America, Anti-America, And The Role Of
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Despite the endless Main Stream Media mewling, the plain fact is that no-one really knows whether Governor Mitt Romney [R] or President Barack Obama [D] will win the November 2012 election.

But one thing is clear, alas: the loser will probably be the historic American nation.

At, we believe this can still be prevented. But, increasingly, we see our role as figuring out how to salvage as much as possible from the wreck of the great American Republic.

There will be a lot to salvage. And we must do it—for our children.

My third and fourth HERE.



Felicity, 2, and Karia, born June 13, 2012,

The Republican and Democratic conventions made it unmistakable: The two parties now represent completely different nations.

As Pat Buchanan, ousted from MSNBC for his book on the facts of immigration’s transformation of America—which MSNBC president Phil Griffin claimed, incredibly, were “not appropriate for a national dialogue”—wrote in a column that (despite Griffin) we were proud to post at

“There is no common ground.”

As’s Paul Kersey quipped, brilliantly if un-Politically Correctly, the Democratic and Republican conventions resembled, respectively, the famous Bar Scene from the movie Star Wars—a bizarre assortment of weird-looking aliens interspersed with occasional humans— and the triumphalist Awards Ceremony Scene at the end of the movie—an “ocean of whiteness” except for the charming token Wookie, Chewbacca (who, typical of GOP conventions, was on the podium).

There’s an important caveat, of course: the parties’ Washington DC-based leaderships are not, in fact, so very different. Essentially, they are two wings of the same  blood-sucking vampire.

For example, both leaderships appear broadly committed to an interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East—Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters have been treated with startling contempt and anti-war liberals seem to have completely disapparated. The Republican leadership quite clearly doesn’t want to fight on controversial issues like gay marriage and Affirmative Action, despite paying lip service to some of them. Governor Romney has even signaled that he would not repeal parts of Obamacare.

Above all, and most important from’s point of view:

  • Both parties appear united that America’s post-1965 out-of control immigration disaster, involving both illegal aliens and legal immigrants, must continue.

Thus Governor Romney is not making an issue of Obama’s clearly unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty. And, incredibly, Romney is proposing to increase skilled legal immigration—thus intensifying competition for America’s struggling, debt-laden college graduates.

Nevertheless, the fact is that the two parties’ followerships—their voter bases—have now totally diverged.

The GOP convention was “an ocean of whiteness” because the party receives essentially all (at least 90%) of its support from whites.

It is regularly abused by the MSM for this. And there is evidence that GOP operatives are stupid enough to feel guilty about it.

Well, is here to point out a simple historical truth: in 1960, well within living memory, these “whites” would have been have been called Americans. At that time, the country was nine-tenths white. And essentially all the rest was black—not historically part of the political nation, but by 1960, being slowly and painfully assimilated.

  • That “ocean of whiteness” IS America.

Looked at a picture of the Founding Fathers recently?

This is why refers to the GOP as the “GAP”—“Generic American Party.”  The historic American nation, as it had evolved up to 1960, is gravitating to the Republican Party—albeit without the Republican Party having done anything in particular to deserve it, or even understanding what is happening. (That includes, by the way, most of the immigrant groups that arrived in the 1880-1920s Great Wave.)

In contrast, the Democrats represent the nation of Anti-America.

That doesn’t mean they are opposed to America…exactly.

(Disregarding of course, as the MSM does, the extraordinary and significant comments of the mother of much-touted DNC keynoter San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who told the New York Times that the defenders of the Alamo were

a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them…I can truly say that I hate that place and everything it stands for.)

Anti-America is like antimatter: it has “the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge and quantum spin,” to quote one standard definition. To put it another way, Anti-America is America Through The Looking Glass. It’s Bizarro World America.

And it is being strengthened every day by current immigration policy.

  • Warning: what follows is a frank discussion of race. You won’t get this in the MSM or even in Conservatism Inc. outlets—another reason you should support NOW! 

