A Reader Suggests Naming Fort Bragg "Fort Strom Thurmond"
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From: Dale Gribble [Email him]

Sadly, the housebroken GOP Inc. Senators nearly unanimously voted to rename military installations named after soldiers who “voluntarily” served the Confederate Army.

I didn’t see on the U.S. Senate’s website in the text of the Defense Funding Bill anything to heal Native Americans hurt feelings over installations dedicated to Indian killers, e.g. Fort Kit Carson. One popular suggestion for replacing the dead Confederates—name bases after WWII leaders. [America Wants to Rename Army Bases Named For Confederate Leaders. Here's How to Get It Right., by Chad Storlie, YahooNews, June 17, 2020]

How about renaming Fort Bragg, SC after D-Day hero Strom Thurmond?

Senator Thurmond, who represented South Carolina in the Senate for 48 years, quit his judge position at 39! He joined the army, rose to lieutenant colonel and was decorated for bravery, landing a glider behind the lines on June 6, 1944.

After all, as NPR’s Mara Liasson likes pointing out, the men of D-Day were real anti-fascists. 

James Fulford writes: For more on Strom Thurmond, see these articles:

While Senator Thurmond dissented from the Civil Rights revolution, his Army service was in the service of the United States. 



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