The Fulford File | From Our "We Told You So" Department— A Hmong Hmedley
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[See also Why Immigrants Kill by Sam Francis and This Hmong Show Has No Winners —Time To Cancel It by Bryanna Bevens]

Laotian Hmong tribesmen fought alongside US troops in Vietnam, which is one reason that there are so many Hmong now in America, although the modern Refugee Industry is also partly responsible. There has been a glaring welfare problem in the Hmong community for years. See Roy Beck's famous 1994 Atlantic article The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau. (We've posted a linked version, with permission from Roy).

Or this Peter Brimelow book review from 1996:

"None of this broader context appears in Fresh Blood, of course. But Mr. Ungar does find Hmong who tell him flatly that they have congregated in Minnesota because of its generous welfare benefits, timing both marriage and divorce to exploit the rules. Several of the successful immigrants he cites are themselves employed by welfare agencies, sometimes specifically to deal with problems caused by their immigrant countrymen. Ungar's admiring account of how home-grown American social activists fought to facilitate the settling of Cambodian refugees in Revere, Massachusetts, is a litany of tax moneys extorted and spent, ending with his editorial complaint that 'tax-limiting voter initiatives passed in the 1980s restrict the city council's ability to raise new funds to pay for the necessary programs.' The result, Mr. Ungar reports without a qualm, is a filthy slum, racial violence, and warring Asian gangs.

The occasion for this "hmedley," (and there's hmore of that kind of humor, sorry about that) is deadly serious—the case of Chai Vang, the Hmong refugee who killed six people in Wisconsin recently:

Hmong Hmassacre? [Peter Brimelow]- 11/22/04

"Several sharp-eyed readers suspected that Chai Vang, the 'Minnesota man' who killed five other hunters [one subsequently died of wounds] in Wisconsin on Sunday was a Hmong. Reports published in the less racially-correct British media confirm it. The only remaining question is whether he is an immigrant or an "American"—i.e. born in the U.S.A. Meanwhile, our Brenda Walker faces expulsion from the Sierra Club for suggesting that importing more Hmong might be a bad idea.  Vang lived in St. Paul, whose mayor was enthusiastic for Hmong refugee resettlement. Ask him if he still feels that way. Ask the Sierra Club too."

None of this tragedy will come as a surprise to VDARE.COM readers.

Over a year ago, VDARE.COM's Joe Guzzardi wrote  Hmong Wrong For America. America Wrong For Hmong, based on his experience teaching Hmong in his English Class.

"In the Hmong culture, men are considered superior to women. Accordingly, the class divided itself into two groups: the women sat in the first three rows followed by two empty rows. The men sat in the back. To try to rearrange the students would have been folly."

One Hmong husband in Joe's class wanted to kill his wife because her hand had inadvertently touched Joe's as he handed back papers.

The Hmong was dissuaded, but both dropped out.

In an organized campaign, scores of Hmong wrote to VDARE.COM and to Joe's employer urging that he be fired for this (entirely truthful) report. Ominously, it was the more educated Hmong who were the most vehement. Linguistic assimilation does not mean acceptance of democratic debate.

In March 2004, VDARE.COM's Brenda Walker pointed about problems with a plan to bring more Hmong to America:

 Hmore Hmong? Polygamous Hmong?

"So will thousands of drug-addicted polygamists be welcomed into America in another escalation of multiculturalism against American values?

"Or will the Mayor of St. Paul actually speak up against importing into the United States would-be refugees who are already breaking U.S. laws in two major instances?"

A reader with experience interviewing Hmong added:

 A Government Official Says Hmm About Hmong

"I find remarkable that in every household both parents are on SSI.  What are the chances that BOTH spouses in every household I ever interviewed were laid up with a disability?

"Never ran into polygamy though...

"I remember one family, they were watching a video of water buffalos fighting in ring like a cock fight.  Charming.

"These are probably the people least suited to life in a modern society that you could possibly dig up.  They're basically pre-modern hunter-gather tribes."

Again, telling the truth about the Hmong turned out not to be a defense. Mentioning Hmong addiction and polygamy is just Not Allowed. Both Hmong activists and the more sensitive souls at the Sierra Club reacted violently. Brenda Walker subsequently reported that

Sierra Club Stalinists Plan To Purge VDARE.COM's Brenda Walker

"Amazingly, Sierra executive director Carl Pope and President Larry Fahn have both proclaimed that your humble correspondent is to be purged from the Club, of which I have been a member for 20 years, because of an article I wrote on VDARE.COM, subsequently quoted in the New York Times.  Disgracefully, I learned about this through the press. (Hmong, Sierra Club hold peace talk: Group Meet in Fresno to discuss immigration policy, 'hateful' remark, by Diana Marcum, The Fresno Bee, April 7 2004) ]

NPR and the New York Times both thought it was shocking of Brenda to tell the truth. But—talk about "I told you so"see her recent blog item: Hmong Shooter Apparently a Polygamist [Brenda Walker] - 11/23/04.(See also Brenda's blog item tonight).

The Hmong didn't want to have to come to America. But now they're here anyway.

Their presence will continue to present a challenge for American schools, welfare agencies, law enforcement officers, courts, and even game wardens.

But at least let's tell the Refugee Industry: "Enough. No hmore!"

The tragedy in Wisconsin was entirely predictable.

The blood of every one of those murdered Americans is on the immigration enthusiasts' hands.

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