THE FULFORD FILE: Then They Came For “National Conservative” Yoram Hazony—After He Came For Us
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In a move very familiar to the Dissident Right (survivors of Unite The Right at Charlottesville, the NPI Hungary Conference,  and American Renaissance’s 2011 Charlotte, NC Conference), a Muslim mayor in Brussels, with the aid of local Antifa, is trying to shut down Yoram Hazony’s National Conservative Conference:

Emir Kir, the Socialist Party mayor of the central Brussels neighborhood where the gathering took place, issued the order to close the National Conservatism Conference on grounds of “public safety.” But critics said that Mr. Kir’s order only amplified one of the gathering’s main themes: that cancel culture targeting conservative voices has run amok.

Mayor in Brussels Tries to Shut Down Conservative Conference/Mayor Emir Kir gave no explanation of why he thought it necessary to try to stop the gathering from taking place, other than saying he wanted to “guarantee public safety.”

By Andrew Higgins, New York Times, April 16, 2024

I describe Kir [Tweet him] as “a Muslim mayor” in Brussels, rather than the Muslim mayor—the actual mayor of Brussels is a white guy, but Kir, whose Wikipedia page puts his nationalities as “Belgian, Turkish,” is the “Bourgmestre” of Saint-Josse, an immigrant neighborhood where many of the immigrants now have Belgian passports, and can vote.

The New York Times report does not describe him as Muslim at all.

In any case, as with the Unite The Right Charlottesville atrocity in 2017, it’s an AntiFa/police collaboration:

While EuroNews calls this a “hard right” gathering [Brussels police shut down hard-right, nationalist gathering featuring Orbán, Farage and Braverman, by Mared Gwyn Jones & Vincenzo Genovese, April 16, 2024], the participants are mostly boringly respectable. Orban is a head of state, Farage a prominent British politician and former Member of the European Parliament, Braverman ,is an MP for Fareham in the UK. and former Home Secretary. Further down in the EuroNews article we discover that attendees include journalist and former French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour and former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

They are, as I say, very respectable. But it hasn’t helped them.

The Z-Man tweets:

There’s some history there. Yoram Hazony [Tweet him], the organizer of the National Conservative Conference in Brussels, is trying to promote a National Conservatism that isn’t seen as Hard Right.

See our review of Hazony’s 2018 book The Virtue Of Nationalism by the Z-Man: THE VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM: A Book Of ContradictionsJuly 14, 2019; and also the Z-Man’s review of Hazony’s 2019 conference here: Report From The Gatekeeper’s Ball: Yoram Hazony Really Hates The Right; Zionist Attempt To Co-opt National Conservatism Will Fail [July 16, 2019]. See more at the Z-Blog here, here, and here.

The reason the Z-Man got to report on this conference was that editor Peter Brimelow and his wife, publisher Lydia Brimelow, were specifically not allowed to attend, in spite of the fact that they had (a) been invited and (b) paid $285 dollars… each—see “East is East And West is West”: What The Hazony/Brog Heresy Hunt Says About July’s “National Conservative Conference,” by Peter Brimelow, June 21, 2019.

The U.K. Guardian notes that both the Prime Minister of England, Rishi Sunak, and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo are criticizing the mayor for harassing the National Conservative. But the Guardian can’t resist calling it a “radical rightwing conference” and throwing in SPLC-level smears at even attendees like cuckservative wimp Rod Dreher, below: Rishi Sunak and Belgian PM criticise mayor’s halting of NatCon conference, by Lisa O’Carroll in Brussels, Aletha Adu and Ben Quinn, April 16, 2024.

What this means is that if you’re a National Conservative and you want to have a conference, it doesn’t matter if you are “respectable,” you still need a secure meeting place, if possible a castle, in a place that hasn’t filled up with Third World immigration. may not still seem respectable to Yoram Hazony.

But we’re having a meeting on April 26-28. In-person attendance is full up, but there are still livestream tickets available—see here for details!

James Fulford [Email him] is writer and editor for

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