A Perfect Storm In Iowa: Ten Points About Mollie Tibbetts Murder
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The murder of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa is an unusually comprehensive story, in that it puts on display a remarkably large number of the components of our immigration-policy lunacy.

Ms Tibbetts, just to remind you, was a 20-year-old white girl, a sophomore at the University of Iowa, majoring in psychology. She went jogging on July 18th and was not seen alive again. Cristhian Bahena-Rivera, an illegal alien from Mexico, has been charged with her murder. A preliminary autopsy has indicated that Ms Tibbetts was stabbed to death.

Let me tick off those components for you.

  1. Sanctuary cities and counties. Until July 1st this year — two weeks before Ms Tibbetts set off on her last jog — the town of Brooklyn, Iowa, where she was staying, was surrounded by sanctuary cities and counties. Then on July 1st the Iowa state legislature passed a bill revoking state funding from sanctuary jurisdictions.
  2. Identity theft. Bahena-Rivera "used a fake or stolen photo ID and provided a fraudulent Social Security card" to get a job at a dairy farm.
  3. Need for compulsory E-Verify. The dairy farm admits they did not use E-Verify to check Bahena-Rivera's eligibility for legal employment.
  4. Media reluctance to say "illegal alien." The New York Times originally described Bahena-Rivera as, quote, "a 24-year-old resident of rural Poweshiek County." They later updated the descriptor to, quote, "a 24-year-old undocumented immigrant."
  5. The anchor baby scam. Bahena-Rivera has had a child by one of Mollie Tibbetts' former classmates. Since this child was born in the U.S.A. it is, by the current insane interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, a U.S. citizen.
  6. Family separation. The arrest and charging of Bahena-Rivera has of course caused him to be separated from his child. If found guilty, he will likely be separated from his child for many years. Meanwhile Mollie Tibbetts has of course, as our President and others have pointed out, been separated from her family permanently.
  7. DACA. Cristhian Bahena-Rivera is given in the news reports as being 24 years old. He has been in this country for "four to seven years," we are told. That means he was likely a minor when he arrived. He's a Dreamer! — and eligible for DACA relief from deportation. There does not, however, seem to be any evidence he applied for DACA relief.
  8. Complicity of the Republican Party in keeping borders open to please donors seeking cheap labor. The farm where Bahena-Rivera worked is owned by relatives of Craig Lang, former president of both the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the Iowa Board of Regents and a 2018 Republican candidate for Iowa state secretary of agriculture.
  9. Low-IQ media nitwits miss the point. Affirmative action hire Symone Sanders at CNN blames toxic masculinity. Actual quote: "Her murderer happens to be undocumented. This isn't about border security. This is about toxic masculinity. Mollie Tibbetts lost her life because a man couldn't take her saying no. Full stop." End quote.
  10. White ethomasochism. Mollie Tibbetts, who so far as I can ascertain was entirely white, tweeted on December 12th last that, tweet: "I hate white people." This was not meant ironically and was not anomalous: from her full Twitter feed it's plain that Ms Tibbetts was fully invested in the CultMarx attitudes and diction that are the default for 20-year-old college students, and that help to prevent us doing anything effectual about illegal immigration.

I've probably missed a couple, but ten is a nice round number. Sufficient to say, from those ten points alone, that getting from where we currently are to a sane, strict immigration policy that benefits Americans, is going to be a long, hard climb.

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