The Biden Rush At The SW Border: IMPEACH NOW!—A YUGE Opportunity For GOP/GAP!
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Earlier: Is There Any Option? Biden Must Be Impeached Over Impending Title 42 Border Collapse

The Biden Rush did finally make the network Sunday morning talk shows (which were important in pre-internet days—remember?) And guess what, CNN‘s State Of The Union hostess Dana Bash actually asked Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, whether Secretary of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached. He wimped, of course [Republican Homeland Security chair accuses Mayorkas of ‘dereliction of duty,’ by Rachel Scully, The Hill, May 14, 2023].  But the I-word is relentlessly entering political discourse.

In the days leading up to the end of Title 42 public-health expulsions of illegal aliens, Border Patrol agents encountered 10,000 per day, a mind-boggling number that will only increase without expedited deportations. This should make clear that Traitor Joe Biden’s Border Treason is the most important issue facing the U.S. If the border remains open, we will no longer have a country. The GOP/GAP must stop mouthing bromides. Action is required, and not just border control legislation. As has repeatedly urged, ultimately impeachment is the only answer.

Donald Trump’s implementation of Title 42 allowed the authorities to immediately repel illegals because of the COVID pandemic. It was a real deterrent, as the tsunami of illegals that hit the border in the last week well shows. As bad as the 10,000 encounters per day are, that number could rocket to 14,000 or even 15,000 [Biden braces for potentially 14,000 migrants a day, by Stef Knight, Axios, December 13, 2022]. By May’s end, encounters might surpass 300,000, which would break December’s record of 251,487.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t akin to Jean Raspail’s apocalyptic vision in Camp of the Saints. This is Raspail’s vision: an invasion of non-whites with no end in sight.

Traitor Joe and his Treason Lobby gang claim they’re toughening enforcement to slow the surge. A new rule requires “migrants”—Treason Lobby code for illegals—either to apply for asylum through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection app prior to reaching the border, or to apply in a country they passed through on their way [Title 42 Ends With 60,000 Migrants Waiting Near U.S.-Mexico Border, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, May 12, 2023]. But that just legalizes the illegals ahead of their arrival. As Elizabeth Jacobs of the Center for Immigration Studies has observed, the rule offers numerous exceptions for illegals who claim a medical emergency, a threat to their well-being, and just about any other bogus claim they might make [What You Need to Know About the Biden Administration’s New Asylum Restrictions, May 11, 2023].

Even worse, the Regime isn’t tracking illegals who cross the border. Most are released without vetting [DHS paroled 6,000 migrants on Thursday alone: ‘Nobody has any idea who they are,’ by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, May 12, 2023]. Many receive court dates for claims to be heard well into the future, some as far in the future as 2035…12 years from now!

Still more don’t receive a court date. They’re released, then told to report to a government facility to receive a court date.

As if that’s going to happen.

Considering that the Regime vows to deport illegals only convicted of very serious crimes (and it’s not even doing that), the policy allows illegals, as a practical matter, to stay forever.

It’s Catch-And-Release on steroids. Few are detained, and even fewer are deported [Migrants allowed into US as asylum seekers given immigration court dates into year 2035, by Valentina Jaramillo and Stephanie Pagones, New York Post, May 11, 2023].

Still, the situation isn’t beyond hope. Republicans could challenge Biden. But Stupid Party Strategerists must stop focusing on petty and stupid click-bait narratives and zero in on what matters.

The border is the most important issue facing the U.S. right now. Not Ukraine. Not the debt ceiling. Not Hunter Biden. And certainly not Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light. Everything else pales in comparison. If we don’t have a border, we don’t have a country. It’s that simple.

  • On the state level, Republican attorneys general must sue the regime to make it enforce the law. Legal action temporarily restored Remain in Mexico and reversed a deportation moratorium. Last week, a Florida judge ruled against Biden’s new catch-and-release policy, but it’s still unclear what effect the ruling will have. Lawfare can make the feds enforce the laws on the books [Judge Blocks Biden’s Post-Title 42 Catch-and-Release Policy, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, May 12, 2023].
  • States can also take immigration enforcement into their own hands. Texas has sent the National Guard and state law enforcement to the border. Indeed, much to his credit, Governor Greg Abbott is repelling illegals.

