A Concerned Immigration Patriot Reminds Us That One Hispanic Republican (Raul Reyes) Actually Ran On Securing The Border And Restoring Order
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Re: Hispanic “Republicans” Gonzales, Salazar, Lead Fight Against Immigration Patriotism In House. They Must Be Ignored

From: A Concerned Immigration Patriot [Email him]

I have to say…. Washington Watcher II’s article on Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) and Tony Gonzalez (R-TX) is a fantastic expose on why Hispanic Republicans cannot be trusted to protect America’s national character.

I lived in Gonzalez’s congressional district, Texas’ 23rd, albeit for a brief period. This seat was previously held by a consummate RINO in Will Hurd. As a CIA spook and an ornery Never Trumper, Hurd was a mainstay of the D.C. establishment. Once Hurd announced his retirement from Congress in 2019, I was cautiously optimistic about Hurd being replaced by a real immigration patriot.

That candidate would have been Raul Reyes. While Reyes is a Hispanic, he ran a strong campaign largely based on securing the border and restoring order. Reyes previously laid out his unapologetically nationalist agenda in an interview with Big League Politics.

Reyes pulled off a strong performance against Gonzalez during Texas 23rd’s Republican primary in 2020, where he lost a narrow recount vote to Gonzalez by a razor-thin margin of 50.1% to 49.9%. This just goes to show how important it is to vote in down-ballot elections. In addition, Reyes ran for the Texas State Senate District 24 seat against incumbent Pete Flores in 2022, a contest which he also lost.

It remains to be seen if Reyes will continue running for higher office. In all honesty, he would be a vast improvement over the Open Borders Inc. stooges slithering across the halls of Congress. Even worse, is how Donald Trump endorsed the likes of Gonzalez over Reyes in the 2020 GOP primary. I still view the former president in a positive light. However, his endorsements can still be suspect here and there.

Sadly, white Republican voters will continue to be undermined by the likes of Gonzalez if they’re not voted out of office and replaced with serious immigration patriots. Restoring order in America will not be a walk in the park.


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