An Academic Reader Says Biden's Speech Sounds Like A Prelude To Civil War, Wonders What's Coming Next
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From: A Reader From Academe [Email him]

The president’s speech last night was frightening, like a prelude to war or a purge.

He defined ALL ”MAGA Republicans” as a threat to democracy, essentially enemies to the state. The implication is that the U.S. government has declared that conservatives cannot legitimately engage in the political process. The president reinforced this by declaring that the ”MAGA Republicans” would attempt to steal the next election. Hence any MAGA wins will be either 1) fraudulent or 2) illegitimate. In either case, police or military action would be justified to prevent a ”MAGA Republican” from coming into power, as would economic sanctions (freezing of bank accounts, imprisonment, etc.) to punish supporters of the wrong candidate.

Statements like these sure seem like a prelude to a civil war. I am not comfortable with having been declared an enemy to the state.

With the wind blowing in a decidedly Pinochet direction, what prudent moves must we make to protect ourselves?



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