VDARE Says Merry Christmas And VDARE Says The Hell With It
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Happy New Year! by Peter Brimelow

Before The Purge at National Review, I had persuaded Editor John O'Sullivan to run an annual competition for the most egregious attempt to suppress Christmas.  I gather it's been abandoned now – in fact, last year NR even touted a "Holiday Books" section on its cover.  Sic transit gloria…! Why, they'll be endorsing George W. next.

But the War Against Christmas rages on, part of the struggle to abolish America. VDARE enjoys a happy relationship with Amazon.com, the online bookstore.  Recently we got this cheery email from it:

Subject: Re: Holiday Link and a Gift for You!

Dear Amazon.com Associate,

Happy Holidays! Too early for jingle bells? Well, the holiday shopping season is in full swing and we're writing with an exciting seasonal promotion we've designed just for you. Scores of enthusiastic new customers are joining the millions who already enjoy the selection and value found at Amazon.com. We want to help you make the most of this once-a-year opportunity, so we've prepared a special holiday link for your site…

And the "holiday link" was supplied:

 — It was a pretty ribbon-wrapped parcel, emblazoned with the slogan HOLIDAY SHOPPING FROM HOME

We wrote back:

We could be interested in this, but only one that makes some reference to Christmas. Do you have that option?


And got this reply from a James W. Lindquist, associates@amazon.com

Thank you for writing to the Associates Program.

In regards to your email we only have this image available.  We may have others available in the future.

Thank you for your question and your interest in the Associates Program.

Best Regards,


In other words, mentioning Christmas is not even an option.

VDARE doesn't blame Amazon for toeing the line. (Well, we do, but well down a long list of real nogoodniks.) 

Still, we've forgone the gift.  And we wonder if Amazon knows the derivation of the word "holiday" – from "holy day," one of the Christian Days of Obligation. How does that square with the separation of church and state (or sales efforts)?

Next stop, "Happy Vacations"?

Want to bet against it? Are you sure?

RESURRECTED (oops!) CHRISTMAS COMPETITION: a signed copy of Alien Nation for the most egregious effort to suppress Christmas.

And a Happy New Year!

December 12, 2000

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