A Reader Is Cheered By Stories Of Blacks Abandoning The "Racist" USA. Can This Be Encouraged?
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From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]
The ongoing riots and destruction of historically significant statues are further evidence that blacks generally do not see America as their country. Most of them feel that America has, and continues, to oppress them. They feel like second-class citizens, and to a certain extent they are right. They will almost certainly never be the social equals of whites.
And apparently, some blacks have given up on America as a result. The MSM has devoted some of its attention to blacks emigrating from America to various spots, particularly in Africa ['I'm Leaving, And I'm Just Not Coming Back': Fed Up With Racism, Black Americans Head Overseas, by Kim Hjelmgaard, USA Today, June 26, 2020].
It is hard to say how prevalent this trend is, but I think it should be encouraged by our side. We need to approach America’s current crisis like a divorce. Nobody is necessarily at fault. The parties are simply incompatible. We just need to go our separate ways.
VDARE.com has written extensively about the need to stop immigration in order to prevent whites from becoming a minority. That is good advocacy, but another method that could prevent our demographic demise is the emigration of minority groups. If America is seen as a place that is undesirable to a minority group that has lived in America for four hundred years, it may discourage the Third World from wanting to settle here as well.
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