A Houston Reader Says That SOME White Democrats Will Back Hillary's BLM Bootlicking
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item The Mothers of the Movement—Hillary and the DNC Go All In For Dead Thugs

From: A Houston Reader [Email him]

In James Fulford’s July 19 blog entry he  asked, "How hard does Hillary think she can push this BLM stuff without alienating all the remaining white Democrats?" The answer is, as hard as she wants.

Obviously, white welfare recipients will continue to vote for the Party of Bread and Circuses regardless of BLM or anything else.

White Americans who "work" for governmental income redistribution agencies, or for do-gooder NGOs mostly funded by government, are immutably Democratic. So are white "journalists" and entertainers. They'd all be out of a job if they started making noises like a Trump supporter.

Perhaps there is a minuscule number of white Americans who actually hold real jobs and pay taxes but vote Democratic anyway. Clearly, those people don't have minds to change. They're either schizophrenic or just dumber than a rock. They'll continue voting Democratic until some latter day Nat Turner decapitates them.

Young social justice warriors  support BLM as much as Hilliary does, foolishly believing that black hostility is not directed at them. They're mostly college kids who haven't started paying taxes, and probably never will. Eventually, they'll slip into one of the previous categories, if they're fortunate enough avoid an untimely death at the hands of their pets.

The last large contingent of white Democratic voters is, of course, the dead. Perhaps their votes might change if Republican operatives adopt Democratic tactics and get to the polls first, but that seems unlikely.

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