A Reader Can't Believe The Somali Bantu Scandal
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March 01, 2003

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Connecting the Dots in San Jose

From: John Dunbar:

"'Do not assume they can open a door just because it has a doorknob,' [refugee bureaucrat] Chanoff said."

Here's an interesting article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and found at the Freerepublic site regarding importing 12,000 illiterate and perhaps untrainable Somali Bantus:

A quote:

"How does one begin to teach the relevance of time and dates and schedules? What about sensitizing people to the nuances of shopping and cooking and eating, when they won't recognize food in the supermarkets? How does one prevent children from sticking a finger into an electric socket or garbage disposal, falling down stairs, scalding themselves with a faucet or straying into the road?"

New world awaits Bantus seeking refuge in Atlanta, By Mark Bixler, Atlanta Journal-Constitution February 23, 2003

Well, I guess we'll have to hire more government social workers.

I just couldn't believe this was happening after 9/11. We will never learn.

VDARE.COM note: next week we publish an analysis by Thomas Allen of the Somali Bantu scandal. You'll never guess who didn't want them!

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