Trey Harris, Slave Power GOP Donor, Has Plans For Illegal Aliens–Profitable Shanty Towns In Flyover America!
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Most of the 230,000 illegal aliens encountered at the southwest border in August were released to roam free (and those were just the illegals the Border Patrol caught—hundreds of thousands got away). But we’ve been reading that story for months now. We’ve also been reading about the Illegals who land in Blue Sanctuary Cities such as New York and Chicago, and how those municipalities struggle to pay their bills. But we haven’t read much about the invaders who colonize flyover country with GOP donor assistance. The Daily Wire’s Spencer Lundquist recently reported that a developer and Stupid Party moneyman has built a shanty town in Red State America, which shows just how greedy and unscrupulous donors can be. They’ll do anything to make a buck, even if the buck is made on dispossessing and replacing the Historic American Nation [Inside Colony Ridge: The ‘Fastest Growing Development’ In The U.S. Is A Magnet For Illegal Immigrants, September 16, 2023]. GOP/GAP lawmakers must crack down hard on these developers, big campaign donations regardless.

Colony Ridge is a Texas community 400 miles away from the border. Just north of Houston, the unincorporated locale has a population of at least 50,000. It’s larger than mid-sized cities like Asheville, North Carolina, and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Most of those residents are suspected illegals, and the area looks more like a favela—Brazilian Portuguese for slum or ghetto—than a suburb. Video footage shows the Third-World hellhole growing in the heart of Texas.

Properties in Colony Ridge are sold by one William “Trey” Harris. Unlike other real estate entrepreneurs, Harris doesn’t require buyers to show the normal qualifications to purchase a property. They don’t need to present a Social Security number, proof of income, or a credit rating. That sounds impossible for a prospective buyer if he wants to obtain a traditional bank loan. But Harris, pictured below, is the one who provides the loans, and he can set his own rules.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ Todd Bensman told Daily Wire’s Lundquist that illegals pay Harris a “few hundred dollars” to secure a loan for one of the properties. The buyer is then responsible for constructing the home, which explains why many of the “houses” are hovels. The loans are offered at exorbitant interest rates, but when you’re the only lender, you can get away with it.

Harris’s company, Terrenos Houston, advertises heavily in Spanish. The company promises buyers an affordable home in “Estados Unidos” and tells them to reach out in apps that are easier for international communication. It leaves little to the imagination as to who these ads are designed for. The company isn’t appealing to Americans who speak English, that’s for sure.

The home buyers aren’t just mere illegals looking for a place to stay while they work menial jobs. The cartels have also purchased property there. The Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels were early investors. Law enforcement believes the criminals stage criminal activity there. “The Mexican cartels are very active in that they run safe houses, they run drugs, they do marijuana grows, they commit crimes,” Bensman told Lundquist.

In his own story for CIS, Bensman explained the results of Harris’ business:

Until very recently, the loggers, train mechanics, ranchers, and state prison workers made their homes in and around Liberty County’s quaint old townships carved out of dense pine forests with names like Plum Grove, Cleveland, Dayton, and Splendora. They raised each other’s barns and dug one another’s wells.

Now 72, Jimmy Rollins was still farming near Dayton when I met him in May 2022. Just like his father, who was born and lived until he was buried at age 95 in Plum Grove, Rollins recalled riding a horse every Sunday to church and to school as a kid, “barefoot until junior high”, and he raised his own family much the same way, by farming and following a rural country code of life.

“It was all country people. We got our meat out of them woods there. They was behind in time, but everybody pretty much knew everybody,” Rollins recalled. “I enjoyed living here.”

Not anymore.

A vast jumble of single- and double-wide trailers on low stilts, hand-hewn shacks made of leftover construction material, and parked motor homes has quickly overtaken tens of thousands of Liberty County acres and eradicated its rural way of life.

Texas Massacre Happened in America’s Largest Illegal Immigrant “Colonia”—and Major U.S. Media Won’t Say So, May 1, 2023

Law enforcement in the once-quiet, rural area is overwhelmed. Prior to the illegal aliens, what little crime the county had was just a few rednecks on meth. Now police deal with much more serious crime, ranging from sexual assault to mass murder. The “traffic, the people, the shooting, the wrecks, and the thieving” has made many of the white locals flee the area for good, says Bensman:

“It’s a cluster f**k over there and it’s only getting worse,” said the officer, who was not authorized to speak publicly. “It’s its own closed community out there, and the Salvadorans, Ecuadorans, South Americans ... they really clique up.”

