A St. Louis Woman Has A Historical Objection
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Re: James Fulford's blog post Two Moms, One White, One Black, In “Textbook” Examples Of Black Privilege And Christophobia

From: A St. Louis Woman [Email her]

I disagree with James Fulford's blog post—World History is not Comparative Religion.

Fulford misses the point. These are history books not religion books. Slaves were hardly immigrants or workers.

The mother in Florida needs to join her son in the class so she learns the difference between history and religion. Oh,  and she might want to look up what “Arabic numerals” are, because they have not one thing to do with Islam.

The ignorance of our citizens is unbelievable. And now she wants to pass this ignorance on to her son. Seriously?

James Fulford writes: I don't expect everyone to agree with me on the historical questions involved, but yes, slaves were by definition both "immigrants" and "workers"—they just didn't choose to be either one.

As for the Arabic numeral thing, I'm aware that the numbers we use every day are called Arabic numbers, as the white Florida mom apparently wasn't, but I'm also aware the claim Muslims invented them is a standard feature of pro-Muslim propaganda, and false too.

However, even if I'm totally wrong about all that, the underlying point remains—no textbook company is going to change anything in a textbook because it insults white people, Christians, or the United States of America.

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