A Reader in Scotland Says Americans Should Beware Of "Hispanic Nationalists"
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From: Martin Kelly (e-mail him)

Re: Pat Buchanan's Column: Will Bush's Recognition of Kosovo Spur Renewed Balkanization?

What a different world we might now live in had Pat Buchanan been able to spread his nets more widely.

The U.S. recognition of an ersatz Kosovo is a green light to nationalists, cranky or otherwise, to declare their own Identikit nations in every part of the globe.

In Scotland, we now have an authoritarian, mildly fascistic nationalist Scottish Executive which insists on calling itself "The Scottish Government"; something which, at least by law, it most certainly is not. All that the declaration of Kosovo has done is throw petrol on its twin fires of ambition and Anglophobia.

Never mind Scotland—what about the U.S. itself? Wouldn't be ironic if, under a President McCain, Arizona's Hispanic nationalists decide to declare themselves free from the Union? After Kosovo, is there anything the Great Republic could do to stop them?

Did any American policymaker give any thought to that possibility before opening their mouth? Or do they all consider Serbs to be Minutemen with Balkan accents?

Martin Kelly is a Glasgow, Scotland-based blogger. Previous letters from him are archived here. Read Kelly's March 16, 2006 column about the Irish here.

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