But at least one person benefits: Trey Harris. He’s tried to buy a lot of influence in Texas. Several Republicans, including Gov. Greg Abbott, have received substantial donations from Harris. Abbott alone has received $1.4 million in campaign contributions from Harris. U.S. Rep. Morgan Luttrell—a U.S. Navy SEAL like his twin brother Marcus of Lone Survivor fame—received almost $10,000 from Harris for his 2022 campaign.

State lawmakers who represent the area such as GOP House member Ernest Bailes, The Daily Wire’s Lundquist reports, have also received thousands of dollars from the Colony Ridge developer, and other companies involved in the project. Colony Ridge has also spent six figures on lobbying in the state capitol.

To their credit, Texas lawmakers demanded an investigation into Colony Ridge as soon as conservative media stoked outrage. Even Abbott and Luttrell don’t want to defend the favela. Luttrell, who as a candidate vowed “to work to secure the border,” told the Daily Wire’s Lundquist that he supports a probe. Abbott pledges to use a special legislative session next month to look into Colony Ridge. “We’re getting all the baseline information so we can find out exactly what we can do and what we must do. Part of it can be using current law enforcement, but part of it may require new laws,” Abbott said in an interview last week. “Whatever it takes.” The state GOP unanimously endorsed a special session on the matter [Abbott Says Texas Will Address Colony Ridge At Special Legislative Session Next Month, by Spencer Lindquist, The Daily Wire, September 26, 2023].

What the state legislature will do about the alien town—again, a nexus for cartel crime—is unclear. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick says lawmakers “can maybe affect the financing or the financial aspect of it to some degree,” but didn’t provide further details. The state has launched investigations before into the community and found it violated several environmental codes. It’s unclear what penalties were imposed on Harris for those violations.

Here is Harris’ laughable reply to news about the legislative probe:

I’m a little disappointed in our state government that they are taking action based on lies and gossip.

Colony Ridge going before special session, by Russell Payne, The Vindicator, September 28, 2023

No doubt!

Political figures outside the state have condemned Colony Ridge as well. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ripped into the politicians who allowed it. “How have we gotten to a point in this country where we are permitting and facilitating sprawling developments to house thousands of illegal immigrants who have broken our nation’s laws?” he posted on X. “Weak, spineless leaders. Our national sovereignty is at stake. We must stop excusing inaction at the top.” He vowed to “end this” as president.

It’s a good sign that Republicans are concerned about Colony Ridge, especially because it involves a big-time donor. It means they know the issue matters to their voters, and they know the border crisis is the top issue facing Texas. They can’t turn a blind eye to those who exploit the invasion to make a pretty profit. They must do something.

If Trey Harris is allowed to continue, others will follow suit. Greedy developers will line up to sell similar properties to illegals. Tens of millions of illegal aliens are here. Many of them would like to buy a home, but can’t thanks to good lending practices. Harris offers a way to skirt the rules. It’s a risky business and it undermines the country. Sadly, that won’t deter enough people.

Entrepreneurs without any scruples will see an untapped market swarming over the border and they will try to make millions turning cheap rural land into the next favela. This will attack white Americans in the heartland.

No one paid attention to the fears of Liberty County’s natives before the recent coverage. Evil businessmen can gamble with the knowledge that few will notice their activities.

Greedy businessmen like Trey Harris contribute greatly to this invasion. They hire illegals because they work for wages no American would accept. They don’t care if it is against the rules. They care about one thing: profits … maximum profits. They demand more cheap foreign labor and an Amnesty for their illegal-alien employees. They don’t care whether that harms the national interest. They care only about their personal gain. They are the modern “Slave Power.”

Decent Americans wouldn’t be involved in such scummy business. Not Harris. He’s neck deep in it.

The penalty Harris should suffer must vastly exceed his profits. It’s up to American lawmakers to impose a penalty on Harris that’s far greater than the profits.

It doesn’t even need to be jail time. The state can launch so many investigations and lawsuits against Colony Ridge that the costs for Harris could prove ruinous—cf. Donald Trump.

The message from the GOP/ GAP must be loud and clear: America is not for sale to illegal aliens. Those who try to sell it will pay a steep price.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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