An Indian Immigrant Comments on Libertarianism and Immigration...
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From:  "Indian Immigrant"

As an engineer, I agree with the principle that we should push the boundary of any theory to test its "asymptotic behaviour". And applying that, Randall Parker's hypothesis is very realistic. As evidence, consider my experience: I was visiting India in 1986 and was shocked to see a mob of Muslim protesters burn down a newspaper press (Deccan Herald of Bangalore) for supposedly publishing a (fictional) short story that "hurt" some peoples' "religious" sentiments. Very  recently, in Pakistan, a well established newspaper, Frontier Post, was attacked and burned down (and the paper had to close down, for good I suppose) for innocently publishing a Letter to Editor that "hurt Muslim sentiment" - and not a word of protest from anyone about freedom of speech!

February 12, 2001

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