UNION JACKAL ON IMMIGRATION [3 ITEMS]: Nonwhites (Not All Bad!) Now Running Britain; “Migrants” Invade Huddersfield, Yorkshire, With Support From Local MP Barry Sheerman; Etc.!
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Truss Appoints Nonwhites To Three Most Important Cabinet Posts

Aside from Prime Minister, the three most important posts in the British government are Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer. New Prime Minister Liz Truss’s appointees might or might not prove competent in the future, but one thing you can say about them right now: They are not white.

Great Britain’s new Chancellor of the Exchequer, the exotically named Kwasi Kwarteng, looks well qualified.

His Ghanaian parents were a barrister and an economist. As a doctoral fellow at Trinity College Cambridge, followed by a career divided between finance and journalism, Kwarteng looks well qualified even adjusting for Affirmative Action.

But one of the tricks of the trade when in government is not to fall on your face too quickly. Sadly for Kwarteng, his first mini-budget was deemed a grave miscalculation so quickly that he was forced to reverse it days later [Kwarteng accused of reckless mini-budget for the rich as pound plummets, by Larry Elliott and Rowena Mason, The Guardian, September 23, 2022]. Not bad for your first month in a new job.

Kwarteng also drew attention to himself at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, but not because of his dignity at the most important state occasion since the beloved monarch ascended the throne. Rather, he behaved like a spastic child.

What was wrong is unclear. Speculation included his having ADHD (suggested by his long-standing interest in the subject), and his laughter at inappropriate times, to simply disrespecting the Queen.


Biracial James Cleverly, whose mother is from Sierra Leone but whose father is English, is Foreign Secretary. But his job seems to be less the defense of the realm and more the defense of Truss, who recently received 10 days to “achieve a U-turn” or face replacement [Cleverly defends Truss’s economic plans and compares them to “bitter medicine,” by Daniel Stewart, News 360, October 5, 2022]. Cleverly will almost certainly be off to Ukraine for a photo op soon. He has already visited Japan, but he was too early to witness North Korea test-fire a missile over the country a week later [Foreign Secretary James Cleverly makes first visit to East Asia, Gov.UK, September 25, 2022; Strike Capability, Not Passive Protest, is the Answer to Missile Threats, Editorial Board, Japan Forward, October 7, 2022].

The only encouraging non-white face is Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s.

England’s most leftist publication, The Guardian, trumpeted the accession of black faces to top government posts but muted its response to Asian (in the British sense) successes [The rise of Kwarteng, Badenoch and Cleverly must change the face of Labour, by Michael Eboda, The Guardian, September 8, 2022]. This British media obsession explains why blacks, but not, say, Chinese, appear in almost every British TV ad. The media follow Henry Ford’s dictum about the color of the Model T: You can have diversity in any color as long as it’s black.

Though Braverman is twofer—she’s brown and a woman—and her husband is Jewish—her immigration rhetoric sharply contrasts with that of her party leader Truss, for whom Open Borders appear to be business as usual. And Braverman has no patience for the excuses British police recite when ethnic minorities are accused of crimes.

Compare Braverman’s postmortem on the street clashes between Muslims and Hindus in Leicester with the mewling of the Chief Constable of Leicester police, Rob Nixon.

“Actually what we know is that this isn’t representative of all the Hindus, it isn’t representative of all the Muslims,” Nixon said:

In fact, it’s a small collection of individuals who are connected with [those faiths], but not exclusively … because [some] people that have come to our attention have been linked with the Christian faith.

[Leicester disorder ‘not exclusively’ Hindus and Muslims—police, by Ashitha Nagesh, BBC News, September 26, 2022]

Of course, all the names of arrestees are Muslim or Hindu, and had anyone “linked with the Christian faith” been involved, the police would have acted swiftly and broadcast their names.

In contrast, here is Braverman:

The unexamined drive towards multiculturalism as an end in itself combined with the corrosive aspects of identity politics has led us astray. I saw this when I went to Leicester recently. A melting-pot of cultures and a beacon of religious harmony. But even there, riots and civil disorder have taken place because of failures to integrate large numbers of newcomers.

[Leicester Riots Due To Uncontrolled Immigration: Indian-Origin UK Minister, Press Trust of India, October 5, 2022]

The daughter of a Tamil mother and a Goan father, Braverman has described herself as a ”child of the British Empire.” [Teachers should not pander to trans pupils, says Suella Braverman, by Steven Swinford, The Times, May 27 2022]. Her forthright stance on immigration pleases British patriots and enrages the left.

“It’s not racist for anyone, ethnic minority or otherwise, to want to control our borders,” she has said:

It’s not bigoted to say we have too many asylum seekers who are abusing the system. It’s not xenophobic to say that mass and rapid migration places pressure on housing, public services and community relations.

[Liz Truss: Betting odds rise on PM losing her job before year end, by Pedro Goncalves, Yahoo Finance UK, October 5, 2022]

No white politician from the two main parties could have said this.