The Democratic Party’s natural strategy aims to unite the minorities and divide the majority—the latter by various forms of identity politics: gender, sexual orientation, class consciousness etc. etc.

Thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act and the simultaneous collapse of border enforcement, America’s racial balance has been shifting. Whites may now be down as low as 73%. Blacks about 13%. Hispanics and Asians—both groups that hardly existed before 1965—are about 17% and 5% respectively. (Under pressure from Hispanic race-hustlers, the Census has encouraged the broadest possible self-identification as “Hispanic,” and there is some double counting.)

And, exactly as has been predicting for several years, the Census recently announced that a majority of births in 2011 were to non-whites. That means that America will turn majority non-white sometime after 2040—when my baby girls (see above) will, God willing, still be young women.

Remember, this is only happening because of immigration policy—the birth rates of American whites and blacks have otherwise virtually converged. The government has almost succeeded in electing a new people.

This new Anti-America is unmistakably and irrevocably a nation of the Left—of government intervention, taxes, income redistribution programs, racial quotas, speech codes, Christophobia, Cultural Marxist Political Correctness etc.

There are several reasons for this political predilection. They include:

  • Reflexive alienation from historic America and against the limited-government tradition that is the historic America nation’s political distinguishing tradition. 
  • So many post-1964 immigrants come from countries with no strong tradition of liberty or the rule of law. One of the side-effects of the floodgate-opening 1965 Immigration Act has been to prove what the architects of the 1921-24 cut-off already knew: national origins matter
  • So many components of Anti-America just plain benefit from income redistribution programs—above all, because they are poor, unskilled and fail to get much from free public education (funded by the US taxpayer, of course).

Simple arithmetic suggests that the Democratic Party will soon be able to assemble a majority out of Anti-America, and will need only a decreasingly small share of the white (a.k.a. American) vote.

Democratic operatives openly boast about this possibility. After the 2010 Election, in which the GOP defied MSM pundits by bouncing back and winning the House of Representatives, Democratic consultant James Carville was quoted as consoling his fellow-Leftists:

When you get into a presidential electorate, it decidedly favors Democrats, and every year it's going to decidedly favor them more and more. Demographics don't do anything but get better for Democrats. Every election becomes less white. 

(Dem Strategists: Obama bungled 2010, by David Catanese,, November 18, 2010

Remember, “demographics” = immigration.

Carville was gloating, in effect, that Americans are going to be swamped by foreigners.

This is why says that immigration enthusiasm is, ultimately, treason.

And Republican operatives are in despair about it. In this 2012 election campaign, several MSM Democratic mouthpieces have gloatingly quoted the reported comment of a GOP “strategist”—where do they get them?—about that much-denounced “ocean of whiteness” Republican Convention:

“This is the last time anyone will try to do this.”

(Obama Needs 80% of Minority Vote to Win 2012 Presidential Election, by Ronald Brownstein, National Journal, August 24, 2012)

 “This” means being “squeeze out “one more narrow victory in November” by “rel[ying] almost entirely on whites.”

“Whites”=Americans, of course.

Of course, this despair is stupid. For one thing, the GOP in general, and the Romney campaign in particular, has never made any direct appeal to whites or offered to defend their interests.  For example, as has carefully documented, the George W. Bush Administration was on the wrong side of key Affirmative Action anti-white quota cases like Grutter, Gratz, and Vulcan. And have you ever heard Mitt Romney denounce quotas?

But it is the fact that this sort of argument can be made without fear of contradiction in today’s America, and is even accepted by GOP operatives themselves (we know them too well to believe they are anything other than credulous and cowed), that illustrates the need for

At, we believe in the words of the Gospel according to St. John: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  But, especially with anything that appears in any way to impinge upon race, the MSM and Establishment Conservative outlets simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Truths that you will find on—and essentially nowhere else:

  • Although the government is on the verge of electing a new people, it is much further away from electing a new electorate.

