Happy New Year* From VDARE!
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*Warning: the Supreme Court may determine at any moment that use of the Gregorian Calendar violates the separation of Church and State, demonstrates Euro centric bias and is quite probably a hate crime. 

Two Quotes for the New Millennium* 


Mark my words. I am going to have more problems with members of my own party than I will with Democrats…If anybody comes to me demanding this and telling me to do that, they'll be finished. They tried to do that in Texas with English-only [an attempt to dismantle bilingual education]. But I said: "No. You are going to destroy this party by being extremist"…I had to change the imagery in [sic] my party. I had to change the idea that my party was against things. Against immigrants. Against public schools. I wanted people to know I was for something, so that people wanted to hear what I stood for.

-         George W. Bush, quoted in London Financial Times, December 12, 2000.

Q: At independence, Bangladeshi women averaged six to seven children. Today, that rate has been halved by a strong family planning program. Yet, Bangladesh still has 120 million people and by the year 2050 will have at least twice that number, according to the U.S. State Department. How will Bangladesh feed, educate, employ and house those kinds of numbers?

A: Sheika Hasina [the (lady) President of Bangladesh]: We'll send them to America! [Laughter].

Interview with Robin Wright, the Los Angeles Times, December 3, 2000

December 31, 2000

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