Ramaswamy For VP? Look What Rishi Sunak Did To UK’s Conservative Party
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There are horrible rumors going around on social media to the effect that the Trump/ Vivek Ramaswamy bromance is reaching the point that Ramaswamy may be the GOP VP nominee.

After the Graduate/Green Card Stapling fiasco, nothing can be discounted.

Many Americans except me (and I hope the stalwart VDARE.com readership) seem to get a warm fuzzy feeling about persons of a different race saying kindly things about our people and our heritage,

My question is, can they be trusted?

Americans need to consider the almost comical result of the U.K. Conservative Party Establishment’s elevation of Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak to be Prime Minister in October 2022.

Actually born in Britain, Sunak had been treated to all the sweetest fruits of  English education.

On entering office, Sunak met a tremendous Third World immivasion crisis, exemplified by the nationally insulting Channel small boat crossings scandal.

This was in complete contradiction of the mandate of the remarkable 2019 election.

I discussed this in January 2023 in Record U.S. Border, U.K. Channel Immivasions. Why Now?

In other words, the U.K. has a Prime Minister disinclined to obstruct immigration, probably for heritage reasons.

Subsequently, Sunak has completely betrayed his party and country (?):

I predicted this January in UK’s PM Sunak’s Immivasion Betrayal Of Host Country Confirmed: Doing What Indians Do. Americans Beware!

For this I was attacked by a Social Media commenter who was outraged that I should suggest a man born in the U.K., and treated to the finest fruits Britain could offer, would put his alien heritage ahead of protecting his host community. Sunak, I was assured, was a reliable English gentleman.

Of course, I was right.

The remarkable thing about this performance is that it looks likely to destroy the two-century old British Conservative Party, which given the inflexibility of the U.K. electoral system is technically difficult to do.

Let’s say it again: Sunak could have stopped this boat traffic. But he did not.

As anyone who has dealt with them learns, elite Indians are charming, highly intelligent, and completely untrustworthy: GOP Catching “Indian CEO Virus.” And Guess What? Vivek Ramaswamy Wants To Import An Indian Overclass!

Having someone like this in a Cabinet position, from which they can be ejected, is one thing.

Having one in a position to inherit the Presidency is quite another.


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