A Southern Labor Union Supporter Is Alienated From "Jobs With Justice"
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From: (name withheld)

Re: Brenda Walker On The "Big Squeeze" On American Workers

For a while, I gave my weak support to a union organization called Jobs With Justice. Eventually I saw the agenda of JWJ was to integrate amnesty for illegal aliens with their union movement.

I have long felt that free labor unions are part of the fabric of free society. But I saw that this ethnic agenda was going to alienate potential supporters of labor unions, especially in the South.

At one time the labor union movement was concerned with broad social causes that all Americans could agree with: good jobs that paid good wages.

I tried to tell JWJ to drop the amnesty campaign. I talked to several people high in the organization, some who work to organize in the South. Their stubbornness was impermeable to any logic. Many times they hung up with expressions of outrage. Some said, "No!"

I told them that many working class Southern men would love to join a labor movement. But when you combine your vision with a new form of scab labor recruitment, you will turn off new American members in droves.

I was beside myself with the stupidity of Jobs with Justice. (Email Jobs with Justice).

VDARE.COM comment: We hear this complaint a lot. Cornell University labor economist Vernon Briggs Jr. has written extensively about Organized Labor's shift on immigration — which now reflects a pro-open-borders policy, a sharp departure from the days of Samuel Gompers (see VDARE.COM's Labor and Immigration Archive).

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