A Utah Reader Reports On A Financial Crisis Caused By ONE Illegal Alien
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From: A Utah Reader [Email him]

I live in Utah County, Utah. A single illegal alien's medical expenses have cost Utah County taxpayers between $800,000 and $1 million so far. See the article here. The local Sheriff has resigned over the problems it has caused to his department. Simply unbelievable. 

Tracy resigned unexpectedly at the end of a Utah County Commission meeting July 3, citing frustration with the commission for lack of response to multiple requests for funding to cover large medical bills of one of the prison inmates.

The inmate, who multiple county officials have identified as a person who is in the country illegally, was estimated to rack up somewhere from $800,000 to $1 million in medical bills by the end of the year.

Tracy said he first notified the commission in February of the potential shortage of funds, and Tracy requested additional funding from the commissioners through multiple emails obtained by the Daily Herald.

In his resignation speech July 3, Tracy had said without additional funding from the commission, he would be forced to close a jail pod, release 128 inmates and eliminate 15 positions in order to pay the medical costs.

Tracy had previously floated the idea of shutting down a jail pod in an email sent to the commissioners in May, in which he talked about having difficulty filling positions in the Utah County Jail.

The emails also show that Tracy had forwarded multiple emails from jail staff asking for additional funds, and warning that a doctor and multiple vendors would not be paid without additional funds in that specific account.

“As you can see, we are officially out of Jail Medical funds in our 4520 account,” Tracy wrote on May 22. “Our outstanding billings now exceed our remaining residual funds.”

The inmate in question was at LDS Hospital, Tracy said, and requested an additional $600,000 to $800,000 to put into the account immediately to cover the anticipated medical expenses for that inmate and other patients.

 Mike Smith prepares to take over Utah County Sheriff position earlier than planned

by Katie England, Utah Daily Herald July 15, 2018

James Fulford writes: It's amazing that they local paper managed to find out so much about this, and say so little, especially in the headline.

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