A Berkeley Reader Says Gruesome Immigrant Crime Stories Like Poor Lola's In Paris Are Always The Same
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From: A Berkeley Reader [Email her]

The headline says “Homeless” but the story is about a young white French girl killed by four Algerian immigrants.

Homeless woman ’who boasted about selling body parts’ is charged with raping, torturing and murdering 12-year-old Lola after the girl was found stuffed in a suitcase in Paris with numbers 1 and 0 ’placed’ on her corpse

  • Body of Lola Daviet, 12, was found tied up in a suitcase in Paris on Friday showing signs of torture
  • Dahbia B, 24, has been charged with her murder, rape and torture after the gruesome killing 
  • Man, 43, remains in custody after allegedly providing a car to the suspect  
  • The victim was discovered with her feet and wrists bound, tape over her mouth and several cuts to her throat
  • Numbers were also found on her body—not written or cut but ’placed’ on her by a ’device’, French media said
  • The girl’s body was found at 11.30pm Friday night just hours after she was reported missing by her mother

[Homeless woman among four held over mysterious murder of Lola in Paris, Daily Mail, October 17, 2022]

Two familiar things stand out as we get to the end of this story:

1) The concluding statement that ”The students at Lola’s school are receiving psychological support”—or, as The Daily Mail reports more expansively:

Parisian officials indicated that staff and students of the Georges Brassens school, as well as neighbouring schools in the area, would receive psychological support. 

Forget about the psychological counselors. The kind of ”support” these children need is protection from dangerous maniacs living on their streets. And the perp was an Algerian migrant: why was she even in France?

2) An endless number of sappy commenters expressed sadness and sympathy for the child and her family—with no suggestion that this whole horrible scenario could have been avoided by sane immigration policies.

As Edith Piaf used to sing, ”C’est toujours la même histoire.”

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