The Year in Multiculturalism: News from the Culture War
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As we enter 2008, friends of America's sovereignty have had a strong year. The crucial victory was the defeat of the nation-killer Kennedy-Bush amnesty scheme.

In addition, there has been progress in the struggle against multiculturalism, the false ideology underlying open borders. According to multiculturalism, all cultures are morally equal and worthy of respect—an obvious absurdity considering culturally-sanctioned crimes from  slavery to the mistreatment of women.

You can hear the change on call-in shows on C-SPAN and elsewhere: The false accusations of racism no longer have the effect they once did. There is much more honest discussion about immigration. The wealthy leftist open borders squawk boxes, like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, still make the same noises. But citizens aren't listening. Americans' preference for immigration that is legal, controlled and reduced has always shown up in opinion polls. Now they are speaking out openly.

The victories on the cultural front are a welcome indication that a basic sanity about human nature still prevails. Despite unremitting media propaganda that diversity is the highest good, many citizens have not accepted the assumptions of cultural relativism. They have fought the transformation to a less secure and more Mexifornicated society, with mosques on the side.

  • Since the 9/11 attacks, citizens have been encouraged by authorities to speak up if suspicious behavior is noticed, particularly on public transportation and when flying. But when passengers reported very questionable actions by a group of imams on a November 2006 US Airways flight, the responsible citizens were accused of profiling by Islamist activists and were named in a civil rights lawsuit in the so-called "flying imams" case.

Unsurprisingly, the terrorist-friendly Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was a party to suing the passengers, known as "John Does" (See Tucker Carlson shred CAIR mouthpiece Ibrahim Cooper in a YouTube clip.) Despite the legal intimidation and fears for physical safety, several John Doe passengers appeared on Fox News to discuss their experiences on the flight. Many terror experts who have studied the case believe the imams' behavior was a stunt designed to frighten passengers and create an incident that, along with the lawsuits against citizens, would intimidate future flyers and make air travel more vulnerable.

Eventually, in August 2007 the flying imams dismissed the John Does from the lawsuit.

That's how the system is supposed to work—no thanks to CAIR's attempt to sabotage Americans' free speech.

Middle school Somali girls were placed in a special classroom for one hour of Islamic prayer daily. A substitute teacher alerted Roger who then aroused concerned citizens to action.

We are fighting the equivalent of a two-front war. On one side, we face parasitic Mexicans seeking to remake America into a Hispanic, "bilingual" (i.e. Spanish-speaking) society. On the other hand, some of the Muslim immigrants think violence against infidels (us) is a fine idea, in order to establish a worldwide caliphate.

The good news is that Mexicans want to avoid blowing up the place entirely because they know better than to kill off the host organism that is the source of their nourishment.

The bad news is that extremist Muslims have no such compunctions, as shown by the many suicide bombers which Islam is able to muster. They are among the most effective propagandists in history.

Osama has declared his intention to kill millions of Americans as part of his plan for worldwide Islamic hegemony. So he and his thugs are willing to put up with some breakage on their way to planetary domination.

It is disturbing to note that Washington continues to knowingly welcome enemies like 9/11 had never happened. For example, the Government Accountability Office issued a report last September finding that the U.S. had permitted the entrance of nearly 10,000 immigrants from countries designated as supporting terrorism since the terrorist attacks.

Protecting America is obviously not on Washington's To Do list at all.

So we have our work cut for us: not only saving America, but also preserving an outpost of western civilization, with its core principles of free speech, representative government, civil liberties and private property.

Mark Steyn makes a convincing case in his book America Alone that Europe is already toast, that it is "too enfeebled to resist its remorseless transformation into Eurabia" as result of unwise immigration.

Washington should take a lesson from Europe's mistakes and stop welcoming cultural groups that despise America's core beliefs. The sensible way to curtail the troubling cultural effects of immigration is to institute a timeout for several decades to assimilate the millions of foreigners already here.

More than that, we must renew our passion for defending the American values of individual liberty, national sovereignty and speaking English.

Eternal vigilance really is the price of liberty.

Brenda Walker (email her) lives in Northern California and publishes two websites, and She thinks anyone who believes that all cultures are equal should be required to spend their vacations in Saudi Arabia.

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