A Chicago Reader Finds Some Suggestive Propaganda Marked "US Chamber of Commerce"
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Suggestive Propaganda Marked "US Chamber of Commerce"From: Left Behind In Chicago [Email him]

I found these advertising flyers in my Chicago neighborhood. They could be propaganda against illegal immigration, but the theme is certainly true, the US Chamber of Commerce and various Latino power groups are looking to flood Chicago with cheap Hispanic workers.

American unions used to oppose this kind of thing. I know regular American workers who strongly oppose the wage slaver business elite of the US Chamber of Commerce.

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James Fulford writes: I want to make it clear that I get the joke here—this is not boasting by the actual Chamber of Commerce or National Council of La Raza, it's some local Chicago union member doing grass-roots anonymous protest.

It's suggestive of two things:

  1. How American workers, even in Obama's home town, feel about Amnesty
  2. How unsafe they'd be protesting it openly—it's anonymous, like Soviet era samizdat.
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