Yup, We Said That!—Treason Lobby Lawyers Learn About "Restrictionists"
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Besides being on the right side of history on the immigration question, what else do these seven fine Americans have in common? – Peter Brimelow, Dan Stein, Pat Buchanan, Samuel Huntington, Michelle Malkin, Craig Nelsen and your humble VDARE.com correspondent, Juan Mann.

Answer: The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is reading their work.

This august seven—among whom I am very honored to be numbered—have the distinction of being the first seven people quoted by name in the "We can't believe they said that" section of AILA's new "Restrictionist Watch" [PDF] internet newsletter.

So far, there have been three issues of "Restrictionist Watch" since its debut in February. It's available in English and Spanish versions, so all of AILA's non-English-speaking clients won't miss a thing.

Here's some of the things that AILA "can't believe" we said.

  • Peter Brimelow—"In announcing his support for what can only be called the Robert L. Bartley Memorial Open Borders Bill this afternoon, President Bush singled out 'members of citizen groups who have joined us' in the audience. . . . Not one non-Hispanic 'citizens group' seems to have been judged worthy of an invitation. Apparently, Bush thinks that America's citizenry is already entirely Hispanic—like the waiters in his country club.
  • Michelle Malkin—"It is not the incivility of the Ashcroft-haters that galls me. It is the unmitigated insipidity and apathy they display towards what this man and his department have done to protect their right to be free, safe, and stupid."
  • Juan Mann—"So let's review. Why is the DHS releasing 'credible fear' asylum applicants from immigration detention in the first place? Here's the illogical but true answer: they're being released so they can supposedly show up for EOIR Immigration Court hearings and continue hiding in the EOIR briar patch of perpetual litigation. In fact as we've seen, 97 percent of asylum applicants released from detention can disappear without a trace, never to be deported."

"But remember that, regardless of whether or not the aliens have a bona fide asylum claim, as long as they're free inside the United States (courtesy of the DHS and EOIR), they'll be feeding at the public trough. A great deal for the Treason Lobby and their alien charges!"

Note that these Treason Lobbyist flacks don't actually dispute what we say. They are simply shocked that anyone dare say these things at all. It's a measure of the hermetically-sealed politically-correct world in which immigration enthusiasts live.

Stay tuned to VDARE.com, all you Treason Lobbyists! There's plenty more where that came from . . . and then some.

But if the Treason Lobby's hired guns really want some quotable quotes, I have to tell you they've really been missing the boat. It's obvious that the nervous "Restrictionist Watch" scribes never had the pleasure of listening to The Terry Anderson Show.

No, he's not the former hostage of the same name.

But Terry is a hostage of a different kind – "the prisoner of South Central" – a hostage to illegal immigration in his own Los Angeles neighborhood. Terry is on the air every Sunday at 11 p.m. Eastern, and 8 p.m. Pacific time.

And believe me, Terry is a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to quotes you "can't believe they said."

Also, it just so happens starting this Wednesday (June 9), that AILA begins its annual gala conference of immigration lawyers, leftist agitators and assorted current/former federal government sycophants.

According to the AILA web site, there's a talk scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Saturday (June 12) by Judith Golub and Heidi Beirich, called "The Anti-Immigration Agenda: What you need to know." [Schedule – Page 14 – PDF]

Sounds boring to me.

If you want my advice, why not pick up a copy of VDARE.com's new Unity Review or Dr. John Tanton's  Common Sense On Mass Immigration instead. You'll be glad you did.

Or catch The Terry Anderson Show on Sunday night.

Terry will tell you all you need to know about the "agenda" of real Americans who want federal immigration laws enforced (for a change), and illegal aliens deported, not rewarded with benefits.

Listen and find out.

The real immigration reform movement is here. The Treason Lobby's immigration lawyers may not "believe" it now . . . but they had better get used to it.

[Contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association]

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of DeportAliens.com.

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