A Newcastle PA Reader Reports Learning Of A Black-On-White Atrocity IN HIS OWN TOWN Only By Reading VDARE.com!
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In response to our latest monthly Black-on-White Homicides survey 41 BLACK ON WHITE HOMICIDES, INCLUDING A CATHOLIC PRIEST AND A ROAD-RAGE KILLING BY A BLACK “CORRECTIONS OFFICER,” January 2024—Another Month In The Death Of White America, a New Castle, PA reader commented on Gab on a particularly ugly story, 18-month-old Iris Rita Alfera, from New Castle, PA, died from apparent poisoning.

I was wondering what all the signs around town were about calling for justice for Iris. As I scrolled down reading, the story of baby Iris was on there. I live here and did not hear of this horror. They really keep black on white evil silent. If it weren’t for her family putting these signs all over town no one would even know this baby’s name. The horror of it all is profound.

Horror? Personally, I think evil is more appropriate.

On my count, this was the 27th item in our survey. So our reader showed great tenacity in scrolling through this terrible toll.

Maybe you should too. Is the Regime Media really telling you what is going on in your hometown?

It has crossed our mind that our Month In The Death Of White America series is a major reason that NYAG Letitia James and her managers are so determined to shut us down.




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