective decision made by Western elites in the latter part of the last century that the white, Western world must vanish.

This is not a conspiracy hatched by a few freemasons in a basement but a consensus of those who hold institutional power in the developed world—not only Big Business, but Big Government, Big Education, and Big Media as well.

The reason these elites decided that the white Western world must vanish is that they now have what is called "global reach"—they can literally straddle the earth in the technologies of transportation, communication, transfers of wealth, and military power.

Loyalty to and identity with any particular race, culture or nation constitute restraints on their power and reach, and in order to extend their power and reach across the globe, those restraints must be undermined.

Mass immigration is one way the elites seek to accomplish that end; affirmative action is another. By means of the former, an entire population and its culture are being replaced; by means of the latter, the natural elite, the best and the brightest, of the old population, is being pushed aside.

The new elites have thus long since disengaged themselves from any sense of identification with or loyalty to their own race, nation, or civilization. Of course, most do not explicitly say so. What they say (and have largely persuaded themselves to believe) is that they need "diversity to compete in the global marketplace" and are working for an "end to racism," "progress," "equality," " tolerance," and "harmony." But behind the cant, the jargon, and the legalisms with which the revolution is disguised lie the blunt realities of racial and class power.

Justice O'Connor wrote in her decision that 25 years from now, affirmative action may "no longer be needed." For once, she's right. By that time, thanks to mass immigration and the continuing deliberately designed dispossession of the white majority, whites will have been excluded from the elites that hold political, economic, and cultural power and will soon no longer be a majority at all.


[Sam Francis [email him] is a nationally syndicated columnist. A selection of his columns, America Extinguished: Mass Immigration And The Disintegration Of American Culture, is now available from Americans For Immigration Control.]

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