The MexiChurian Candidate?
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[VDARE.COM note: September 16 is Mexican Independence Day and it's being celebrated in the United States, where a large chunk of the Mexican population lives. There are two things that you might want to know about. One is the Mexican Independence Day Voter Registration Drive that's taking place in Watsonville, California. That is, they're registering to vote in U.S. elections. The other is the Mexicans across the U.S. gathered at their local consulates and sang the somewhat bloodthirsty Mexican national anthem. Another missed opportunity for the Border Patrol!]

VDARE.COM congratulates Mexico on its Independence Day, September 16. We think the U.S. should have one too!

George W. Bush loves Mexicans. He never misses an opportunity to praise them by extolling their qualities of family values and hard work. One of his favorite campaign lines for Hispanic audiences is "Family values don't stop at the Rio Grande."

At least he doesn't say "Rio Grande River." Usually.

Typical is this radio address from May 5, 2001

"In the United States, I'm happy to say, we're putting old fears and quarrels behind us. We know that we must protect the integrity of our border, yet we understand how that border can be viewed from the other side, as the gateway to better wages and a better life. I've often said that family values don't stop at the Rio Grande. The best way to have a stable border is better opportunity in both our nations, opportunity built by trade and education and freedom."

In fact, of course, it's a typical overclass delusion that their Mexican servants have particularly strong family values.

And, while family values may not stop at the Rio Grande, the United States of America does.

A neutral observer would have to say that Bush simply prefers Mexicans to Americans. When there is a policy decision to be made that helps Mexicans to the detriment of Americans, George W. Bush consistently advances the Mexican agenda.

As our country's leader, Bush should be our number one advocate and protector. But he listens to the beat of another drummer—one wearing a sombrero. Mexico has never had a stronger patron in the White House. He is the MexiChurian candidate.

Here's an incomplete list of his thoughtful solicitude:

  • Bush offered up a full amnesty refrigerator amnesty policy in January, proposing that all "willing workers," understood to be mostly Mexican, could be hooked up with "willing employers." The idea was fuzzy on details like how such a monumentally bureaucratic program could be run effectively, or honestly. But Bush wants to come across as a big picture sort of guy, not bogged down in wonky minutiae.

  • Bush has been gung ho for opening America's highways to Mexican trucks even after the terrorist attacks—despite the obvious ease by which a largish nuke could be hauled from Mexico to anywhere in the United States. NAFTA trucking has been hanging around since the main trade agreement was passed in 1993, but Bill Clinton was convinced to postpone it by labor and groups like Public Citizen because of the threat to American trucking jobs and highway safety.

  • Bush backed off from the proposed US-VISIT program, hailed last spring as a national security breakthrough because of its biometric identification (scanned fingerprints) for frequent border crossers, when el Presidente Fox complained about Mexican dignity being affronted by new ID procedures.

  • Bush has made no attempt to collect on Mexico's water debt of 1.3 million acre-feet, which has severely burdened Texas farmers.

Back in the Cold War, Washington's favorite foreigners were Cubans, given the propaganda value of thousands of Hispanic boat people struggling to reach capitalism and apple pie—so dramatic on television. (Even today the Cubans retain at least one residual goody which other illegal aliens do not get—the "wet foot, dry foot" designation. If a Cuban reaches dry land, he gets to stay, like a winner on reality TV. America, the ultimate prize!)

But now the favored "immigrants" (as the press calls illegal aliens) are Mexicans.

Some border slang which is coming into common usage is OTM, meaning Other Than Mexican. Because that's the division: by implication, Mexicans are normal passers-through. But non-Mexicans, particularly those from terror-linked countries, may actually receive negative attention.

Recently a couple of Texas Democrats was outraged that 23,000 OTMs were released in the last year into the border regions of America because of insufficient detention space. One of them, Rep. Jim Turner, a rare pro-borders Democrat has just released a detailed report on what should be done. He apparently understands that terrorists don't stop at the Rio Grande.

If OTMs are bad, Ms are good.

And they are very good indeed for unscrupulous U.S. businesses. Slavery will never be legally reinstituted, but for post-American corporations millions of illegal aliens are the next best thing.

Foreigners accept exploitation, don't complain about hazardous conditions, work for sub-living wages and don't demand expensive benefits.

President Bush has really gone out on a limb for Mexicans, angering conservatives in his own party and many Americans at large who believe that government should protect the union from invasion. But no matter how extreme Bush's Hispanic pandering, Latino voters remain largely Democrat. Instead, Bush is sending a message to business that the slave pipeline is staying put.

Even so, Bush goes beyond the standard-level pandering, whether to Mexican voters living in the U.S. or to the business cronies. It's a dangerous gamble when the open southern border is understood by al Qaeda as an easy entrance. Furthermore, dozens of articles have been written about how the conservative base is ticked off over the open-borders issue. But Bush has remained deaf to their concerns.

Remarkably, there have been suggestions that Arizona, home of the late "Mr. Conservative" Barry Goldwater, is "in play" for this election. If Kerry wins Arizona, it will be because angry conservatives have withheld their votes from Bush.

Why does Bush continue to leave America's doors wide open when he's fighting a war? It's a vexing question, and there are no clear answers, only indications.

  • The Bush family demographics are headed south since sibling Jeb married a Mexican woman, and now Poppy's "Little Brown Ones" are all grown up. The Bushies are big on dynasty according to Kevin Phillips and may well have decided to go with the larger demographic flow. Young Jorge P. has already cast his lot with his ethnic compadres, recently standing on the side of illegal alien Mexicans against the Border Patrol. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • The Bush family has some long-standing business connections with Mexicans of dubious character. The ongoing contact with Mexican culture through various amigos may have convinced the Bushes that a business climate less encumbered by annoying laws was more to their liking. Making America more Mexican may seem like an agreeable business decision: it fits with the corporate feudalism which many of the Bush social class obviously plan for our future.

  • Finally, I know I'm not the only one who imagines Vicente Fox owning blackmail-quality photos from Bush's little chronicled wild years - something along the lines of a buck-nekkid GWB doing a rambunctious cha-cha on a bar with a straw stuck in his nose.

Of course, there is absolutely NO evidence that such pictures actually exist. It's a fantasy from the collective unconscious, that's all. Bush merely behaves as if someone in Mexico controls him.

Still, if anyone has photos of a hard-rockin' bad boy Bushie, I'd like to see them!

Brenda Walker [email her] lives in Northern California and publishes LimitsToGrowth and ImmigrationsHumanCost. She intends to observe Mexican Independence Day by celebrating her bartender's birthday, also Sept. 16.

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