Peter Brimelow And John Lott Talk Cancellation And Anti-Conservative Bigotry In America
Print Friendly and PDF editor Peter Brimelow  spoke with economist and pundit John Lott, best known for his book More Guns, Less Crime, which showed that crime is lowered when ordinary citizens can defend themselves.

Peter Brimelow has known Lott for some time professionally—when Peter was at Forbes and Lott was at Yale, Peter  interviewed Lott for a Forbes article called Guns, Drugs and Insider Trading [September 18, 2000].

”JOHN LOTT HAS FEW EQUALS AS A PERCEPTIVE ANALYST of controversial public policy issues,” says Nobel laureate Milton Friedman. ”Controversial” is putting it mildly. The tall, gangling Lott, 42, a senior research scholar at Yale Law School, specializes in applying economic analysis to such matters as why governments provide education (indoctrination, concludes Lott); why campaign contributions are increasing (higher government spending); and whether enfranchising women means bigger government (yes; see chart).

Now Peter isn’t at Forbes, and Lott isn’t at Yale. Lott [Tweet him] now has his own organization called the Crime Prevention Research Center and Peter has—at least for now.

Discussed in the video above are Edward Dutton on the decline of the universities, Ann Coulter on the difficulties of finding out how much crime committed by immigrants, and the Nineteenth Amendment.

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