A Swedish Reader Says Swedes Are Sorry For Themselves—With Reason
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November 06, 2003

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From: Michael Stålberg michael.sthlberg@telia.com, Tyreso, Sweden:

Re: 10/29/03 - The New York Times Says Japan Needs Immigrants. The Japanese Politely Disagree

I think Jared Taylor's view of Sweden is too sunny. ["The Swedes don't sit around feeling sorry for themselves because there are only nine million of them."]

Consider this: 12 percent of our population is foreign born.  

(Compared to 6 percent for Denmark and 7 percent for Norway.)

Another 8 percent are second generation immigrants.

Last year the number of immigrants were at an all time high (I think over 60,000).

Normally the number is around 45,000, divided among 10,000 refugees, 15,000 relatives to the refugees and the rest professionals or students.

The entire population is nearly nine million on an area the size of California.

At least 50 percent of the refugees, according to the Migration Bureau, are

bogus refugees.

During the last ten years immigration has gone from being economically profitable (they say) to a yearly loss of 30 billion Swedish crowns (around four billion US dollars).

This a conservative figure, published by the Migration Bureau. Immigration reformers give a much higher one.

In the third largest city, Malmo, in southern Sweden, opposite Copenhagen in Denmark, (comparable to Detroit and Toronto), one-third of the population is foreign born.

Mostly Muslim. There have been demands for introducing Arabic as the main language in certain class rooms.

The group of Somalis is also large. They are worse off, as far employment is concerned, than any other immigrant group. They are Muslim and practice female genital mutilation. This has caused some consternation among the Swedish public, and now the punishment for such practices is ten years imprisonment—though, of course, authorities look the other way.

Of course crime is up enormously, since unemployment is high among immigrants. In some areas 90 percent.

As for the Scandinavian welfare state, it's rapidly in decline. Hospitals are shut down and elderly care as well, and every branch of the welfare state is put on a diet: the education system, the military, the judicial system (the courts) and the police.

For a more detailed description of the consequences of Muslim immigration in Denmark and Norway (and accordingly Sweden) read this classic piece by Mark Steyn: There are informative articles in The Economist on Scandinavia and immigration.

The pattern is the same of all over the Western world. Third world immigration, even if a vast majority of the immigrants are law abiding and part of the work force, cause tremendous integration problems. Simply because the immigrants are too many. A pause and later a slower pace is necessary.

P.S. Here is the homepage of a Swedish Nationalist journal


[VDARE.COM comments: Of course, Jared Taylor's point was simply that the Swedes don't want or need immigration-forced population growth—with which our reader agrees.

We get a significant number of foreign readers at VDARE.COM—and our recent letter from a Norwegian reader attracted particularly heavy traffic.]

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