A British Reader Is Revolted By Norwegian Horror
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From: Matthew Slater [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's Blog item Norwegian Killer Actually Norwegian

I know you will be revolted by the Norwegian attacks, especially the targeting of teenagers at the camp and the numbers killed. The fact that a native Norwegian did this makes it much worse, at least for me—oddly enough, it would be easier to accept if it had been al-Qaeda.

This man seems to be a right-wing extremist, and I feel in some way sullied by that—that my opposition to immigration is somehow dragged in the mud by a man who thinks he is accomplishing something by killing nearly 100 young people. If anything is accomplished by this, it will be the opposite—that everyone who wants to keep the nation-state will fall under suspicion.

There are few details about this man's motivations yet, but all I can imagine is that he blames the Norwegian Labour Party for immigration and multiculturalism—and this is just presumption at this point—and decided to take it out on the party by killing members of the party's youth wing. We have had people like this in Britain—David Copeland and others—and it all goes to show there is an extreme fringe to conservative politics that does successfully delegitimize conservative ideology.

The number of people who want to kill innocent members of their own nation like this must be less than one-thousandth of one percent, and  the number of people concerned at immigration, multiculturalism and the large parasitical state is over 50% of the population. Nevertheless, it is easy for the media to draw a direct line between the two.

I read once that the Scandinavian right tends to extremism simply because of the over-the-top style of the multiculturalism and the PC views of the mainstream there—but none of this excuses the outrage that has been committed.

It seems likely to me that Western societies no longer exhibit social solidarity. Members of European ethnic groups can no longer feel cocooned in their communities any more, as many members of the mainstream European ethnic groups are overtly against the interests of their own ethnies, and are also often viciously, vindictively and spitefully engaged in the persecution of members of their own ethnic group who simply want the ethnic group as a whole to voice its own interests—as non-white ethnic groups invariably and naturally do.

And this sense of a society that no longer has intrasocial connections, this sense of being a member of an ethnic group that is pursuing its own demise, this sense of individuation, as we are transformed from a people into a population with stronger links to the state than to each other, creates a culture of negativity among the population at large, with the psychological pressure it exerts seen more clearly on the handful at the fringe.

Like this man Breivik, who has lashed out in an incomprehensible and irrational way against members of his own ethnic group probably seen by him as supporting the demise of the ethnie.

Let me be clear—there is no punishment sufficient for this man—it is one of those occasions where one is left wishing (but no longer really believing) that there were eternal punishment in the afterlife—as nothing we can do will be anywhere near condign punishment.

And to make the point that multiculturalism puts psychological pressure on the population, producing extremism in a handful, is unlikely to be accepted or acceptable to many right now—even if it is a logical point to make.

But we ought to have societies that are united culturally, where people feel things in common with their neighbours—and we are trying to do the opposite, to create a miserable, individuated population, without horizontal connections with each other. There is nothing wrong with calling for social solidarity and for full cultural integration among those who come to our countries, and for a bar on immigration for those unlikely to culturally integrate.

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