A Talk Radio Listener Says If The Anti-Alex Jones Lawfare Were Applied WIthout Partisan Bias, EVERY Media Outlet Would Be Bankrupt
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Gateway Pundit reports

A federal judge on Friday ordered the liquidation of Alex Jones’ personal assets.

Judge Christopher Lopez [right, a Federal Bankruptcy Court judge, not appointed by the President, but by other judges] approved Alex Jones’ request to convert a Chapter 11 business reorganization bk to a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.

The judge still has not made a decision on Jones’ media platform Infowars and parent company Free Speech Systems.

“This is probably the end of Infowars here very, very soon. If not today, in the next few weeks or months,” Alex Jones told reporters before the hearing began on Friday. “But it’s just the beginning of my fight against tyranny.”

NEW: Federal Judge Orders Liquidation of Alex Jones’ Personal Assets, Gateway Pundit, June 14, 2024

He has been wiped out in a libel suit for lying about an event. The amount of damages is huge:

In December 2022 Alex Jones filed for personal bankruptcy protection in a Texas court after the Sandy Hook verdict.

A Connecticut judge previously ordered Alex Jones to pay an additional $473 million to Sandy Hook families, Reuters reported.

This is in addition to the $1 billion Alex Jones was ordered to pay for questioning the Sandy Hook shooting.

His lie was goofy and unsupported by any facts, but, like the Democrat and MSM lie that Hunter Biden's laptop was a hoax, it did not give rise to a cause of action for defamation. There was no liability, and there were no damages. None of the plaintiffs was personally libeled, and none suffered any financial damage. Where is the Supreme Court? Where are the worthless Republicans?

If the principle of this case were applied without partisan bias, every MSM entity would be bankrupt. They lie constantly, and MSM lies have caused financial harm to every American.

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