What WHAMs Need To Know About Affirmative Action
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Some see the rise of the  "BOBO"  (David Brooks' coinage for the New Class multiculti bourgeois bohemian) and applaud.   Paul Craig Roberts surveys, less happily to say the least, the circumstances of the white, heterosexual, able-bodied male - the WHAM  - still surprisingly numerous out there in remote Middle America. Roberts is the author, with Lawrence M. Stratton, of The New Color Line: How Quotas and Privilege Destroy Democracy.  His latest book with Stratton, The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice, was the subject of a recent Forbes article by VDARE's Peter Brimelow

If you are a white heterosexual able-bodied male (WHAM), you need to understand that affirmative action is not about leveling a playing field.  It is about leveling you.

You need to comprehend, also, that you are already pretty much leveled. Even the most recent immigrant from the Third World arrives in the U.S. with more legal rights than you or your sons have.  As a "person of color" the immigrant is admitted to universities and job-training programs on the basis of lower standards than are applied to you.  He has the right to be hired and promoted ahead of you despite lesser qualifications for the job.  He can sue you for discrimination for a variety of reasons—for example, you don't want to hire him, make him a bank loan, or rent him your house. But you cannot sue him for the same reasons. He can call you names, but you can't call him names. His special legal status is growing as politicians pandering to him create new crimes that only he can suffer and only you can commit.  His special rights are based on skin color.  His official designation is "preferred minority."  He is a member of a new aristocracy with status-based rights. He is learning to see his preferred legal position as a race-based entitlement.

You may say, "Baloney! We WHAMs outnumber the minorities. We have all the power, money and best jobs. These Third World types work in McDonalds and clean our homes while we pull in the big bucks."  This is, for the most part, true.  For now.   But the fact remains that he has superior legal status to you.  It is just a matter of time before he learns to use his superior legal standing to displace you. 

Indeed, you are already a smaller percentage of the population than you think.  Many WHAMs—those in college and university faculties, media, entertainment, the Democratic Party, public employee unions, the bar association, the ACLU, and corporate executives—have allied themselves with preferred minorities.  Moreover, these WHAM allies of minorities live mainly in urban areas where there are large concentrations of preferred minorities.  In the last election, the urban vote in a relatively few counties matched the vote of the entire rest of the country and gave Al Gore a chance to steal the presidency.

Homosexual and disabled white males also vote against you.  The latter have achieved preferred status and homosexuals are demanding it.

Feminists have split many white heterosexual women from you.  It has become dangerous for a WHAM to marry.  Laws have changed out from under you.  You can be blameless, but your wife can walk away with another man, your children, half of your property and pension and a good chunk of your earnings for many years to come.  If you resist, your wife may hit you with child abuse charges.  You will not get a fair trial. Police sex crime units, desperate for cases to justify budgets that feminists have put in place, will use the charges to send you off to prison.

Moreover, affirmative action has given women gender privileges comparable to the racial privileges of darker skins. WHAMs are the only group without privileges or preferred legal standing.

Your persecution has already begun.  And much worst is to come.  You are demonized in the universities, just as Jews in Germany were demonized by intellectuals and professors for 60 years prior to Adolf Hitler.  And you are demonized in the same vicious terms.  You are part of the "hegemonic order."  Your success and contributions are based on holding down others.  The rule of law is your self-serving construction and nothing but a race and gender law designed to oppress blacks and women.  You have done nothing but evil throughout history.  The communists blamed the capitalists.  Nazis blamed the Jews.  Feminists and affirmative action blame you.

You have no leaders, no organization, and no spokesmen.  Anyone who attempts to rouse you immediately becomes an outcast. They are slandered and called names. They lose their job and their voice.  You have nowhere to go and no way of protecting yourself from the vicious propaganda that is targeted against you.  You are too politically weak to cap the immigration that is making you into a minority in your homeland. 

You are losing the ability to reproduce as your women influenced by feminists increasingly eschew procreation.  The birthrate of native-born Americans is significantly below the replacement rate.  More than 42 percent of American women of childbearing age are childless.  Career paths dictated by gender quotas are increasing the percentage.

It is just a matter of time.  

December 05, 2000

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