Simply put, population numbers do not translate directly into votes. Immigrant-derived groups in particular are often not citizens—many are illegal—or are disproportionately too young to vote. Additionally, even registered voters don’t always go to the polls. For example, white turnout was notably low in 2008, the year Obama was elected—discouraged by Senator McCain’s timid campaign. (Sound familiar?)

Case in point: one authoritative estimate is that Hispanics will cast less than 9 percent of the national vote in 2012—not 17%, as their share of the population might suggest. But Whites (a.k.a Americans) will cast at least 73%.

That means a small movement in the white (a.k.a. Americans) vote will swamp a huge move in the Hispanic vote.

Question: So why do we incessantly hear in the MSM about the Hispanic vote— has a whole blog category called “Hispanic Hype”—and never about the white vote?

Funny thing.

  • GOP/ GAP is very far from maxing out on the white vote 

Despite the current proliferation of polls, it’s actually quite hard to track the very different voting preferences of the various racial groups now resident in the U.S. The pollsters must know the details, which pose complex technical problems, but they rarely reveal them.

Why not? Incredibly, I can report from personal experience that even political professionals get all squirrelly when you ask them about race. They think it’s icky!! Political Correctness, and MSM disinformation, has gone very deep.

Similarly, I can report that even immigration patriots in Washington D.C. (there are quite a few, hiding in surprising places) are amazed to hear that Senator McCain did not carry the white vote in California in 2008— he got only 46%. In fact, no recent GOP candidate in California has carried the white vote. That’s why Ed Rubenstein and I entitled our recent piece on California CA GOP’s Problem: Not Hispanics, But Whites (And, Of Course, Idiot Leadership.

But we do know that Senator McCain got about 55% of the nation-wide white vote against Barack Obama in 2008. That share would have elected him President in 1976—i.e. he ran better than President Ford did against Jimmy Carter—except for the fact that the races’ relative shares of the U.S. electorate have been shifted by immigration (of which, ironically, McCain was an uncritical supporter).

But McCain’s share of the white vote wasn’t a great share. In 2010, the Congressional Republicans triumphed because they got 60% of the white vote. Even that was far below the levels that the Democrats achieve with their base groups. And, significantly, it’s very far below the white vote shares that the GOP regularly achieves in the South (without doing anything particularly to earn it, see above). For example, McCain got 88% of Alabama whites in 2008. [See CNN exit poll.]And, needless to say, he carried the state easily. has explored the GOP/ GAP’s two obvious areas of improvement: the white working class (still about 45% of the vote); Greater New England—the “Blue State” section from Portland ME to Portland OR, where whites still vote heavily Democratic although socially indistinguishable from “Red State” whites.

But when have you seen this explored in the MSM?

Oh—in case you hadn’t noticed, right now Mitt Romney is running behind John McCain in terms of the white vote. He seems to getting about 53%. (Rasmussen, September 9)

You don’t see that explored in the MSM either—do you?

  • Instability = Repression 

American politics now are profoundly unstable. In effect, the Obama Administration has been (to put it brutally) a Minority Occupation Government. At all costs, the Left must keep the historic American nation from uniting—which it alarmingly began to do (no thanks to the GOP leadership) in the 2010 election.

This explains the mounting hysteria of the Left. American politics are now profoundly unstable. Eventually, the Left may succeed in Electing A New People—but for the next few election cycles, whites still cast by far the largest proportion of votes. And the white vote is tipping away from the Left.

Recently, there has been a systematic series of Leftist campaigns against anyone in American journalism suspected of deviationism—sometimes very prominent. Their success rate is appallingly high.

The Roll of Honor:

What this means: no MSM journalists can now hope to survive if they express opinions that are outside the MSM consensus.

The chilling effect, especially for younger journalists, is fierce.

Which is why is now more essential than ever. Help us now!

Peter Brimelow (email him) is editor of VDARE.COM and author of the much-denounced Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster, (Random House - 1995) and The Worm in the Apple (HarperCollins - 2003)

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