That American Renaissance Conference—And The War Against Whites
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I was brooding over the news that American Renaissance had been blocked in its attempt to find an alternative venue for its conference when my eye fell on this story:

GOP county chair resigns after racial controversy, by Max Brantley, Arkansas Times, February 2, 2011

“Surprise. John Casteel of Newport has resigned as Jackson County Republican chair. This spares the state Republican Party of having to act on Chairman[Email him] Doyle Webb's vow to seek his removal by the party executive committee for his “pro-white” views as a long time member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a successor to the White Citizens Council with a long history of incendiary views on race. Casteel had earlier refused to quit the group.”
(Link in original, email added).

So the GOP can no longer tolerate “pro-white views”? Then how in God's name does it plan to win elections in Arkansas, which it currently does by sweeping the white vote? (Some 68% of Arkansas whites voted for the useless McCain-Palin ticket in 2008).

I've looked at the Council of Conservative Citizens website. There's stuff there I perhaps wouldn't post on, if for no other reason than that I know Southern Nationalism can irritate other parts of our readership coalition. But it prominently displays a powerful “Statement of Principles written by our much-missed columnist Sam Francis. And I simply don't see anything that's even half as hateful as any single sermon by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As Steve Sailer has said repeatedly, if you don't like the ideas of whites organizing to defend their interests, maybe you should have thought of that before driving them into a minority through immigration policy.

Arkansas is particularly interesting to me partly because my wife's grandparents live there—and because it was the scene of the atrocious Pearcy Massacre, one of those black-on-white home-invasion horror stories that somehow don't make it into the local, let alone national, MSM. (It's not yet come to trial and our indefatigable Nicholas Stix is still working on it). What are the odds that state Republican chairthing Webb has even heard of it?

The Pearcy Massacre has been repressed by the MSM—just like the regular judicial lynching of blue collar whites for un-PC protest (but not death threats, which stopped the previous American Renaissance conference with no response from law enforcement agencies); Attorney General Holder's staggering claim that whites are not protected by the Obama “Hate Crime” legislation; and, for that matter, any mention, outside of the local media, of the current Charlotte catastrophe.

I sometimes wonder why American Renaissance's genteel Jared Taylor excites this extraordinary passion. After all, we have it on the word of the $PLC's Mark Potok (!) that Taylor's publication is not “anti-Semitic”—the allegation that really counts in current American politics. American Renaissance is, in fact, merely devoted to explicating issues arising in the wake of The Bell Curve journalism that should have taken place in the MSM. I guess I should ask the ever-triangulating Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, who reportedly now refuses even to be seen in the same room as Taylor.

“…Land of the Free

And the Home of the Brave.


I can only quote me: “As I wrote after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, the left's agenda is repression–because only through repression can it keep the white majority cowed long enough to elect a new people.”

It's just all part of the American nomenklatura's ongoing War against whites.

I don't completely agree with the redoubtable Richard Spencer:

“I doubt I'd second Hart's admonishment to mainstream conservatives, “You better defend AmRen because you're next!” – and I don't just say that because I have little use for the conservative movement. Why should we conclude that the Left-liberal establishment, which most definitely does dominate the culture, would want to destroy CPAC, National Review, and after it's done with AmRen? My sense is that Establishment is quite happy with an opposition that's not particularly bright or perceptive and that essentially reaffirms all of its most fundamental assumptions and beliefs… An opposition like AmRen is dangerous because it strikes at the heart of matters; no opposition at all is dangerous because it makes people wonder.”[Links added]
But in fact it's obvious that the libertarian Koch brothers had a terrible time at their fatcat conference this year—where the demonstrations far exceeded anything American Renaissance has had to face. And it's only going to get worse, because the left's agenda is repression. Maybe the Cato Institute will do a backgrounder! And mention American Renaissance!

Nor do I completely agree with Counter-Currents' Greg Johnson's pessimistic but highly intelligent analysis of American Renaissance's legal options. I have a very low view of the judiciary's ability to withstand multicultural pressure—but I still think there's scope for patriot lawyers.

And for patriot corporate gadflies. The Charlotte Airport Sheraton is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which was certainly large enough to withstand local political pressure. But Starwood is a public company, which means that any patriot shareholder can ask questions at its annual meeting. (One director, Eric Hippeau, is also Chief Executive Officer of the Huffington Post, which seems to be developing quite a tradition of repression).

I gather that the American Renaissance speakers will be still participating in an version of the conference, although the coffers of Charlotte may not benefit from their presence. I urge readers to sign up.

Peter Brimelow (email him) is editor of VDARE.COM and author of the much-denounced Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster, (Random House - 1995) and The Worm in the Apple (HarperCollins - 2003)

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