Then again, federal officials and Mexican authorities are not only coordinating with illegals to make sure they don’t go to well-guarded Texas checkpoints, but also coordinating mass swims across the Rio Grande [Texas’ Border Enforcement Leads to Drop in RGV Sector’s Migrant Apprehensions, by Bob Price, Breitbart, May 12, 2023].

But last month, the Texas state senate passed a bill that criminalized illegally entering Texas [Senate passes bill allowing Texas law enforcement to arrest foreign nationals illegally entering Texas from Mexico, by Bethany Blankley, The Center Square, April 21, 2023]. The state’s House of Representatives is considering a bill to create a state “border-protection unit” [Texas bill would create state-run ‘border protection unit’ as Title 42 ends, by Saul Elbein, The Hill, May 12, 2023].

If Texas wrested immigration enforcement from the federal government because it refuses to enforce the law, it could provoke the constitutional crisis that’s needed to force Biden’s hand. He would have three choices: Do nothing, enforce the law, or send in federal troops to stop Texas from enforcing it.

  • Congressional Republicans must act now. The GOP-controlled House passed a border bill this week with only two Republican defections, Kentucky’s libertarian Thomas Massie and California’s John Duarte. The bill would mandate E-Verify, fund a border wall, make it easier to detain illegals, and tighten asylum rules to dissuade would-be illegals.

The measure is a watered-down version of Texas Rep. Chip Roy’s bill that would have empowered Homeland Security to shut down ports of entry. The legislation isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly better than anything else in the hopper.

Democrats uniformly oppose it and Biden vows to veto it. Some Democrats say it might be the start of negotiations over a bipartisan deal.

Democrats, of course, want an Amnesty included in any immigration package. That’s not worth considering.

Republicans instead should use the debt ceiling to leverage the border bill. Offer the debt ceiling raise in exchange for securing the border. That’s a much better deal than the spending cuts Republicans want out of the debt ceiling fight. And it’s certainly a better deal than agreeing to an Amnesty [House-passed border bill may spark bipartisan immigration talks, by Suzanne Monyak and Lindsey McPherson, Roll Call, May 11, 2023].

But the carrot must also come with a big stick. Republicans must be clear that if Biden refuses to ink a deal, he’ll be impeached.

Biden’s refusing to enforce the law clearly violates his oath of office. And that’s no fringe idea. National Review writer Andrew McCarthy, the very definition of a Respectable Conservative, has called for Biden’s impeachment over the border for months [Impeachment Is the Only Weapon Left to Fight Biden’s Border Sabotage, February 18, 2023]. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott too said Biden’s border treason is impeachable [Abbott: Biden Dereliction on the Border an ‘Impeachable Offense,’ by Jeff Poor, Breitbart, May 4, 2023].

This isn’t just an idea whose time has come. It’s an idea that is indisputably the only means to send Biden a message. Republicans should threaten Biden with impeachment unless he signs the border bill. If he refuses, then pull the trigger and let the Democrats in the Senate vote against it.

As well, Republicans must think hard about what to do with the illegals that Biden loosed upon the nation. Building a wall and quickly deporting those who cross will deter future illegals, but it doesn’t do anything about those here now.

The solution is mass deportation—Operation Wetback 2.

Trump is the only Republican leader pushing this idea, and he promotes it in nearly every speech. He pledges to initiate the largest deportation operation in history if elected again.

That’s exactly what the next president must do, and it’s something all Republicans must support. Biden’s millions of Great Replacers must be deported as part of restoring the rule of law. The illegals would be gone, and any others who plan to jump the border would get a strong message: Don’t!

And it should be backed up with the abolition of Birthright Citizenship—the internal wall that would prevent the Biden Rush from impairing America’s political community.

All of this must be the primary focus of Republicans right now. No other issue is as important.

This immivasion threatens America’s civilization.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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