A Virginia Reader Notes The MSM Reporting An Invasion—Of Fish!
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From: A Hanover County, VA Reader [Email him]

Re: The Fulford File: "Would-Be Demagogues Should Note"—Herrnstein, Murray, Richwine And The Decades Old Attempt To Stifle The Immigration Debate

In what used to be a local newspaper, before Warren Buffett bought it, this story was published this morning: 

Snakeheads break out of Potomac, enter Rappahannock River

Va. officials hedge bets about fish’s incursion into James, York rivers

By Ted Strong, Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 17, 2013.

Snakehead usually means a Chinese people smuggler, but this fish is the real thing.

As I read this story, I could not escape the metaphorical parallels between our immigrations woes, and this “Snake Head fish”.  The truth of what is going on in our culture is all around us.  That includes all the evidence of low IQ-based behavior.  Our problem as a formerly  Northern European culture is leadership, not “truth”.  We are being led to perdition by those who consider themselves to be, and are truly working on it, Masters of the Universe. 

All that said, consider the Snakehead fish.

James Fulford writes: We've seen this before, with foreign pythons taking over the Florida swamps, and giant rat-sized snails, also a Florida problem. The point is that the Main Stream Media is willing to recognize the phenomenon of displacement in the animal kingdom, but any humans who complain of being displaced are "bigots" and "nativists."

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