Administrative Amnesty Spreads To Chicago - And Expands
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Chicago Adminstrative Amnesty Beneficiary


Chicago Administrative Amnesty Beneficiary Sanchez


The MSM’s discreet but triumphant celebration of the Obama Administrative Amnesty Coup D’état has scarcely faded before Open Borders Pols in Treason Lobby-controlled jurisdictions have set to work expanding it.


 This metastasization invariably occurs when measures pertaining to leftist causes come to be implemented. It has been thoroughly documented by Paul Craig Roberts. I put it down to the inferior legal cultures from which most of these people are nowadays drawn. 


Cook County, that shining light of good government, has decided to award itself the right to release illegal immigrants involved in other, serious, felonies over Federal objections if they would otherwise be released or can post bail:


Cook County halts federal immigration holds By Jake Griffin Daily Herald 9/7/10


"Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart can ignore requests from the federal government to hold suspected illegal immigrants for an additional 48 hours in jail after they’ve either completed their sentence or bailed out ahead of trial. The county board voted 10-5 Wednesday to allow Dart’s office to halt the practice of employing such holds on behalf of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office."
The policy has already gone into effect:


"Eduardo E. Sanchez blew a red light, and then punched and elbowed a police officer who arrested him — sending the officer to the hospital earlier this week, authorities said.

But after being charged with a felony and several traffic offenses, the 32-year-old Southwest Side man posted 10 percent of his $25,000 bond and walked out of Cook County Jail Wednesday, thanks to an hours-old ordinance passed by Cook County commissioners.

While federal authorities had requested the sheriff’s office hold Sanchez for up to 48 hours after he posted bond, the new county ordinance instructs the sheriff to disregard those requests and release suspected illegal immigrants just like anyone else who posts bond… Sanchez…was among several inmates with ICE detainers who were charged with felonies but who posted bond and walked out of jail since Wednesday’s county board vote..."


Cook County won’t hold felons for immigration By Lisa Donovan Cook Chicago Sun-Times Saturday September 10, 2011


H/T Corruption Chronicles ,which sarcastically commented:


" will be interesting to see if the Department of Justice (DOJ) intervenes the way it has in Arizona and Alabama. In legal challenges to both states’ immigration control laws, the DOJ claims the measures undermine the federal government's immigration enforcement authority. A state cannot set its own immigration policy, much less pass laws that conflict with federal enforcement of the immigration laws, according to the DOJ. In this case a major county with a population bigger than 29 U.S. states is clearly defying a federal mandate created to protect its residents from foreign criminals."

Corruption Chronicles could equally well have cited the DOJ’s studied inaction of Utah, another case of local Treason Lobby usurpation and DOJ deriliction so egregious that even FAIR’s Dan Stein feels safe remarking on it. 


President Obama’s example in refusing to enforce immigration law is being followed. This is a first-rate Constitutional crisis. As I said on Friday, WHERE IS THE GOP? So far, as far as I know only Lou Barletta has categorically condemned the Obama coup.  Brenda Walker’s Steve King blog  tonight seems to me to overstate King’s enthusiasm for the issue, great man though he is. In fact, he sounds afraid to raise it. 


Does the GOP really think its supporters will not notice?

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