Braverman may have kept a weather eye on Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, whose victory some of us saw coming [The Rise of Meloni, by Mark Gullick, Taki’s Magazine, August 12, 2022]. Her threat to send boats packed with “migrants” back to France has led to a disagreement with the French about maritime law [Channel crossings: Migrant boats could be turned back in new UK move, by Francesca Gillett, The Guardian, September 9, 2021]. Braverman may have learned that inaction on border control damaged the political standing of her predecessor, Priti Patel, and the inept Kamala Harris in the U.S.

Frighteningly, although 34,000 illegal aliens have landed in England this year, Prime Minister Truss has spoken about the need for more immigration [Liz Truss plans more immigration in effort to fill vacancies and drive growth, by Rajeev Syal, The Guardian, September 25, 2022]. Perhaps Truss and Braverman are the clichéd, mismatched cops from those buddy movies to give the illusion of genuine, meaningful political activity. Thus, the Conservative Party throws red meat to the base and the usual suspects denounce Braverman as the wrong type of brown person.

But if she shows the tigerish qualities of her Tamil mother, England will benefit.


Amnesty International Has Abandoned Its Once Noble Mission

British Lawyer Peter Benenson founded Amnesty International to highlight the plight of so-called “prisoners of conscience,” a laudable aim that earned AI the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977. How times have changed. It now concerns itself with England’s immigration policy.

In March last year, the British Government published A New Plan for Immigration, a standard time-wasting legislative instrument. In this year’s updated version, published in July, then-Home Secretary Priti Patel opened the document with what seemed to be an outright lie: “For the first time in decades we have full democratic control of our borders.”

But in fact that wasn’t a lie. The government does indeed have full control over the country’s borders in the same sense that people who commit suicide by driving their cars off cliffs also have full control of their cars. Border authorities, after all, routinely escort “migrants” from the  English Channel into port.

Amnesty International fears the document will “lead to greater suffering” [A guide to the Government’s immigration and asylum consultation, Amnesty International UK, September 26, 2022]. But the idea that immigrants to Britain are somehow “suffering” in the first place is ludicrous. Even in its rapidly declining state, Britain is still the land of milk and honey for wretches who have fled Islamic and sub-Saharan toilet countries.

In an age when ice cream companies lecture the Home Secretary and the rest of us on our duty to refugees [Outspoken ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s turns fire on UK migration rhetoric, Reuters, August 12, 2020], AI has abandoned its once-worthy mission. Instead of defending political prisoners and others illegally imprisoned by corrupt regimes in backward countries, it advocates illegal immigration that will turn England into one of those backward countries that will eventually be ruled by a corrupt regime.


Milnsbridge, Huddersfield Swamped With ‘Migrants’

Another sign that “refugees” and “migrants” can’t assimilate to life in England is their failure to understand the old real estate adage: location, location, location. Late last year, the uninvited newcomers said they didn’t want to live where the government puts them, even though it was quite a nice place [Afghan refugee families declining Hampshire housing in hopes of living closer to loved ones, by David George, The News, December 21, 2021].

Hampshire is one of England’s most beautiful counties. If someone offered me a house there, I would wonder what it was that I did that was so right.

But Muslims don’t think like me or any other Englishman. They want to live in cities with other Muslims, where money can be made, if not stolen. They have no use for rural idylls. The “loved ones” mentioned in the headline above are collectively called the ummah, the Islamic community at large.

More recently, the leftist U.K. Mainstream Media offered an illustrative point about “migrants” and their “needs.”

When about 80 “migrants,” all male, were moved into a converted mill near the unappetizing town of Milnsbridge, near Huddersfield in Yorkshire, clearly orchestrated Narrative lines appeared.

The first cast illegals as victims because they were placed in a converted mill rather than the usual hotel. And some didn’t have much clothing! [Asylum seekers have moved into ‘poorly chosen’ Huddersfield Mill and need help with clothes and settling in, by Andrew Robinson, Yorkshire Live, September 4, 2022]

Despite the government’s failing to consult the city council about this sudden inrush of diversity, the folk of Huddersfield have not behaved like those of Martha’s Vineyard. They’re doing all they can to make the illegals comfortable.

The second Narrative line was about Britain First, a small-time, anti-immigration party that leafletted the area. The group asked residents to report any problems with the fighting-age men who will be their new neighbors [Far-Right group Britain First sparks anger after video at Huddersfield asylum seeker mill, by Andrew Robinson, Yorkshire Live, September 26, 2022].

The “anger” is, of course, confined to local Member of Parliament Barry Sheerman, and someone from an organization called Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield, whose name appears to be Lucy Lucy.

Of course, no one asked the townspeople their opinion about moving in “migrants.” That makes Milnsbridge like every town that has become a dumping ground for illegals, who intend to milk England for everything they can.


Mark Gullick [Email him] has a PhD in philosophy. Originally from London, he has relocated to Costa Rica. He has also written for TakiMagNew English Review, Counter Currents (including a monthly UNION JACKAL column on general political and cultural topics, Standpoint and The Brazen Head.

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