A Reader Hears Immigration Lawyer Friend Stricken With China Virus: Asks If Corona Taking Is Revenge On The Immigration Bar
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From: Anthony Boehm [Email him]

I just got news that one of my best friends from law school is in the hospital with all the symptoms of corona virus.  He has been there since Wednesday night, but the test hasn't come back yet. I sure hope he doesn't have it.

But if he does, it is due to open borders and mass immigration.  My friend of so many years is a leading and successful immigration attorney in our home state.  Has been for years.  I suspect his infection came from personal interaction with Chinese business visa clients.

So corona may be taking revenge on the immigration bar.  My friend is a good man, a great father and I wish him well, but he and the many others who have helped mass immigration take place may now be paying a personal health price for their choice of a niche to work in.

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